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Town of Perrysburg

Main Street
Marker: Town of Perrysburg founded 1814, first named Perry from 1814 -1818 in honor of  Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry the hero of Lake Erie in the War of 1812 "Don't Give Up The Ship". Township called Perrysburg after 1818

We owe a debt of gratitude to those who came before, who have worked to preserve the history of the Town of Perrysburg, from its early and humble beginnings as Cooper’s Corners. The pages of ‘our’ history, are documented from early burial records to pictures, drawings and maps, to newspaper clippings and post cards, to well versed lines on the pages of books. To those who have contributed, preserved and researched, we owe you a lifetime of thankyous. To those who have served as Town Historian – we owe you additional gratitude: Richard Kirk, Edna Herbach, Lorraine Marvin and Jody Shaw


Town History

Perrysburgh, named after Commodore O.H. Perry, was formed from Olean and Ischua, April 13, 1814, as Perry. Its name was changed April 10, 1818. Little Valley was taken off in 1818, Otto in 1823, and Dayton and Persia in 1835. Part of Otto was annexed in 1823. It is the N.W corner town in the county. Its surface is a hilly and broken upland. Cattaraugus Creek forms the north border. The streams are small branches of Cattaragaugus and Silver Creeks.

Perrysburgh, south of the center, contains (in 1863) a church and 23 dwellings. It is a station on the N.Y. & E.R.R.

Versailles , on Cattaraugus Creek, in the northeast part, contains a church, 2 flouring mills, and a tannery. Its population was 274 in 1863. The rapid descent of the creek at this point affords extensive waterpower.  

The first settlement was made in 1815, by John Clark. Other early settlers included: Edward Russell, Phineas Spencer, Hugh Campbell, Ralph Griswold, William Cooper, John Sprague. and Simon Waterman, who came in 1816. Elisha Ward, Stephen Crocker, and Freeman Edwards located near Perrysburgh Village in 1817.

The first school was taught by Olive Barto, in the summer of 1819. Benjamin Waterman kept the first inn, in 1816, and Cobb, Cook & Pelton kept the first store in the village, in 1827.

The first sawmill was erected on Silver Creek, by Isaac Balcomb, and the first gristmill, at Versailles, about 1820.

Perrysburg Town Officials
Town Historian Town Clerk    
Jody L. Shaw
12611 Wardtown Rd.
Perrysburg, NY 14129
(716) 532-1558 (H)
Tamara A. Utley
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 9 AM to 4 PM,
Wednesday 3 to 7 PM,Saturday 9 AM to Noon.

POB 250 Perrysburg, NY 14129
(716) 532-4090 (B) (716) 982-3772 (C)
Source: Cattaraugus County Directory, dated April 1, 2022

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