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1946 Perrysburg School District #3
Transcription of Hand Written Page

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Census 1946
Murphy Claude 6/16/1944Merl Rohrich
Martin James 6/8/44James
" Peter 12/31/40"
" John1/24/42"
Stang Lillian 5/12/31Anton
" Werner6/13/33"
" Rose Marie11/10/35"
Badurek Norine Ann12/13/Leland
" Royal3/15/42"
Taft Paul 12/11/32Clare
Reinschmidt Frederick10/19/36Ludwig
Crouse John 5/7/29John
Carrow Arline12/15/29Henry
" Lois3/31/32"
" Dale4/11/34"
" Elaine2/11/38"
" Charles2/8/42"
Russel David7/13/45Louis

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Tingue Eva3/26/35Orland Philbrick
" Clifford8/4/37"
Philbrick Caroline8/26/41"
" April8/26/41"
" Viola6/6/44"
" Orland8/14/45"
Howard Kenneth11/14/45Donald
Horth Richard2/20/41Carl Raecher
" Shirley Ann12/22/44"
Philbrick Charles Eugene10/16/46Orland Philbrick
Philbrick Florence Marie1/14/48"
" Henry 3/ /49 

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Note: One must assume the last three names on back were added post 1944.

Contributed by Judith Quinn