Connewango Civil Government

Agreeably to an act of the Legislature of the State of New York, passed Jan. 20, 1823, the electors of the town of Connewango met at the house of John Darling, on the 11th day of February, 1823, to elect town officers.  The meeting was called to order by Robert McGlashen, the president of the board.

The following officers were elected:

Since this period the principal officers of the town have been as follows:

Year Superervisors Town Clerks Justice of the Peace
1824 James McGlashenThos. N. Northup 
1825 " "  
1826 G.A.S. Crooker " 
1827 " " 
1828 " " 
1830"Henry Day 
1831"Bliss C. Willoughby James Battles
1832""John Cooper
1833"Hector Seager Elnathan Pope
      Lewis Holbrook
      Charles Pomeroy
1834G.A.S. Crooker James McGlashenJames Battles
      Elnathan Pope
      David Benson
1835""Reuben Cheney
      Thomas Trask
1836"Henry Day 
1837""Otis Hicks
1838"Henry Town 
1839"Robert OwenHenry Day
      Samuel Cowley
      James Hammond
1840Hector SeagerThos. J. Wheeler "
1841 G.A.S. Crooker Horatio JacobsReuben Penhallow
1842""DeWitt Huntingdon
1843""Horation Jacobs
1844""Russell B. Clark
1845"Henry D. Grant Reuben Penhallow
1846""David Huntingdon
      Robert Owens
1847""James Hammond
      Alson Leavenworth
1848""Enoch Holdridge
      Anson G. Seager
      Daniel W. Gardner
1849""Isaac Drake
1850""A. G. Seager
1851"Foster D. Barlow Enoch Holdridge
1852""J. P. Allen
1853"Calvin DavenportBucklin Jenks
1854""John H. Groves
1855"S.B. Ellsworth Enoch Holdridge
1856 Clark McCallister F. D. BarlowJames P. Allen
      A. G. Seager
1857""S. B. Ellsworth
1858Enoch HoldridgeM.T. JenkinsChas. W. Dawley
1859"Wm. S. CrookerErastus Hall
      Russell B. Clark
      Chauncy S. Hubbell
1860"S. D. CrookerPhilip M. Smith
      David Metcalf
      A. G. Seager
1861M.T. Jenkins "Chauncy S. Hubbell 
1862 Daniel S. Swan Thomas WildeDaniel Fuller
1863 Philip M. Smith Cyrus Thacher Thomas Wilder
1864"Dominicus Thoms Philip M. Smith
1865Daniel Benson Bucklin JenksMartin V. Benson
      Chauncy A. Snow
1866M.V. BensonMilo R. DarlingDaniel Fuller
      Daniel Colburn
1867"Edward BrennnanEnoch Holdridge
1868""David Collum
1869"S. D. Crooker Chauncy A. Snow
1870"Joseph M Congdon Rich. T. Hammond
      Harris Aldrich
1871"Richard F. CoatsEnoch Holdridge
1872David Huntingdon Dominicus ThomsGeo. Kirkland
1873M.V. BensonS. D. Crooker Wm. Buffington
1874"Dominicus ThomsFrank E. Day
      Thos. Wells
1875Enoch Holdridge Richard F. CoatsBela R. Johnson
      Orre Snow
      D. Dunn
1876"C. W. TerryDavid Dunn
      Horace Hollister
1877"Oliver H. PhillipsHarris Aldrich
1878"Dominicus Thoms S.B. Aldrich