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Honor Roll of Cattaraugus County
Excerpted Cattaraugus names from  "Roll of Honor" by Brigadier General J. Leslie Kincaid, Adjutant General of the State. Not only Company I boys, but other outfits as well.
Next of Kin List
One of the treasures I found in my father's belongings were four sheets of paper, with the names of men and officers of four platoons of  Company I with there serial numbers,  and next of kin.
Photo Roster of Company I
Courtesy of John Quinn,  this photo roster is from a book similar in style to a "yearbook".   Though many of the people mentioned in  my Dad's diary are there, for some reason, he isn't.  Must have been "camera shy".
More about the 108th Infantry
Information about the 108th's Patch from an unsigned article in the National Tribune, Thursday, December 21, 1933.   Also pictues from "over there", in the area of St. Souplet.   Most courtesy of Bernard LeMaire of France. (You will have to use your browser's back button to get back from this one)
The 107th Infantry This is a link to site that isn't maintained by me and isn't  our 108th's  Co. I, but rather a site devoted to another unit in the 27th Division,  the 107TH INFANTRY .  It seems that they went over in the same convoy, and fought in pretty much the same area as our boys did.  This is an excellent site with lots of WWI information.and you won't be disappointed.  
The Doughboy Center
The Doughboy Center has diaries, letters, unpublished manuscripts, collections of memorabilia and souvenirs of members of all military services, medical staff, volunteer workers, employees of government agencies and news correspondents for the American Expeditionary Forces in the First World War.
Frank Baker's Photos
Photographs of Company I, 108th Infantry at Camp Wadworth, and Frank Baker, First Class Private
Jonathan Brooke's  Spartanburg County Historical Association  web site. A history of Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg SC with some detailed information of camp life, photos, and histories.  Jonathan Brooke was able to identify the location of some of the Rifle Range photos  on this web site.

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