Wilfred Friday Allen
Friday Allen 1896-1964
Emergency Addresses
1st, 2nd, 3 rd , 4th Platoons
as recorded by Wilfred (Friday) Allen 
Company I, 108th Infantry
27th Division,  A.E.F.
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Surname Given Name Next of Kin Relation Street City State Platoon Rank Ser.No.
Abbott Harry E Ernest Abbott Father 233 Highland Ave Salamanca  NY 1st Pvt 121527
Adorni Dante Mr George Malvese Friend   New Hyde Park NY 1st Pvt 2450052
Allen Wilfred H Mrs Sophia M Allen Mother First Street Allegany NY 3rd   1215288
Allen William I Mrs Minne M Allen Mother   Bolivar  NY 1st Pvt 1215289
Anderson Clarence E Mrs Emma Anderson Mother   Portville NY 2nd   1215290
Backer James D Mrs Katherine Baker Mother PO Box 98 Blasdell NY 4th   1215228
Bacon  Charles H Mrs Grace S Bacon Mother Maple Ave Portville NY 3rd   1215203
Baer John J Mrs Katherine Baer Mother   Westons Mills NY 1st Pvt 1215386
Baily Wayne P D.S. D.M.T.O. 27th Division       4th    
Baker Frank S Frances Baker Father 515 Cayuga St Ithaca NY 2nd   1215227
Barton Albert J Mrs Mary Barton Mother 24 Willaims St Batavia NY 3rd   1215294
Beirne Roderick Thomas Hynes Friend 145 E 50th St New York NY 1st Pvt 2671163
Benson Purple Heart Hans A Mr Charles M Benson Father Colegrove McKean Co PA 1st Sgt 1215198
Blackwell Frank A Miss Bertha Blackwell Sister 629 Main St Olean NY NCO Mech 1215220
Boland David W Mrs Lillian M Boland Wife 288 W Ferry St Buffalo NY 2nd   1215231
Borota Nicholas Mrs Anna Mamula Sister 411 Holland Ave Lackawanna NY NCO Mech 1215233
Bowne John Mrs Evalina Townsend Mother 118 Case Ave Grand Rapids MI 1st Sgt 1215185
Boyle Arthur H Mrs Clara Boyle Mother 133 N 6th Street Olean NY 2nd   1215298
Buechler George Mrs Tillie Buechler Wife 200 E 21st Street New York NY 2nd   2672133
Bunk John  Mrs Lena Bunk Mother 79 Griswold St Buffalo NY 3rd   1215234
Butler George N Mrs Mary N Butler Mother   Weedsport NY 4th   1215301
Carlson Edwin J Mrs Matilda Carlson Mother 680 State Street Olean NY 2nd   1215177
Carney Harry J Loovina Cushen Mother 515 Connell St Olean NY 1st Pvt 1215235
Carris James M Michael D Kardemackie Father Sfendilianna Kiemo Creta Greece 1st Pvt 1215303
Chapin Gilbert K Mrs Gladys K Chapin Wife 221 Keystone St Buffalo NY 2nd   1215305
Chaplin George W Mrs Hattie E Chaplin Mother Box 31  Gasport NY 1st Cpl 1215328
Chizlett Fred J Mrs Ida E Chizlett Mother   Nunda NY 2nd   1215193
Clark John J Mrs Helen Lubisher Sister 56 3rd St Elizabeth NY 4th   121594?
Cohen Louie A D.. Division HQ         2nd    
Colebert Ernest H Mrs ella G Colebert Mother 639 Garden Ave Olean NY 2nd   1215240
Compton Fay B Lee Compton Father Box 7H Middleport  NY 1st Pvt 1215261
Coyne Harold G Mrs Margaret Coyne Mother 1061 West Ave Buffalo NY 1st Pvt 1215309
Crosbie Walter C Mrs Henrietta Crobie Mother   Spring Valley NY 4th   1215242
Cuddy William H Mrs Gertude Cuddy Mother 1105 W Sullivan St Olean NY 3rd   1215310
Davidson Harry E Miss Bessie Davidson Sister Penn & Wood Ave  Wilkinsburg PA NCO Pvt1C 1215315
Davis Percy S Mrs Margaret Davis Wife 308 Wayne St Olean NY 1st Pvt 1215516
Davis William S Mrs Anna Davis Mother 55 E Genesse St Buffalo NY 1st Pvt 1215317
DiRocco Fred William DiRocco Brother 54 Tremont Street Lynn MA 2nd   1275319
Dodson Leslie Mrs Myrtle Dodson Mother   Dewey OK 4th   1215320
Domes Gold Start Claude J Mrs Alice A Domes Mother 28 Second Ave Franklinville NY 2nd   1215243
DoniganGold Star Gerald J Mrs Katherine Donigan  Mother 513 N 6th St Olean NY 1st Pvt 1215321
Dulian Leo B Joseph Dulian Father Box 162 Olean NY 1st Pvt 1215322
Eberle George J Miss Cornelia J Eberle Sister 398 Emilia St Buffalo NY 1st Pvt 1215??
Edwards Alfred Mrs Jennie D Edwards Mother   Allegany NY 2nd   1215325
Ehler William L Mrs Grace M Ehler Wife Whites Glen Olean NY NCO Cook 1215216
Estep Clarence B Mrs Mr Charles Estep Father R.R. #5 Troy PA NCO Mech  1215221
Evers Joseph F Mrs Margaret Evers Mother 26 N Broadway Nyack  NY 4th   1215327
Farr Harold Mrs Louise Farr Mother 126 Ontario Street Buffalo NY 3rd   1215245
Fletcher Donald L M J Whalen Friend   Canadea NY 1st Pvt 1215329
Flower Paul M Mrs Margaret Mack Wife 1825 Second Ave New York NY 3rd   1215
Forness John F Jr Miss Agnes Forness Sister 25 Seneca St Salamanca NY 1st Cpl 12152125
Fritz William F Mr Julius Fritz Father   Salamanca NY 3rd   1215386
Furman Gold Star Wallace D Mrs Lillian Furman Mother RR #1 Olean NY 2nd   1215335
Gadmoeki Frank John Gadomeki Father 223 Weiman St Buffalo NY 2nd   1215334
Gaine Micheal D Mrs Mary Gaine Mother 1614 Avenue B Olean NY 4th   1215201
Garner Thomas E Mrs Mary Garner Mother 115 Pooley Pl Buffalo NY 1st Pvt 1215335
Gensamer Marshall M Mrs Grace Gensamer Wife 215 Liberty St Wellsville NY 3rd   1215337
Gilmore Clayton J Mrs Tessie Gilmore Mother RR. # 5 Auburn NY 3rd   1215247
Golaszewski Wladyslaw Mrs Katherine Garrette Mother 24 3rd Avenue NTonawanda NY 2nd   1215248
Grabb Otto H Charles Grabb Father 100 Chester St Rochester NY 1st Pvt 1215??
Guncheon Burt J Mrs Alice Guncheon Mother   Port Allegany  PA 1st Pvt 1215249
Hackett Charles D Mrs Alice Hackett  Mother Walnut St Batavia NY 3rd   1215340
Haley Ray H Mrs Clara McCoy Sister 702 Long St  Chattanooga TN 2nd   1215341
Hasard Morton B Mrs Hattie M Hasard Mother RR #1 Friendship NY 1st Pvt 1215342
Healy John T Mrs Elizabeth Boyle Mother 445 14th St Buffalo NY 2nd   1215299
Herzog Samuel R Mrs Jennie E Herzog Mother 426 First Ave Olean NY 2nd   1215252
Hess Donald L Mrs Flora Dennig Mother 1835 Railroad Ave Olean NY 4th   1215369
Hodge Frank N Mrs mary A Hodge Mother 353 14th St Buffao NY 4th   1215214
Hodge Howard J Mrs Arther Smith Sister   Blasdell NY 3rd   1215345
Hollenbeck Fred J D.. Division HQ         2nd    
Holmes Joseph Mrs Elizabeth Holmes Wife 155 E 96th St New York NY 1st Pvt 2671002
Hyman Harry W Mrs Francis A Hyman Mother 735 Hopkins St Elmira NY NCO Pvt1C 1215347
Ivison Harvey Mrs Agnes Ivison Mother   Stafford NY 2nd   1215348
Jansen DeWitt Mrs Georgin Jansen Mother c/o Mrs Fay Maley Suffern NY 1st Pvt 121534?
Jeffers Lester Mrs Jennie Clark Grandmother RR # 1 Olean NY 2nd   1215254
Jenkins George H Mrs Elizabeth S Prevost Mother   Massena NY 2nd   1215350
Jennings Rex E Mrs Mary L Wood Mother 601 State Street Olean NY 2nd   1215351
Johnson Albort L Mrs Hanna Johnson Mother 426 Allen St Jamestown NY 2nd   1215199
Johnson Carl E Mrs Emily Johnson Mother 414 Spring Ave DuBois PA 3rd   1215352
Jordan  Roland A Mr Eugene Jordan Father   Cuba NY 4th   1215255
Kaye Charles B Mrs Bessie Kaye Wife 215 Breckenridge St Buffalo NY 1st Pvt 1215207
Keller Guy W Mrs Bertha G Kesler Mother 423 2nd Avenue Olean NY 4th   1215256
Kendall Robert R Mrs Mararet E Kendall Mother 4 Platt Ave Leroy NY 1st Cpl 1215354
Knowlton Cecil L Mrs D.S. Knowlton Mother 413 E Liberty St Erie PA 4th   1215356
Kohl  Otto H Mrs Barabara Kohl Mother 144 N 13th st Olean  NY 4th   1215355
Kozlow Leo R Mrs Gertrude Kozlow Mother 339 N 7th St Olean NY 2nd   1215257
LaSalle Thomas  Mrs Anna LaSalle Mother 1342 Elmwood Ave NiagaraFalls  NY 4th   1215358
LeBarron Benjamin W Mrs Louise Dickerson Gmother 34 Lowell Pl Buffalo NY 4th   1215204
Lee Carl G Mrs Helen G Lee Mother 4 Maple Ave LeRoy NY 3rd   1215359
Long Clarence L Mrs George H Long Father RR #6 Lockport NY 1st Pvt 1215259
Long Linford M D.S.  Machine Gun School     Lamiers   3rd   1215
Lovelace Earl H Mrs Anna Lovelace Mother 119 Greenwood Pl Buffalo NY 4th   1215260
Lowe Richard L Mrs Tullie Lowe  Mother RR. #1 Box 75 Olean  NY 3rd   1215361
Lowey Arthur  Mrs Katty Lowey Mother 1447 Madison Ave New York NY 2nd   2672089
Luber Daniel J George A Luber Father 156 Roach Ave Buffalo NY 2nd   1215362
Luber George S George A Luber Father 165 Roach Ave Buffalo NY 2nd    363904
Marcus Clement G Mrs Anna Marcus Mother 315 E Connell St Olean NY 1st Pvt 1215363
Mattews John J Mrs Mary Mattews Mother 10 Glenn St Buffalo NY 3rd   1215205
McCaffery Fay C Mrs May Francis Mother 186 Temple St Fredonia NY NCO Pvt 1215332
McDonald Arthur T Mrs Emma McDonald Wife 120 1/2 Wayne St Olean NY 3rd   1215211
McKnight Raymond W Mrs Helen McKnight Mother 100 Bradley St Buffalo NY 2nd   1215369
Michols Austin C Morton O Nicholes Father 610 Chester St Elmira NY NCO Pvt1C 1215275
Miller Edward William J Miller Father 28 Hewfield St Buffalo NY 1st Pvt 1215370
Milliman Lloyd S. Mrs Mary A. Milliman Mother 108 N Barry St Olean NY 4th   1215179
Molenda William Mrs Julia Molenda Mother 1528 Martin St Olean NY 1st Pvt 1215372
Mooney Leo B Mrs Mary G Mooney Mother 33 Gilbert St LeRoy NY 1st Pvt 1215263
Mullin Raplh O Mrs Hortense Mullin Mother 613 N. 1st Street Olean NY 3rd   1215200
Murray Harold D Mrs Gertude Murray Mother 809 Bishop St Olean NY 3rd   1215180
Nobles Frank J Mrs Katherine Nobles Mother 272 South St Salamanca NY 1st Pvt 1215264
O'Connor William J Mrs Harriet O'Brian Sister 67 Owego St.  Cortland NY 1st Pvt 1215316
Olson  Ole B Mrs Mary A Olson Mother 110 W Water St Olean NY 1st Pvt 1215267
Parker Leon H EdwardPArker Father   Burton OH 1st Pvt 1215136
Parrish Otis C Mrs ElizabethPArrish Mother 1323 Eastern Ave Schnectady NY NCO Pvt1C 12152??
Perrington Benjamin Mrs Maude Perington Mother 7 1/2 Front St Olean NY 1st Pvt 1215269
Pflager Lawrence J Mrs Lena Pflager Mother 228 S Brooklyn  Wellsville NY 4th   1215381
Phelan John J Mrs Clara Dermott Mother 42 Linwood Ave N Tonawanda NY 4th   1215382
Pixley  Roy W Mrs Irene Pixley Mother   Delevan NY 1st Pvt 1215274
Povlook Anthony F Mrs Agnes Kowalski Mother 1026 River St Olean NY 2nd   1215399
Primer  Lawence F. Isabelle E Primer Mother 815 O'Fallon Ave Dayton KY NCO Sgt 1215173
Rathbun George T Mrs Susie A Rathbun Mother   Nunda NY 4th   1215270
Reitz Norman J. "Pots" Mrs Hanna M Reitz Mother 44 Main Street Allegany NY NCO Sgt 1215271
Reitz William L Mr Edward J Reitz Brother Cor 8th & Wayne St Olean NY NCO Cpl 1215272
Rich Harry M Mr Roy Rich Father   Holland NY NCO Mech 1215222
Ringbauer Cyril J Mrs Elizabeth Ringbauer Mother 217 Winters Ave Olean NY 3rd   1215212
Ringleben George E Mrs Rose Ringleben Mother 146 Ontario St Buffalo NY 2nd   1215387
Rugg Seymour S Mr Charles S Rugg Father 604 Sycamore St Milwaukee WI 3rd   1215273
Rustay Ralph Mrs Margaret Smith Mother P.O. Box 289 Belmont NY 2nd   1215389
Saeger Cecil A Mrs Ruth ? Seager Mother  PO Box 190 Dalton NY 4th   1215275
Schiff Israel Mrs Ester Shiff Mother 305 W. Green St Olean NY NCO Cook 1215390
Scott Forrest L  Mrs Crystal Scott Wife Main St Attica NY 1st Pvt 1215203
Scowden James R Mrs Eva Scowden Mother   Smethport PA 1st Pvt 1215274
Seitler John L Mrs Hazel Seitler Wife 108 S 12th Street Olean NY 2nd   1215186
Sheridan Owen Mrs Mary Burke Sister Blauvelt Ave E Haverstraw NY NCO Pvt 1215210
Sherman Roger G Mrs Florence Sherman Mother 109 S 14th St Olean NY 2nd   1215276
Simcick Tony Mrs Mary Simcick Mother   Salamanca  NY 2nd   1215392
Smith Clarence E Mr Edward F Smith Brother   Allegany NY 3rd   1215392
Smith Edward L Mrs Caroline Smith Mother   Westons Mills NY 2nd   1215394
Souter James C Mr Louis Souter Jr  Father  288 Franklin St  Buffalo NY 4th   1215184
Stedman David M David E Stedman Father 143 N. Oxford St Brooklyn NY 1st Pvt 1215395
Stoner John Mrs Catherine M Stoner Mother 438 MassPArk Way Buffalo NY 3rd   1215209
Subject Carl L Mrs Frances Subjeck Mother 1020 Walnut St Olean NY 3rd   1215280
Sweitzer Edwin J Mr Norman Sweitzer Father Rural Route Allegany NY 1st Sgt 1215281
Thomas Frederick L Mrs Lois A Thomas Wife Box 513 Allegany NY NCO Sgt 1215.217
Thornton Harold E Mrs Emily McNerney Mother 9 Vernon St  Batavia NY 2nd   1215183
Tucker Cyril F Mrs Mary Tucker Mother 19 Crowley Street Buffalo NY 2nd   1215396
Turock George W Mrs Mary Turock Mother 1521 River St  Olean NY 1st Cpl 1215285
Ueblhear John S Mrs Mary Ueblhear Mother 538 N 7th Street Olean NY NCO Cook 12125.218
Underwood Henry M William O'Hare Friend 2458 Pethin Ave Brooklyn NY 2nd   2671951
Ursoy John H Mrs Emma Ursoy Mother 414 S 3rd St Olean NY 4th   1215397
Valentine Stacy C Mrs Hattie Valentine Mother 821 Crown St Olean NY 1st Cpl 1215190
Van Schaick Edward E Mrs Low B Rogers Mother 34 Maple Ave Franklinville NY 1st Pvt 1215284
Wagner Harold S Mrs Sara Wagner Mother  1603 S. Salina St Syracuse  NY 4th   1215195
Wagner William H Mrs Mildred S Stull Sister 138 S 3rd Street Olean NY 2nd   1214202
Walsh  Simon Mrs Sarah L Leonard Mother 26 Ereth St Rochester NY 4th   1215286
Wehrum John C H Jr Mrs Anna Wehrum Mother 19 Asthon Place Buffalo NY 1st Cpl 1215192
White William A Mrs Thomas Harely Friend Box 48 Waymart PA 3rd   1215196
Wilder  Roy O Mrs Ella M Duncan Aunt 125 S Barry St Olean NY 2nd   1215191
Wisnieski Joseph F Josephine Wienieski Mother 109 Connell St Olean NY 1st Pvt 1215400
Witherell Charles W Mrs Blanche Baer Sister   Westons Mills NY 4th   1215228
Wits Louis L Mr Xavier Wits Father 129 S. 5th Street Olean NY NCO Cook 1215219
Wynn Spencer H Mrs Anna Strauss Mother 16 W Niagara St Niagara Falls NY 1st Pvt 1215225
Yund Joseph J Miss Grace Newpert Friend 14 Marine Street Buffalo NY 3rd   1215402
          Apt V Hunter Bldg Penn & Wood Ave
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CAVEAT - The actual people in these platoons changed over time. The fact that an individual isn't found here does not mean they were not at some time part of those platoons.  The original documents from which this list was created is not dated. It is my best guess that it appears to have been written after July 11, 1918 and before Aug 10, 1918.   - Dick Allen

2001,2002.2019 Richard D. Allen
Where did this information come from?
Notice:  These records were copied from were old yellowed typewritten YMCA issue letter paper, and it was a carbon copy at that (for those of you who remember what carbon copies looked like).   Some of the characters were smudges, some illegible.   I take no responsibility for errors in either the original document, or my transcription thereof.  The names have taken from the original document and rearranged into an alphabetical list by surname to make it easier to locate surnames.
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