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Cattaraugus County
Veterans of the Great War
     As I was surfing the different Cattaraugus genealogy sites,  it came to me that there were many Civil War resources, but few with World War One rosters.   I remembered in my father's papers,  there was a list, or roster of some of the people with whom he served .   Wonder of wonders, I found it!  Turned out, it was the " Emergency Address " list complete with next of kin's address, for  platoons one through four of  Company "I" of the 108th Infantry, 54th Infantry Brigade, 27th Division of the U.S. Army.

NEW Susan Edmonds, a relative of Gerald Donigan, a casualty in Company I, has furnished me with some newspaper clippings of  obituaries of some of the men, as well as list of  casualties.  Some of the names now have links to additional information about that individual.    Thanks Susan.

     For those of you who may have had ancestors or relatives in the Great War from Cattaraugus and Erie County there may be some "connections"  in these lists.  They not only list the soldiers name, but his next of kin, and their address and relationship.  Many from Olean, Buffalo, Allegany, and a few from NYC and elsewhere.

     The origin of these documents is unclear.   They are typed carbon copies. The paper appears to have been provided by the Y.M.C.A with a YMCA logo with the word "on active service with the American Expeditionary Forces"  on the backside.  It sort of looks like something the YMCA may have provided the troops to use when writing home.   My best guess is that these were typed by a company clerk, who may have used whatever paper was available.   It is also possible that somehow the YMCA may have been a participant in the generation of this next of kin list.  Whatever the source, from this point forward, they shall remain in the public domain, in memory of those who served.   If this site helps you out,  let me know,  it would make the effort worth it   - Richard Allen

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Wilfred "Friday" Allen kept a diary from May of 1918 through April of 1919.  He mentions several other "Boys" from Company I, and I have linked some of their names to their pictures.  
NYNG 27th Division Official Web Site Company I of the 108th Infantry was part of the 27th Division.   It is now called the  27th Infantry Brigade NY Army National Guard.   This is their Official Web Site.
Battle of St. Souplet LA BATAILLE DE LA SELLE  - This page, created by Bernard LeMaire is a great site even if you can't read French.   He details the Battle of St. Souplet (where he lives) and has some excellent pictures.   If you can get a friend or a translator program, it is well worth reading the text.  A lot of our Cattaraugus boys died there
J. F. Oakleaf J.F. Oakleaf was an Olean resident and an Intelligence Officer with the 108th.  In 1921 the Olean Times published his Official report of the involvement of our own Olean Company "I", a unit of the 108th Infantry.
Memories and Rememberances This archive of primary documents from World War I has been assembled by           volunteers of the World War I Military History List (WWI-L).  The archive is international in focus and intends to present in one location  primary documents concerning the Great War. 

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