St John's Roman Catholic Cemetery

St John's Catholic Cemetery is located on Rosick Hill Rd, Ashford, Cattaraugus County, NY.
This information was gathered over many years by late Dean Williams (1928-2004)
We appreciate his contributions to the NYGenWeb Project.

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Name Date of Birth Born in:  DIED Died in: FATHER MOTHER SPOUSE 
Collis HARRIS  5/15/1903  Morris NY  12/27/1978  Buffalo NY  William Harris  Winnifred Yates  Lugarda Gerwitz - married 09/07/1948 
Lugarda HARRIS  1/1/1904  Ashford NY  4/10/1985  Ashford NY  Joseph Gerwitz  Mary Kruse  Collis Harris - married 09/07/1948 
baby HARRISON  6/29/1956    6/29/1956         
Clarence HARRISON  1/26/1961    6/7/1984  Springville NY  Barney Harrison  Nora Gentner  unmarried 
Emma HASSENFELT-KRUSE              Thedore Kruse 
Allen A HEBDON  8/8/1950  Springville NY  5/3/1968  Ashford NY  Roy Hebdon  Rose Schichtel  unmarried 
baby HEBDON               
Dwayne HEBDON  5/26/1963  Springville NY  5/27/1963  Springville NY  Dennis Hebdon  Janet Fagnan  unmarried 
Lawrence Walter HEBDON  12/26/1909  East Aurora NY  6/5/1994  Springville NY  Ernest Hebdon  Frances Bates  Sophia Violet Schichtel - married 06/06/1934 
Margaret A HEBDON  6/12/1949  Springville NY  12/4/1951  Buffalo NY  Lawrence Hebdon  Violet Schichtel  unmarried 
Patricia Ann HEBDON  2/24/1964  Springville NY  2/25/1964  Springville NY  Dennis Hebdon  Janet Fagnan  unmarried 
Roy Arthur HEBDON  4/22/1915  East Aurora NY  11/26/1993  Springville NY  Ernest Hebdon  Francis Bates  Rose Florence Schichtel - married 08/15/1936 
Isabel A HEBDON  1920    11/2/1995    Frank Schichtel  Dora Rauch  Lloyd Hebdon 
William L HEBDON  7/7/1936  Ashford NY  11/30/1996  East Otto NY  Lawrence Hebdon  Violet Schichtel  Eleanor Gernatt 
Walter HEGMEY      9/13/1918         
Ceylon G HEINZ  6/24/1907  Salamanca NY  8/21/1981  Olean NY  Gottleib Heinz  Ina Schoonover  Eleanor Ames - married 04/24/1929 
Lawrence E HEINZ  10/15/1929  Ashford NY  12/9/1991  Springville NY  Ceylon Heinz  Eleanor Ames  Sally Ford 
Valerie HEINZ  1/11/1954  Springville NY  1/13/1954  Springville NY  Lawrence Heinz  Sally Ford  unmarried 
Stella HEMMERLING  1889    6/16/1969         
Dennis J HOFFMAN  12/9/1960  Springville NY  12/10/1960  Springville NY  James Hoffman  Geraldine Fredrick  unmarried 
Frank HOFFMAN  12/13/1887    5/8/1964        Ida Langford 
Geraldine May HOFFMAN  9/19/1928  Olean NY  4/5/1991  Springville NY  Cecil Fredericks  Erna Turner  James Hoffman - married 11/15/1946 
Ida HOFFMAN  1889    11/15/1980    Langford    Frank Hoffman 
James Peter HOFFMAN  7/16/1918  Concord NY  10/2/1982  Buffalo NY  Frank Hoffman  Ida Langford  Geraldine Frederick - married 11/15/1946 
William M HOFFMAN  3/4/1916  Springville NY  9/18/1990  Springville NY  Frank Hoffman  Ida Langford  Mildred Louise Gerwitz - married 01/10/1942 
Susie HUFSTADER  1875    5/6/1962    Fleckenstein     
Lawrence A HUGHES  2/6/1930  Bath NY  12/10/1968  Springville NY  John Hughes  Minnie Snyder  Kathleen Ehman 
Bessie HUSAK  1892    3/9/1965         
Peter HUSAK  1892    7/20/1976         
Catherine HUTCHINS-FAGNAN              Norman F Fagnan 
Name Date of Birth Born in:  DIED Died in: FATHER MOTHER SPOUSE 

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