St John's Roman Catholic Cemetery Letter "E-F"

St John's Catholic Cemetery is located on Rosick Hill Rd, Ashford, Cattaraugus County, NY.
This information was gathered over many years by late Dean Williams (1928-2004)
We appreciate his contributions to the NYGenWeb Project.

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Name Date of Birth Born in:  DIED Died in: FATHER MOTHER SPOUSE 
Doris EBERT  5/9/1923    9/7/1963    Lawrence Gerwitz  Margaret Benz  Clair Ebert - married 7/12/1947 
John EDINGER  6/29/1915    12/16/1975  Springville NY  John Edinger    Imogene 
Bruce F EHMAN  5/25/1919  Salamanca NY  11/3/1969  Buffalo NY  Chester Ehman  Elsie Abberger  Margaret Goodemote 
George Nicholas ENGEL  8/24/1925  Ashford NY  5/6/1988  Buffalo NY  George N Engel  Lucy B Dole  unmarried 
Lucy Bernadine ENGEL  10/15/1895  Ashford NY  10/29/1983  Springville NY  Peter Dole  Anna Kruse  George Engel - married 10/7/1924 
Dorothy V EPP  9/11/1904  Ashford NY  3/25/1990  Ashford NY  William Goodemote  Mary Kruse  Henry / Raymond Feldman / Epp 
Stanislaus FACREK      1/26/1919         
Catherine R FAGNAN  8/6/1909    7/5/1981  Springville NY  Edward Hutchins  Helen McCaffrey  Norman H Fagnan - married 6/30/1934 
Gertrude FAGNAN  5/16/1886  Machias NY  3/23/1972  Buffalo NY  Herman Feldman  Gertrude Schorer  Norman P Fagnan - married 10/23/1906 
Marie E FAGNAN  7/3/1917  East Concord NY  3/25/1994  Buffalo NY  William Smith  Elisa Mathewson  Francis Fagnan 
Norman Paul FAGNAN  1881  Buffalo NY  9/29/1921    Joseph Fagnan  Mary Roby  Gertrude Feldman - married 10/23/1906 
Norman Herman FAGNAN  10/30/1907    2/17/1997  Springville NY  Norman Fagnan  Gertrude Feldman  Catherine Hutchins - married 6/30/1934 
Mabel E FALABELLA  1/2/1916  Buffalo NY  12/10/1964  Buffalo NY  Elmer Klahn  Mabel Cunningham  Lee Falabella 
Eugene FARFARO  1885    7/4/1916         
Clara FEDICK  1843  Switzerland  9/29/1895        Nicholas Fedick 
Name Date of Birth Born in:  DIED Died in: FATHER MOTHER SPOUSE 
Nicholas FEDICK  1834    2/28/1917        Clara 
Rose FEDICK  8/22/1880    8/4/1953  Cuba NY  Nicholas Fedick     
Agnes FELDMAN  1904    1/28/1920        unmarried 
Arnold Herm FELDMAN  1912    3/24/1919         
Barbara FELDMAN      1915         
Bernadine FELDMAN  1881  Ashford NY  9/4/1960    Joseph Garwitz  Mary Kruse  John Feldman - married 9/27/1899 
Carol L FELDMAN  8/03/1928  Buffalo NY  6/7/1992  Olean NY  Walter Kickbush  Lillian Kriedeman  Raymond Feldman - married 8/28/1948 
Clarence J FELDMAN  1808    1917         
Dorothy FELDMAN  5/19/1929  Buffalo NY  5/2/1987  Buffalo NY  Clarence Gentner  Ida Erdman  Ralph Feldman - married 4/21/1951 
Elizabeth C FELDMAN  10/9/1878  Eden Center NY  12/26/1946  Buiffalo NY  Philip Schreiner  Barbara Dole  William Feldman 
Erma FELDMAN  1915    1921         
Gertrude FELDMAN  1853    2/16/1924    Schreher    Hermanus Feldman 
Helena FELDMAN  1900    1902        unmarried 
Henry H FELDMAN  3/8/1900  Buffalo NY  6/9/1972  Ashford NY  William Feldman  Elizabeth Schreiner  Dorothy Goodemote - married 01/30/1923 
Hermanus FELDMAN  3/24/1846  Germany  5/2/1923  Ashford NY  Wilham Feldman    Gertrude Schreher 
James E FELDMAN  10/9/1953  Springville NY  10/9/1953  Springville NY  Donald Feldman  Helen Hintz  unmarried 
John FELDMAN  11/22/1878  Machias NY  2/10/1957  Ashford NY  Herman Feldman  Gertrude Schreher  Bernadine Gerwitz - married 09/27/1899 
Joseph Leo FELDMAN  8/14/1889  Machias NY  10/2/1965  Ashford NY  Herman Feldman  Gertrude Schroer  Martha Schumacher - married 10/26/1910 
Kenneth W FELDMAN  3/4/1950    3/5/1950    Donald Feldman  Helen Hintz  unmarried 
Marion Ann FELDMAN  9/23/1951  Buffalo NY  9/23/1951  Buffalo NY  Donald Feldman  Helen Hintz  unmarried 
Martha Louise FELDMAN  5/10/1892  Ashford NY  12/3/1984    Martin Schumacher  Rose Dole  Joseph Feldman - married 10/26/1910 
Ralph M FELDMAN  4/2/1921  Ashford NY  7/3/1991  Springville NY  Joseph Feldman  Martha Schumacher  Dorothy Gentner - married 04/21/1951 
William A FELDMAN  2/1/1872  Buffalo NY  5/11/1947  Buffalo NY  Herman Feldman  Gertrude Scherer  Elizabeth Schreiner 
Margaret FELDMAN  1917    1996         
Dorothy FELDMAN              Henry H Feldman - married 01/30/1923 
Gertrude FELDMAN-FAGNAN              Norman P Fagnan 
Helena FELDMAN-GENTNER              Walter Gentner 
Elizabeth FELDMAN-GERWITZ              John Gerwitz 
Name Date of Birth Born in:  DIED Died in: FATHER MOTHER SPOUSE 
Dora M FLECKENSTEIN  5/27/1872  Ashford NY  9/4/1957  Ashford NY  Herman Kruse  Elizabeth Bremiller  Joseph Fleckenstein - married 11/20/1889 
Joseph FLECKENSTEIN  12/27/1867  Ashford NY  2/12/1926  Ashford NY  Charles Fleckenstein  Rose Hoag  Dora Kruse - married 11/20/1889 
Tracy L FLECKENSTEIN  11/8/1963  Springville NY  4/16/1969  Buffalo NY  Clayton Fleckenstein  Marilyn Potter  unmarried 
Charles FLECKENSTEIN  3/15/1962    3/16/1962        unmarried 
Francis C FLECKENSTEIN  5/19/1909  Ashford NY  8/5/1972  Springville NY  Frank Fleckenstein  Madeline Ryder  Edna Hedges - married 01/04/1939 
John A FLECKENSTEIN  2/12/1862  Ashford NY  3/7/1951  Springville NY  Carl Fleckenstein  Rosanna Hoag   
Cleo FLECKENSTEIN-AMES              Elmer Ames 
Cleo FLECKENSTEIN-LIGHTCAP              Sam Lightcap 
Elizabeth L FOLLETT-McCARTHY          Follett    William McCarthy 
Frank J FOX  2/20/1885    9/22/1898         
Robert A FRAAS  3/4/1954  Batavia NY  9/24/1988  Buffalo NY  Ernest Fraas  Anna Laycock  unmarried 
Geraldine FREDRICKS-HOFFMAN              James Hoffman 
Ann FRITZ  1909    1/6/1983  Springville NY  Edward Kaufman  Anna Krapp  Frank Maxwell 
MagdaleneB FULLER  9/22/1897  Yorkshire NY  5/20/1989  Springville NY  William Bremiller  Hattie Myers  Augusta Wulkan 
Name Date of Birth Born in:  DIED Died in: FATHER MOTHER SPOUSE 

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