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TOWN OF Portville

Main Street Portville

Town Of Portville

The town of Portville was formed from Olean, April 27, 1837. It lies on the southeast corner of the county. The surface is a hilly upland, with the summits being 500- 600 feet above the valleys. The Allegany River enters the town upon the southern border, flows north to near the center, and then northwest to the west border. It receives as tributaries the Oswaya, Dodges and Haskel Creeks. Lumbering is the chief pursuit.

Portville is on the Allegany. In 1863, it contained 2 churches, 2 sawmills, and a gristmill. It had a population of 287.

Mill Grove , south of Portville, is also on the Allegany. In 1863, it contained 2 sawmills, and a gristmill and 18 dwellings.

The first settlement was made in 1805, by James Green, on Haskell Creek in the north part of town. The first child born was Hannah Green, daughter of James Green on April 28, 1807. The first marriage was between Jonathon Dodge and Eunice Atherton, in 1809. David Heusten was the first person to die, killed by the spring of a tree while getting out spars, in early 1807.

The first school was taught by Anna Carpenter, near Portville Village. Lyman Rice kept the first inn, in 1822 and Allen Rice the first store in 1823. The first gristmill was located on Dodges Creek, started by Samuel King. The first sawmill, on Haskell Creek, was erected by James Green and Alpheus Dodge in 1807.

The first church was formed in 1824.

Town Officials
Town Historian Town Clerk
Cindy Keele
President PHPS
POB 630
Portville, NY 14770
Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs & Fri. 8 AM-1 PM
Wed. 1 - 6 PM
933-6658 (B) Fax: 933-7877
From Cattaraugus County Directory, dated April 1, 2022
Village Officials
Village Historian Village Clerk
None Listed Oriana Osgood
POB 436
Portville, New York 14770
716-933-8407 (B)
From Cattaraugus County Directory, dated April 1, 2022

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Portville Historical and Preservation Society Museum

1290 Portville-Obi Rd (Map)
PO Box 59
Portville, NY 14770
Phone: 716 933-7216
Web Site

Portville Historical and Preservation Society is located in the Town of Portville, Cattaraugus County. The Society meets on the 2nd Monday of the month in the Portville Free Library

A Picture of a Tombstone

Portville Cemeteries