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East Portville Cemetery

Photo of Entrance

(Main Settlement)

Compiled by Dan Maxson and Charlie Barrett

Original ©2000 Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Society used by Permission
Last Name First Name Dob Dod Father Last Name Father's First Name Mother's Last Name Mother's First Name Spouse's Last Name Spouse's First Name Remarks
Adams Charles 1858 14-Apr-1905 Adams         Cora Alice  
Adams Charles E. 1882 17-May-1905              
Adams Cora Alice 1858 25-Apr-1905         Adams Charles  
Adams Maude L. 1884 13-May-1905         Adams Merritt E.  
Adams Merritt E. 1867 29-Apr-1905 Adams         Maude L.  
Andrews Frankie 1873   Andrews James   Louisa      
Andrews James W. 1862 10-Feb-1905 Andrews James   Louisa      
Andrews Myrtie B. 1870 14-Feb-1905 Andrews James   Louisa      
Andrews Sophia L. 1825 13-Mar-1905 Andrews S.   S.A.      
Baker Gladys E. 1903 16-Jun-1905              
Baker Seth A. 23 Sep 1894 18-Mar-1981 Baker            
Baker Sherman E. 1865 19-Apr-1905 Baker Lyman Davie ?? Charlotte Walton Susan A. M2-Ella Walten
Baker Susan A. 1866 4-Apr-1905 Walton Miner     Baker Sherman E.  
Baker Warren 1901 26-May-1905 Baker            
Barber Andrew S. 19 Feb 1803 19 Oct 1888 Barber Moses Clarke Mary Crandall Nancy  
Barber Blanchard A. 07 Aug 1827 8-Sep-1902 Barber Moses Crandall Mary Hamilton Olive Vet - Cw Ny 81st
Barber C.F.     Barber            
Barber Celestia R. 1851 03 Nov 1862 Barber Roland A.   Sylvia      
Barber Cyrus N. 07 Sep 1886 18-Jul-1915 Barber Moses Crandall Mary Crandall Eliza Emily  
Barber Edith 12 May 1870 6-Feb-1903         Barber William E.  
Barber Eliza(Elsie) 22 Dec 1831 24-Oct-1901 Crandall George S   Correntha Barber Cyrus Noyes  
Barber Ellen A. May 1851 12 Oct 1851 Barber Blanchard Hamilton Olive A.      
Barber Ellen V. 24 Jun 1861 01 Jan 1879 Barber Thomas F. Barber Martha P.      
Barber Eugene B. 19 Mar 1856 29 May 1877 Barber Thomas F. Barber Martha P.      
Barber Fidelia C. Sep 1826 21-Jun-1904 Chandler       Barber Willard C.  
Barber Frank E. Dec 1877 23-Apr-1905 Barber Thomas F Barber Martha P Wilson Lucy V  
Barber George W. 1868 20-Mar-1905 Barber Putnam Hamiltopn Elenora   Unwed  
Barber Grace A. 07 Dec 1875 24-May-1959 Maxson Orson F. Wilber Rhoda Barber Rowland E.  
Barber H.C.     Barber            
Barber Henry C. 10 Nov 1848 13 Apr 1850 Barber Jefferson   Sarah      
Barber Howard L. Sep 1898 14-Mar-1905 Barber Rowland A. Maxson Grace      
Barber Irene 03 Oct 1818 20 Oct 1873 Barber Moses Crandall Mary      
Barber James H. 1847 31-Mar-1905 Barber Willard C. Barber Fidelia C.      
Barber Jessee Oct 1865 21 Jan 1866 Barber Blanchard A. Hamilton Olive A.      
Barber Julia L. 18 Nov 1844 23-Jun-1924 Stillman Robert Main Philura Main Barber Rowland A.  
Barber L.J.                  
Barber Leon W. 1893 1-Apr-1905 Barber            
Barber Lucy V. Nov 1878 14-Mar-1905 Wilson       Barber Frank  
Barber Lydia J. 19 Apr 1843 28 Jul 1852 Barber Jefferson   Sarah      
Barber M.A.                  
Barber Martha P. 1833 28-Mar-1905 Barber Samuel A Crandall Nancy Barber Thomas  
Barber Mary 08 Jul 1796 11 Oct 1874 Crandall Luke Maxson Martha Barber Moses  
Barber Mary M. Oct 1867 26 Dec 1873 Barber Blanchard A. Hamilton Olive      
Barber May 1885 19--         Barber Frank E.  
Barber Moses 23 Jun 1794 07 Sep 1878 Barber Moses Clarke Mary Crandall Mary  
Barber Nancy 15 Feb 1803 16 Oct 1884 Crandall Luke Maxson Martha Barber Samuel A.  
Barber Nelson J. 1840 27-Mar-1905 Barber Moses Crandall Mary   Sarah A.  
Barber Noyes     Barber Cn   Eliza E.      
Barber Olive A. 03 May 1827 25-May-1912 Hamilton       Barber Blanchard  
Barber Owen F.   21 Mar 1869 Barber Thomas F. Barber Martha P.      
Barber Putnum 1840 06 Dec 1876 Barber Jefferson Dewolfe Sara Ann Hamilton Elnora Vet-Cw 150 PaV Co G
Barber Ralph L. 13 May 1858 05 Jun 1859 Barber Cyrus N. Crandall Eliza E.      
Barber Rowland A. 17 Dec 1827 13-Nov-1911 Barber Samuel A Crandall Nancy Stillman Julia L.  
Barber Rowland E. 09 Feb 1869 23-Apr-1905 Barber Rowland A. Stillman Julia Maxson Grace  
Barber Rowland O. 27 Mar 1895 4-Oct-1969 Barber Rowland E. Maxson Grace Langworthy Ruth  
Barber S. Annette 1862 15 Feb 1882 Barber Rowland   Sylvia N.      
Barber Samuel A. 19 Feb 1803 19 Oct 1888 Barber Moses Clark Mary Crandall Nancy  
Barber Sarah 15 Jun 1844 27 Mar 1870 Crandall George S Hamilton Correntha Barber Nelson J.  
Barber Thomas F 06 Jan 1835 24-Mar-1905 Barber Moses Crandall Mary Barber Martha P.  
Barber Willard G. Nov 1822 23 Sep 1878 Barber Moses Crandall Mary Barber Fidelia C.  
Barnes Howard E. 1146 17-Dec-1969 Barnes         Vira L.  
Barnes Vira L. 936 2-Oct-1988         Barnes Howard E.  
Barrett Alice B. 1902 5-Apr-1905              
Barrett Edna 9789 17-Oct-1966 Rix Walter Brecht Sophia Barrett Francis  
Barrett Georgie 11 Jun 1861 12 Jun 1866 Barrett George W. Crandall Lucy P.      
Barrett Herbert 2788 11-Nov-1972 Barrett Benjamin F. Gardner Emma Jane   Edna  
Beck Mildred J. 1896 1-May-1905 Hunter     Susie Beck Willis A.  
Beck Willis A. 1886 26-May-1905 Beck       Hunter Mildred J.  
Behrendt Steven Johannes 25151 31-Jul-1994 Behrendt            
Blauvelt Arlene M. 9272           Blauvelt Francis W. Living
Blauvelt Francis W. 6450 13-Jul-1980 Blauvelt         Arlene M  
Bouton Charles 1853 15 Feb 1878 Bouton Enoch          
Bouton Enoch 02 May 1820 08 Mar 1888 Boughton            
Brown Edward L. 1893 19-May-1905 Brown     Hattie      
Brown Harry D. 1897 11-Mar-1905 Brown     Hattie      
Brown Hattie M. 1874 26-Apr-1905         Brown   Mother
Brown Martha P. 07 Nov 1849 1-Dec-1928         Brown Seth J.  
Brown Seth J. 05 Aug 1844 2-Oct-1916 Brown         Martha P.  
Burdick Addison O. 1845 17-Apr-1905 Burdick Albert G. Crandall Cynthia Wilcox Mary J.  
Burdick Albert G. 30 Mar 1810 25 May 1883 Burdick       Crandall Cynthia  
Burdick Cynthia 30 Sep 1814 05 Feb 1867 Crandall Matthew Maxson Prudence Burdick Albert G.  
Burdick Edward W. 1908 28-May-1905 Burdick Fred L. Gross Theresa M.   Eleanor  
Burdick Eleanor 1908 12-May-1905         Burdick Edward W.  
Burdick Emma 1843 21-Feb-1905 Burdick Addison O.   Mary J.      
Burdick Fred L. 1879 4-May-1905 Burdick Addison O.   Mary J. Gross Thressa M.  
Burdick Henry E 26 Jan 1848 20 Oct 1863 Burdick Albert G. Crandall Cynthia      
Burdick Ira C 03 Aug 1835 06 Oct 1852 Burdick Albert G. Crandall Cynthia      
Burdick Joel A. 31 May 1839 29-May-1925 Burdick Albert G. Crandall Cynthia Coon Rosetta S.  
Burdick Marian E. 05 Nov 1855 08 Sep 1857 Burdick Albert G. Crandall Cynthia      
Burdick Mary F. 08 Nov 1884 2-Feb-1963 White John   Margaret Burdick Albert  
Burdick Mary J. 05 Jun 1861 10 Mar 1862 Burdick Albert G. Crandall Cynthia      
Burdick Mary Jane 1850 18-Apr-1905 Wilcox       Burdick Addison O.  
Burdick Rosetta S. 1846 21-Mar-1905 Coon William S. Main Polly Ann Burdick Joel A.  
Burdick Theresa M. 1882 17-Apr-1905 Gross John K. Hamilton Elenora Burdick Fred L.  
Burger Mary A.   17 Jun 1864         Burger Z.  
Burrows Dorothy M. 7361 30-Jun-1970 Ellis       Burrows Laverne  
Burrows Eathel 1884 14-May-1905         Burrows Maynard  
Burrows Maynard 1875 29-Apr-1905 Burrows         Eathel  
Cahill Nina L. 1892 18-May-1905         Cahill    
Carpenter H.C. 1811 11-Mar-1905              
Carrig Emma E. 1886 19-May-1905 Hamilton (?) Alburt   Anna H Carrig   Bu W/ Albert Hamilton
Carrig Margaret V. 1911 13-Jun-1905         Carrig William G.  
Carrig William G. 3451 9-Apr-1967 Carrig     Emma E.   Margaret V.  
Coast Carol A. 13909 17-Aug-1996              
Cohoon Henry 08 Jun 1846 08 Jan 1890 Cohoon            
Infant Baby   6-May-1905 Cole Victor P. Washburn Jeanne      
Cole Jeanne W. (Eugena) O8 Dec 1916   Washburn Laverne Langworthy Winifred Cole Victor P.  
Cole Victor P. 4774 5-Jun-1905 Cole Phillip A. Bennett Martha Washburn Jeanne W.  
Conklin Oneda I. 1911 2-Jun-1905 Coon W.S. Mascho Cora Belle Cook Julieus  
Cook Julia I. 1931 10-Jun-1905 Cook Julieus Coon Oneda I.      
Coon Charles   18 Dec 1865 Coon L.O.   M.E.      
Coon Content 1900 16-Mar-1905 Coon           Beside William S
Coon Cora Bell 04 Feb 1881 26-Oct-1926 Mascho William Mccoy   Coon William Samuel  
Coon E. Mae 1896 7-Jun-1905 Lear       Coon Nelson E.  
Coon Edwin 3763 3-Jun-1905 Coon William S. Mascho Cora Belle      
Coon Eugene N. 26 Nov 1853 14-Sep-1945 Coon Wm S. Dea Main Polly Ann Babcock Rena B.  
Coon Euretta 1838 23-Mar-1905 Crandall       Coon Russell A.  
Coon Franklin E. 25 Dec 1847 25 Jan 1848              
Coon Frederick Dec 1874 23 Jan 1875 Coon            
Coon Harriet 03 Dec 1839 14 Jan 1851              
Coon Irene B. 20 Jul 1854 07 Man 1931 Babcock       Coon Eugene N.  
Coon Nelson E. 1899 8-May-1905 Coon Eugene   Sara S. Lear E. Mae  
Coon Polly Ann 02 Sep 1820 17 Apr 1899 Main Sheffield B. Stillman Emily Hart Coon Wm. S. Dea  
Coon Rena B. 20 Jul 1854 7-May-1931 Babcock Pheletus   Clarissa C. Coon Eugene N.  
Coon Russell A. 1841 28-Mar-1905 Coon Wm. S. Dea Main Polly Ann Crandall Euretta  
Coon Sheffield J. 1849 02 Jan 1874 Coon Wm S. Dea Main Polly Ann      
Coon William Aug 1869 09 Mar 1870 Coon            
Coon William S 21 Oct 1816 27 Nov 1870 Coon Luke Comstock Lydia Polly Ann Main Deacon
Coon William Samuel 1874 3-May-1905 Coon Eugene Babcock Irene Mascho Cora Bell  
Coon Winnie 24 Feb 1864 10 Jan 1865 Coon Russell   Euretta      
Cotton Louis B. 1872 19-- Cotton            
Cotton Marion 09 Jun 1845 06 Dec 1871         Cotton C.A.  
Crandall Corrintha M. 10 Oct 1816 31 Jul 1888 Hamilton       Crandall George S.  
Crandall Daniel L. 31 Aug 1819 16-Aug-1906 Crandall Matthew Maxson Prudence Dennis Susan  
Crandall Florence D. 20 Feb 1855 25 May 1861 Crandall Daniel Dennis Susan      
Crandall George S. 10 Jul 1812 02 Feb 1897 Crandall Matthew M. Maxson Prudence Hamilton Corrintha  
Crandall H.O 1850 14-Apr-1905              
Crandall Hiram L. 23 Feb 1834 17 Feb 1878 Crandall Joseph P. Main Susan P. Main Maria C. M2--Mary Ann Phillips
Crandall Joseph P. 19 Jan 1790 19 Mar 1870 Crandall Luke Maxson Martha Main Susan P.  
Crandall Leroy     Crandall George   Corrintha      
Crandall Martha 08 May 1765 19 May 1843 Maxson Matthew Potter Martha Crandall Luke  
Crandall Mary A. 1822 22-Mar-1905 Jacobs       Crandall Russell A.  
Crandall Matthew Capt 11 Aug 1787 09 Sep 1874 Crandall Luke Maxson Martha Maxson Prudence W.  
Crandall Nancy 15 Feb 1803 16 Oct 1884 Crandall Luke Maxson Martha Barber Samuel A  
Crandall Prudence W. 10 Aug 1786 01 Sep 1860 Zaccheus Maxson Amelia Crandall Crandall Matthew Capt  
Crandall Rosetta P. 13 May 1824 22 Feb 1878 Crandall Joseph P. Main Susan P.      
Crandall Russell A. 09 Jan 1821 8-Apr-1908 Crandall Joseph P. Main Susan P. Jacobs Mary A.  
Crandall Sarah     Crandall George   Corrintha      
Crandall Susan 26 Mar 1814 02 Jan 1891 Dennis       Crandall Daniel L.  
Crandall Susan P. 10 Oct 1790 09 Jan 1882 Main Dewey Colegrove Lucinda Crandall Joseph  
Crawford Duane Dewey 1961 20-Jun-1905 Crawford            
Cronin John H. 1903 2-Jun-1905 Cronin         Ruth L.  
Cronin Ruth L. 1910 18-Jun-1905         Cronin John H.  
Cuddy William H. 19 May 1894 14-Jan-1992 Cuddy            
Cummings Andrew A. 06 Apr 1855 11 Jun 1855 Cummings George Barber Susan      
Cummings George W. 28 Jul 1833 23-Jul-1902 Cummings Allen Farrington Lydia Barber ? Susan  
Cummings Lizzie B. 1859 26 Mar 1882 Cummings George Barber Susan      
Cummings Susan E. 27 Nov 1836 01 Jul 1859 Barber Samuel A Crandall Nancy Cummings George  
Cummings Susie A.E. Nov 1861 16 Nov 1862 Cummings George Coon Emily      
Cummings Susie L. 04 Oct 1879 04 Aug 1881 Cummings            
Cummings Walter W. 1858 11 Jun 1882 Cummings George Barber Susan Green Alice A.  
Delaney Bennett 1833 14-Mar-1905 Delany         Elvinah  
Delaney Elvinah 1837 15-Mar-1905         Delaney Bennett  
Delaney Hosea 1862 15-Mar-1905 Delaney Bennett   Elvinah      
Dennis George T 1819 8-Mar-1905 Dennis       Crandall Mary Ann  
Dennis Mary Ann 12 Mar 1821 3-Mar-1905 Crandall Matthew M. Prudence Maxson Dennis George T.  
Doolittle Anna 27 Oct 1846 19 Aug 1877 Hornblower William E.   Elsie M. Doolittle Walter G.  
Doolittle J. Henry 1845 1-Apr-1905 Doolittle         Rosalia  
Doolittle Mabel     Doolittle J. Henry   Rosalia     Infant
Doolittle Rosalia 1857 22-Mar-1905         Doolittle J. Henry  
Doolittle Walter G. 12 Oct 1875 19-Aug-1977 Doolittle       Hornblower Anna  
Dowman Emma 1847 27-Mar-1905 Hamilton(?) George G     Dowman (?)   Buried W/ George G.
Drew Bertha E. 1891 ???? Granger       Drew Ellis C.  
Drew Ellis C. 1889 9-May-1905 Drew       Granger Bertha E.  
Drew Leslie C. 3932 16-Apr-1939 Drew Ellis C. Granger Bertha E.      
Ducey John F. 1909 13-Dec-1970 Ducey       Langworthy Margaret L.  
Ducey Margaret Lucille 4065 1-Jun-1905 Langworthy Herman Asa Van Voorhees Estella Harriet Ducey John F.  
Eckert Albert B. 1870 24-Apr-1905         Eckert Nellie J.  
Eckert Nellie J. 1875 25-Apr-1905         Eckert Albert B.  
Eldridge Edward E. 1865 1-May-1905 Eldridge         Ermina I.  
Eldridge Ermina I. 1866 29-Apr-1905         Eldridge Edward E.  
Evens Blanche G. 04 Sep 1889 2-Jul-1963 Hamilton George G Holmes Mary Evens Walter S.  
Evans Corinne L. 29 Mar 1890 24-Apr-1916 Langworthy Fred O. Sinnell Georgia Evans Harry F. Murdered By Husband
Evens Doris A. 22-Oct-1917 07-May-1994 Evens Walter Hamilton Blanche G      
Evens Walter S. 20 Jan 1886 18-Jun-1962 Evens       Hamilton Blanche G.  
Faulkner Ida M. 24 Jul 1874 1-Mar-1957 Schoonover Christopher     Faulkner Pasco N.  
Faulkner Pasco N. 1870 10-Apr-1905 Faulkner       Schoonover Ida M.  
Fisher Enos G. 22 Dec 1822 30 Jan 1890 Fisher       Barber Esther; Laura L.  
Fisher Laura L. 23 Oct 1833 22-Jan-1906 Barber Moses Crandall Mary Fisher Enos G. M1-Frederick C Holmes
Fitchner Emmogene 1880 30-Mar-1905 Shavalier       Fitchner    
Foster Ray G. 1884 13-Apr-1905 Foster            
Fowler Janice E. 12170 5-Mar-1985         Fowler William R.  
Fowler William R. 1920 27-May-1905 Fowler         Janice E.  
Garrey Alice L. 1913 25-Apr-1905 Rix Walter Brecht Sophia Garrey John E.  
Garrey John E. 4275 28-Feb-1992 Garrey John L. Mccalmont Sarah E. Rix Alice L.  
Garrey John J. 1890 15-May-1905 Garrey         Sarah E.  
Garrey Sarah E. 1889 2-Jun-1905         Garrey John J.  
Geary Clara E. 1903 14-Jun-1905              
Geary Claude J. 1898 18-May-1905 Geary            
Geary George A. 1866 2-May-1905 Geary            
Geary George W. 1901 3-Jun-1905 Geary            
Goodsell Adeline M. 1917 6-Jun-1905         Goodsell Anthony A.  
Goodsell Anthony A. 1891 26-May-1905 Goodsell         Adeline M.  
Gray Cyril E. 1898 26-May-1905 Gray         Gertrude E.  
Gray Gertrude E. 1900 11-Jun-1905         Gray Cyril E.  
Grimes George 1875 7-May-1905 Grimes            
Gross Elenora 1850 3-Apr-1905 Hamilton Joseph G. Maxson Julia C. Cross John K.  
Gross John K. 1849 22-Jul-1906 Gross       Hamilton Elenora Vet-Cw 121 Nyi Co K
Haight Alice L. 1861 24-Apr-1905 Langworthy Oliver Babcock Maxson Happy Ivy Haight W.J.  
Haight Eleanor     Haight W.J. Langworthy Alice L.     Infant
Haight W.J. 1857 6-Apr-1905 Haight       Langworthy Alice L.  
Hall Eliza 1834 2-Apr-1905              
Hamilton Adolphem D. 1825 10-Feb-1905         Maxson Lydia  
Hamilton Albert (A B) 1856 22-Apr-1905 Hamilton Joseph Maxson Julia C.   Annah M2--Flora Maxson McCalmunt
Hamilton Anna H. 1861 11-Mar-1905         Hamilton Albert  
Hamilton Anna M. 1837 31-Mar-1905         Hamilton Marvin N.  
Hamilton Daniel S. 21 Aug 1846 08 Feb 1875 Hamilton Joseph G. Maxson Julia C.      
Hamilton E.A. 25 Mar 1825 01 Apr 1868              
Hamilton Farlie 23 Oct 1881 06 Aug 1883 Hamilton S.F.   H.F.      
Hamilton George G. 1812 29 Jun 1884 Hamilton Seymour   Sally     D At 63 Yr
Hamilton George G. Feb 1849 10-Apr-1905 Hamilton Adolphem D. Maxson Lydia Holmes Mary E.  
Hamilton James C 1896 28-Mar-1905 Hamilton George G Holmes Mary E     Fell from Hay Loft
Hamilton Joseph G. 1823 22 Feb 1894 Hamilton       Maxson Julia C.  
Hamilton Julia C. 11 Mar 1827 25 Sep 1885 Maxson Benjamin C. Crandall Martha Hamilton Joseph G.  
Hamilton Lena 1878 18-Mar-1905 Maxson Orson F. Wilber Rhoda Hamilton Fred  
Hamilton Lydia 11 Nov 1818 2-Mar-1905 Maxson Benjamin C. Martha Crandall Hamilton Adolphem D.  
Hamilton Marvin N. 1836 25-Mar-1905 Hamilton         Anna M.  
Hamilton Mary E Feb 1851 12-Apr-1905 Holmes Frederick C Barber Laura L Hamilton George G.  
Hamilton Orville E. 21 Aug 1846 08 Feb 1875 Hamilton Joseph Maxson Julia C.      
Hamilton Sally 12 Aug 1794 18 Feb 1860 Underwood       Hamilton Seymour  
Hamilton Seymour 1794 13-Feb-1905 Hamilton       Underwood Sally  
Hanks Mary M. 19 Mar 1859 24-Jul-1950 Lewis Israel T. Worden Elmina Persing Freeman S. M1-Persing
Hanson George A. 3692 10-Sep-1949 Hanson            
Hanson Gertrude 382 27-Mar-1946 Weinaug William Reitz Catherine Hanson    
Hinman Lorena W. 02 Mar 191 18-Jun-1905 Washburn Laverne Langworthy Winifred Hinman Randall W.  
Hinman Randall W. 3344 12-Jun-1905 Hinman Henry G. Wright Lucy A Washburn Lorena W.  
Holmes Blanche M. 13 May 1857 12 Nov 1883 Holmes Frederick C Barber Laura L. Unwed    
Holmes Frederick C 03 Mar 1828 14 Jun 1862 Holmes       Barber Laura L. Vet-Cw Corp Co I Pa Bucktails
Hornblower Cassie 1860 ???? Delaney Bennett   Elvinah Hornblower Wm. Matthew  
Hornblower Elsie Marie 03 Feb 1823 21-Feb-1915 Crandall Matthew Maxson Prudence Hornblower Wm. Edward 2nd Wife
Hornblower Ida 1873 4-May-1905 Maxson Benjamin Z. Ormsby   Hornblower   W1 Kintner
Hornblower Wm. Edward 04 May 1819 5-Jan-1906 Hornblower William J.   Anna Crandall Elsie Maria  
Hornblower Wm. Matthew 1858 1-Jan-1944 Hornblower William E. Crandall Elsie Delaney Cassie  
Hough Linda A. 1947           Hough M. Dale Living
Hough M. Dale 1943   Hough         Linda A. Living
Howard Charles L. 1882 14-May-1905 Howard       Shepard Sadie S.  
Howard Sadie S. 28 Feb 1884 28-Aug-1963 Shepard Loren   Katherine Howard Charles L.  
Howard Zelda 1905 20-Mar-1905 Howard Charles L. Shepard Sadie S.      
Hunt Loretta 1912 7-Jun-1905         Hunt Raymond  
Hunt Raymond 1908 3-Jun-1905 Hunt         Loretta  
Jandrew Betty M. 1941 15-Jun-1905 Maxson Kenneth R. Beck Blanche A. Jandrew David W.  
Jandrew David W. 1945   Jandrew       Maxson Betty M. Living
Jones Harris Walter 1834 18-Feb-1905 Jones William Jones Lydia      
Jones Ida M. 1861 6-Apr-1905         Jones Reese  
Jones Reese 1852 7-Apr-1905         Jones Ida M.  
Keeler Arza N. 1854 23-Apr-1905 Keeler John Meacham Mary A. Wetmore Nora A.  
Keeler Nora A. 1864 26-Apr-1905 Wetmore Sluman Burrows Charlotte Keeler Arza N.  
Kellington Alfred 1863 28-Apr-1905 Kellington         Mary J.  
Kellington Mary J. 1855 12-Apr-1905         Kellington Alfred  
Kintner Jacob 1864 10-Apr-1905 Kinter Jonas Moran Eliza Maxson Ida  
Lackey Angelina 22 Mar 1844 26-Dec-1926 Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E.   Unwed  
Lackey Benjamin F. 22 Nov 1836 25-Nov-1921 Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E. Kress Elizabeth  
Lackey Edward B. 20 Oct 1853 6-Mar-1934 Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E. Shreffler Susan  
Lackey Elizabeth 26 Mar 1835 38 Jun 1922 Kress Isaac   Johanna Lackey Benjamin F.  
Lackey Fannie A. 24 Sep 1872 06 May 1874 Lackey Benjamin F. Kress Elizabeth A      
Lackey George A. 17 Mar 1848 29 Apr 1890 Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E.      
Lackey Isaac M. 26 Mar 1846 02 Mar 1871 Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E.     85th Nyv Co A
Lackey Martha E. 26 May 1817 14-Feb-1903 Crandall Matthew Maxson Prudence Lackey Walter H.  
Lackey Prudence E. 04 Aug 1861 26 Feb 1863 Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E.      
Lackey Susan 26 Mar 1847 24-Apr-1930 Shreffler C.   S. Lackey Edward B.  
Lackey Walter H. 17 Jan 1811 01 May 1891 Lackey Isaac   Betsey Crandall Martha E.  
Lackey Walter H. Jr. 13 Dec 1838 02 Jan 1839 Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E.      
Lackey William E. 09 Jan 1860 29 Sep 1884 Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E.     Vet-Peace
Langworthy Byron A. 09 Aug 1851 18-Dec-1937 Langworthy Oliver Babcock Maxson Happy Ivy North Cornelia  
Langworthy Byron Llewellyn 11 Oct 1874 24-May-1905 Langworthy Byron A. North Cornelia Davie Myrta  
Langworthy Catherine J. 12349 25-Jan-1996 Wilkinson Harry Philips Blanche Langworthy Dale P.  
Langworthy Cornelia E. 1854 30-Apr-1905 North William Austin Eulalia Langworthy Byron A.  
Langworthy Dale P. 1943 18-Jun-1905 Langworthy Byron A. North Cornelia Wilkinson Catherine J.  
Langworthy Estella Harriet 14 Feb 1878 12-Apr-1964 (Van) Voorhees Charles R. Graves Mary A. Langworthy Herman A.  
Langworthy Eva A. 07 Sep 1855 15 Aug 1883 Langworthy Oliver Babcock Maxson Happy Ivy     """Dear Eva"" On Big Stone"
Langworthy Frank P. 12 Jun 1879 3-May-1905 Langworthy Byron A. North Cornelia   Gladys  
Langworthy Fred O. 24 May 1870 9-May-1905 Langworthy Oliver Babcock Maxson Happy Ivy Robinson Isabel C. M1--Georgia Sinnell
Langworthy Freda M. 1925           Langworthy Neil B. Living
Langworthy George Lorrimer 05 Jul 1896 17-May-1905 Langworthy Fred O. Sinnell Georgia Sutton Myrtle Mabel M2--Eleanor Schoup
Langworthy Georgia S. 12 Apr 1865 20-Dec-1932 Sinnell       Langworthy Fred O.  
Langworthy Happy Ivy 05 Jan 1832 11-Feb-1907 Maxson Benjamin Crandall Martha Langworthy Oliver B.  
Langworthy Herman Asher 04 Jun 1877 22-Apr-1905 Langworthy Byron A. North Cornelia Voorhees Estella H.  
Langworthy Herman Leslie 1315 30-Jul-1983 Langworthy Herman Asher Voorhees Estella Reynolds Mildred E.  
Langworthy Isabel C. 1888 2-Jun-1905 Robinson       Langworthy Fred O.  
Langworthy John 30 Sep 1833 12 Jul 1890 Langworthy Asa Crandall Ruth Crandall Penelope  
Langworthy Little Lizzie 07 Jul 1882 22 Dec 1882 Langworthy Byron A. North Cornelia      
Langworthy Mary E. 4932 3-Oct-1913 Langworthy Herman A.   Estella     Infant
Langworthy Mildred Esther 3117   Reynolds Menzo (Pete) L. Keeler Lena Alverretta Langworthy H. Leslie  
Langworthy Myrta 12 Mar 1874 2-May-1905 Davie       Langworthy B. Llewellyn  
Langworthy Neil B. 1923   Langworthy         Freda M. Living
Langworthy Oliver B. 02 Sep 1823 15-Apr-1909 Langworthy Asa Crandall Ruth Maxson Happy Ivy  
Langworthy Penelope 30 May 1832 09 Jul 1873 Crandall Matthew M. Maxson Prudence Langworthy John  
Langworthy Richard Leslie 10808 27-Mar-1931 Langworthy Herman L. Reynolds Mildred      
Lewis Alvin Lincoln   10 Oct 1869 Lewis Israel T. Worden Elmina     Infant
Lewis Elmina 07 Nov 1829 19-Feb-1919 Worden Lorenzo D. Greenfieeld Sara Lewis Isreal T.  
Lewis Isreal Thomas 1823 27-Mar-1905 Lewis Elijah Burdick Sally Lewis Elmira Ny 85th
Main Bertie 1856 3-Feb-1905 Main            
Main Emily Francis 01 Dec 1857 28 Jan 1859 Sheffield B. Main Stillman Emily Hart      
Main Emily Hart 16 Jun 1800 23 May 1854 Stillman Jared Dea Burdick Abigail Main Sheffield B.  
Main Frances 26 Sep 1818 18-May-1904 Edwards Joseph Hiscox Bathsheba Main Sheffield  
Main James S. 09 Jun 1824 19-Dec-1911 Main Sheffield B. Stillman Emily Hart Hamilton L. Malvina Vet - Cw
Main L. Malvina 1829 Mar 1896 Hamilton Seymour Underwood Sally Main James S.  
Main Matthew S. 1836 13 Nov 1836 Main Sheffield Stillman Emily      
Main Milton Maxson 06 Apr 1802 17 Feb 1878 Main Dewey Colegrove Lucinda Carpenter Theda C.  
Main Polly 1847 31-Jan-1905 Main Milton Carpenter Theda      
Main Sheffield B. 22 Mar 1798 23 Feb 1878 Main Dewey Colegrove Lucinda Edwards Frances M1 Emily Stillman
Main Theda 27 Aug 1804 14 Mar 1895 Carpenter       Main Milton  
Main Wilson 1866 13-Feb-1905 Main            
Mapes Brian D. 27144 27-Apr-1974 Mapes            
Mapes Daisy V. 1886 19-May-1905         Mapes Lyman  
Mapes Jean 1949 18-May-1905 Mapes Leon   Meraldyne      
Mapes Leon 1924 12-Jun-1905 Mapes         Meraldyne  
Mapes Lyman 1886 30-May-1905 Mapes         Daisy V.  
Mapes Mary 1950 3-May-1905 Mapes Leon   Meraldyne      
Mapes Meraldyne 1928           Mapes Leon Living
Marble Lois B 1870 5-May-1905              
Massing Ora I. 9668 30-Mar-1969              
Maxson Abby A. 06 Dec 1825 20-Nov-1902 Langworthy Asa Crandall Ruth Maxson William R.  
Maxson Alla 1960 2-Jun-1905              
Maxson Barton J. 1874 17-May-1905 Maxson         Maud A.  
Maxson Benjamin C. 09 Feb 1789 09 Jul 1872 Phineas V. Maxson Elizabeth Burdick Crandall Martha  
Maxson Benjamin Z. 1842 9-Apr-1905 Maxson P. Varnum Maxson Laura Ann      
Maxson Bertha 1877 1-May-1905 Wilcox       Maxson Brayton  
Maxson Betty 1928 13-Apr-1905 Maxson Floyd E. Washburn Hazel C.      
Maxson Blanche A. 1918   Beck Willis A.   Mildred J. Maxson Kenneth R. Living
Maxson Braton 1870 1-May-1905 Maxson Orson F. Wilber Rhoda Wilcox Bertha  
Maxson Braton O. 1913 8-Jun-1905 Maxson Braton Wilcox Bertha Rady Pauline G  
Maxson Clair M. 1901 31-May-1905 Maxson Ernest L. Ketchum Elsie Jarrett Laura I.  
Maxson Darlene                 No Other Info
Maxson E.F.                 No Other Info
Maxson Ella L. 1853 14-Apr-1905         Maxson Reynolds  
Maxson Enoch Ira 15 Jan 1822 8-Mar-1922 Maxson Benjamin C. Martha Crandall Barber Mary Ann  
Maxson Ernest L. 12 Jan 1878 18-Nov-1962 Maxson "Phineas V. Iv" Wilber Harriet Ketchum Gen"
M2-Myrtle Holmes
Maxson Floyd E. 1890 10-May-1905 Maxson Orson F. Wilber Rhoda Washburn Hazel C.  
Maxson Harriet 1849 7-Apr-1905 Wilbur Charles B Green Harrietta Maxson Phineas V.  
Maxson Hazel C. 1897 1-Jun-1905 Washburn Thomas D. Barber Roseline Maxson Floyd E. Adopted
Maxson Horace 1905 29-May-1905 Maxson Braton Wilcox Bertha      
Maxson Jerald 1915 16-May-1905 Maxson Floyd E. Washburn Hazel Torrey Nina L.  
Maxson John D. 1937   Maxson Braton O. Rady Pauline G.     Living
Maxson Kenneth R. 1917 25-May-1905 Maxson Floyd Washburn Hazel Beck Blanche A.  
Maxson Laura Ann 24 Oct 1816 28-Jan-1902 Maxson Benjamin C. Crandall Martha Maxson P. Varnum  
Maxson Laura I. 1910 21-Jun-1905 Jarrett       Maxson Clair M. Living
Maxson Martha 11 Dec 1785 04 Jun 1849 Crandall Luke Maxson Martha Maxson Benjamin C.  
Maxson Mary A. 27 Oct 1824 22-Feb-1905 Barber Samuel A Crandall Nancy Maxson Enoch  
Maxson Mary J. 03 Jun 1846 28-Mar-1904 Maxson Enoch Barber Mary   Unwed  
Maxson Maud A. 1881 6-May-1905         Maxson Barton J.  
Maxson Merle W. 1886 16-May-1905 Maxson "Phineas V. Iv" Wilber Harriet   Gen"
Maxson Nina L. 1915 8-Jun-1905 Torrey       Maxson Jerald L.  
Maxson Orson F. 1847 16-Apr-1905 Maxson Phineas V. Laura Ann Maxson Wilber Rhoda 52 Nyv Co G
Maxson P. Varnum 02 Dec 1808 29 Dec 1883 Maxson P. Varnum Burdick Elizabeth Maxson Laura Ann  
Maxson Pauline G. 1916   Rady Carl Finley Gladys Maxson Brayton O. Living
Maxson Phineas V. 1833 7-Feb-1905 Maxson Phineas V. Reynolds Sophia Wilbur Hattie Vet-Cw
Maxson Reynolds 1853 11-Apr-1905 Maxson P. Varnum Maxson Laura Ann Maxson Ella L.  
Maxson Rhoda J. 1849 4-Apr-1905 Wilbur Charles Dea. Green Henrietta Maxson Orson F.  
Maxson William 28 Dec 1820 5-Jan-1905 Maxson Benjamin C. Crandall Martha Langworthy Abby A. Living
Maxson William N. 1844 4-Feb-1905 Maxson Phineas V. Maxson Lura Ann     Vet-Cw
Maxson Winnie M. 1890 19-May-1905         Maxson Merle W.  
Maxson Zaccheus D. 02 Oct 1850 08 Aug 1873 Maxson Enoch Barber Mary Ann     Elmer
Mcdonnell Adelle V.C. 1856                
Mcdonnell Clinton B. 1857 7-Apr-1905              
Mcdonnell Mart A. 1822 22-Mar-1905              
Mcdonnell Russell A 1821 22-Mar-1905              
Mcdonnell Ruth M. 1885 10-Apr-1905              
Mckee Ernest J. 1909 4-Jun-1905 Mckee       Maxson Kathleen A.  
Mckee Kathleen A. 1911 9-Jun-1905 Maxson Brayton Wilcox Bertha Mckee Ernest J.  
Merrick Allie I. 23 May 1861 08 Feb 1893 Barber Thomas F Barber Martha P Merrick Moses  
Millard Elsie 798 14-Mar-1978 Faulkner Pasco Scoonover Ida May Millard Howard M.  
Millard Howard M. 1905 3-Jun-1905           Elsie  
Miller Nantaniel B. 17 Feb 1866 07 Aug 1887              
Morsman Anna J. 1875 17-Apr-1905         Morsman George O.  
Morsman George O. 1865 6-Apr-1905 Morsman         Anna J.  
Munger Alice R. 08 Sep 1851 9-Apr-1905         Munger Edwin J.  
Munger Edwin J. 1845 23-Mar-1905 Munger       Munger Alice R.  
Norton Alice M. 1891 8-May-1905         Norton Stephen V.  
Norton Stephen V. 25 Oct 1890 24-Oct-1956 Norton         Alice M. B England
Packard Ashley G. 05 Nov 1824 24 Dec 1896 Packard       Crandall Virtue V.  
Packard Ella L. 07 Jun 1851 02 Sep 1893 Lewis Israel T. Worden Elmina Packard B. A.  
Packard Virtue V. 07 Oct 1824 17-Apr-1904 Crandall       Packard Ashley G.  
Peckham Allen 14 Mar 1833 15-Apr-1908 Peckham Hiram Allen Julia Lackey Mary A. SDBC Minister M 2x
Peckham Avery P. 1833 09 May 1894 Peckham Hiram Allen Julia   Unknown  
Peckham Fred W.H. 08 Oct 1867   Peckham Allen Lackey Mary A.   Florence  
Peckham Kathleen 12 Sep 1872 19-Feb-1907 Cockrell Jerre Vickers Elizabeth Peckham Fred W.H.  
Peckham Mary A. 4926 30 Jan 1840 Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E. Peckham Allen  
Peckham Oralee 1915 2-Apr-1905 Peckham Fred   Edity      
Peckman Florence K. 1903 16-Jul-1900         Peckman Frederick  
Peckman Frederick 1899 6-Jun-1905 Peckman Fred W.H. Cockrell Kathleen   Florence  
Perrin Leonie C. 1889 3-Jun-1905              
Perry Content   18 Oct 1854         Perry David  
Persing Freeman S. 02 Nov 1858 26-Mar-1905 Persing David Stanton Laura L. Lewis Mary M.  
Peters Harry W. 17082   Peters         Maryann M. M 21 Jul 1990
Peters Maryann M. 21516           Peters Harry W. M 21 Jul 1990
Place Irwin 20 Aug 1887 31-Aug-1971 Place Horace Barber Ellen Maxson Kate  
Place Kate 1888 31-May-1905 Maxson Orson F. Wilber Rhoda Place Irwin  
Place Philip B. 30 Oct 1882 16 Mar 1887 Place Horace Barber Ellen      
Plucker Elsie 09 Mar 1881 29-Feb-1968 Ketchum Emery Mosher Jeanette Maxson Ernest L. M2-Plucker
Putnam Emma E. 1864 4-May-1905 Crane       Putnam William F.  
Putnam William F. 12 Jun 1866 21-Aug-1930 Putnam       Crane "Anna Obit"
Randall Herbert 8025 2-Sep-1972 Randall Wilfrid A.   Ruby M.      
Randall Ramona L. 1929 1-Jun-1905         Randall Wesley N.  
Randall Ruby M. 1887 12-May-1905 Nourse       Randall Wilfrid A.  
Randall Wesley N. 1913 18-Jun-1905 Randall Wilfrid A.   Ruby M.   Ramona L.  
Randall Wilfrid A. 1883 4-May-1905 Randall       Nourse Ruby M.  
Rice Albertus Russell 1874 3-May-1905 Rice George W. Crandall Lucy P. Wandover Gertrude I.  
Rice Carl W. 3371 10-Jan-1999 Rice Albertus R. Wandover Gertrude I.   Catherine R.  
Rice Catherine E. 4282 6-Aug-1983 Rix       Rice Carl W.  
Rice Gertrude I0ne 12 Oct 1881 17-Jul-1964 Wandover Charles T. Clair Ellen J. Rice Albertus R.  
Rice Lucy Idella 5633 2-Dec-1916 Rice Albertus R. Wandover Gertrude I.     Infant
Rice Russell 1874 3-May-1905 Rice       Wandover Gertrude I.  
Schmidt Emile J. 1876 16-May-1905           May  
Schmidt Louis A. 1906 7-Jun-1905 Schmidt Louis Ladigo Leah Washburn Vernetta O.  
Schmidt May 1877 1-May-1905         Schmidt Emile J.  
Schmidt Vernetta O. 2126 6-Jun-1905 Washburn Laverne Langworthy Winifred Schmidt Louis A.  
Scholes Mary P. 1904 29-May-1905              
Schoonover E. Joyce 11356 24-Jan-1977 Quick George Terrette Florence Schoonover Earl F.  
Schoonover Earl F. 9398 18-Feb-1999 Schoonover Theodore Wilson Lettie Quick E. Joyce WWII US Army
Schoonover Nettie 1900 12-Jun-1905 Wilson       Schoonover Theodore R.  
Schoonover Theodore R. 1902 14-May-1905 Schoonover         Nettie  
Schuster Bernice H. 1874 22-May-1905              
Schuster Edward 1874 22-May-1905 Schuster     Bernice H.      
Shavalier Betty 1916 7-Jun-1905 Norton Stephen V.   Alice M. Shavalier Raymond  
Shavalier Raymond 2092 20-May-1905 Shavalier Earl J. Payne Hattie (Mildred) Norton Betty  
Sherman Percy 1908 3-Jun-1905 Sherman         Ruth M.  
Sherman Ruth M. 7507 4-May-1964         Sherman Percy  
Smith Albert M. 08 Mar 1828 13 Aug 1885 Smith       Main Weltha C.  
Smith Florence C. 1892 19?? Coon Eugene Babcock Rena Smith John H.  
Smith John H. 1892 17-May-1905 Smith Frank Baruheart Lizzie Coon Florence C.  
Smith Mary E. 1874 30-Apr-1905         Smith    
Smith Orton A. 01 Dec 1859 02 Feb 1882 Smith Albert Main Welthy C.      
Smith Wealtha Celina 30 Sep 1837 05 Jun 1888 Main Sheffield B. Stillman Emily Hart Smith Albert M.  
Sneath Elizabeth N. 1911 11-Jun-1905 Cahill??         Nina L.  
Sterling Sarah 1845 31-Mar-1905              
Stout Edna M. 1889 10-May-1905 Hornblower Wm Matthew Maxson Cassie Stout Lerue A.  
Stout Lerue A. 1887 21-May-1905 Stout       Hornblower Edna M.  
Swartz Paul 1935 7-May-1905 Swartz            
Thayer Charles R.   15 Sep 1858 Thayer            
Turner Nellie B. 1661 5-Mar-1975 Young John Lewis Gray Sadie Evelyn Turner   M1-Barrett
Unknown Darlene 1954 8-May-1905              
Unverdorben Richard S. 1958 12-May-1905 Unverdoorben            
Vanbrunt Guklford A. 1984 21-Jan-1910 Vanbrunt J.B.   E.L.      
Vanbrunt Neal M. 506 2-May-1902 Vanbrunt J.B.   E.L.      
Vandyke Dolly B. 1902           Vandyke Laurence D.  
Vandyke Laurence D. 1901 25-May-1905 Vandyke         Dolly B.  
Varney Ann A. 20 Aug 1830 11 Sep 1876 Varney Abner Matteson Lydia      
Walden Leroy H. 450 28-May-1974 Walden       Barber Lora E.  
Walden Lora E. 1901 14-Jun-1905 Barber Rowland E. Maxson Grace A. Walden Leroy H.  
Walker Nathaniel 17 Feb 1806 01 Aug 1887 Walker            
Ward George S. No Dates   Ward       Lackey Susan A.  
Ward Neal 12 Oct 1882 15 Jun 1888 Ward George S. Lackey Susan A.     Only Child
Ward Susan . No Dates   Lackey Walter H. Crandall Martha E. Ward George S.  
Washburn C. Luverne 18 Nov 1882 29-May-1905 Washburn Moses Smith Laura Langworthy R. Winifred  
Washburn R. Winifred 1884 10-May-1905 Langworthy Byron A. North Cornelia Washburn C. Luverne  
Washburn Roseline M. 18 Sep 1858 11-Dec-1935 Barber Thomas F Barber Martha P. Washburn Thomas D. 2nd Wife
Washburn Thomas D. 15 Dec 1852 9-Apr-1929 Washburn Benjamin Mickle Rebecca Washburn Roseline M.  
Washburn Wina (Edwina) 29 Apr 1855 25 Jun 1884 Maxson Enoch Barber Mary Washburn Thomas D. 1st Wife
Waterman Dale R. 10840 9-Nov-1974 Waterman Letoir H.       Marian L.  
Waterman Lewis H. 1167 3-Feb-1965 Waterman         Nellie A.  
Waterman Marian L. 1929           Waterman Dale R. Living
Waterman Nellie A. 1907 3-Jun-1905         Waterman Lewis H.  
Webb Charles 1853 19--           Cornelia  
Webb Cornelia 1854 12-Apr-1905         Webb Charles  
Webb Infant     Webb Charles   Caroline      
Webster Leon C. 16 Mar 1892 3-May-1955 Webster Walter Harmon Delmaud F. Young May E.  
Webster May E. 1052 28-Apr-1972 Young Lewis Gray Sadie Webster Leon C.  
Wilbur Charles Dea. 24 Feb 1821 15 Dec 1892 Wilbur Zephaniah Tucker Betsey E Green Henrietta  
Wilbur Henrietta 15 Mar 1821 9-Mar-1915 Green Benjamin Gardiner Lydia Wilbur Charles Dea.  
Wilson Nellie B. 1881 13-May-1905              
Wingard Janice M. 14516 7-Dec-1999 Grennon Peter Fitchner Hildah Wingard Roger  
Worden D.A. 1831 14-Mar-1905              
Worden Sarah 07 Jun 1802 06 Dec 1836 Greenfield       Worden Lorenzo D.  
Worden Sarah A. 1831 14-Mar-1905 Worden Lorenzo D. Greenfield Sara      

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