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Below is the text of a letter dated August 1977 from my Aunt (Vivian Grover)who was born in 1912:

Daniel Grover was born in 1792 in Connecticut.  He came to the Connewango
area with Daniel Dausin and Lyman Wyllys (another relative) in 1818.
His son Louis Grover, was born in Connewango in 1819, grew up there and
married Abigail, Daughter of Rufus Wyllys.
Louis Grover taught one of the first terms of school in what is now Leon
Center.  He is said to have been a "fine figure of a man" of such a stature
that a special teacher's chair had to be made for him.  He also built and
operated one of the first grist and saw mills in Connewango, on Mill Creek
Road, near the old Cooper Farm.  Close by, was the home where his children
were born and raised.  Four or five of his sons and one daughter went west.
 Four of his sons served in the Civil War. They were Delos (died in 1872),
William (died in 1904), Elisha, and Gustavus (died in 1914).  The time of
Elisha's death is unknown, but one of his daughters married and lived in
White Bear Lake, Minnesota.
Louis Grover's son Alonzo married Ruby Ann Hammond.  There is a little
cemetery on the road that runs between Connewango Valley and Ellington where
some ancestors are buried.  She was of English descent, and quite a
character.  She and Alonzo had six strapping sons and one daughter.  
I remember old Alonzo myself.  When he was an old man, long after Ruby Ann
was gone.  He told my mother that the Grovers originally came from Ulster, or
North Ireland, and evidently were of Presbyterian descent, some English
Grovers settled in Ireland long ago.
One of Ruby Ann and Alonzo Grovers children was James King Grover who married
Mary LeRoy and had five sons and one daughter. Their names were Fred, Albert,
Carey, Chester, and John.  The daughters name was Pearl Ruby.

Thanks to Jeff Lafferty for submitting this pioneer story.