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Newspaper Name  Date Formed  Location  Publisher  Status 
The Allegany Mercury 1818-1819  Hamilton, now called Olean  Benjamin F Smead  see: Hamilton Recorder
The Hamilton Recorder 1819 from the Mercury Hamilton, now called Olean  Franklin Cowdery  discontinued after a few years
The Western Courier 1826-1827  Ellicottville  Richard Hall  see: Cattaraugus Gazette
Cattaraugus Gazette 1827
formerly the Western Courier 
Ellicottville  Richard Hall discontinued after a few years
The Lodi Pioneer 1827-1830  Lodi, now Gowanda  Lewis B Edwards  see: Lodi Freeman and Messenger
Lodi Freeman and Messenger 1830-1833
formerly the Lodi Pioneer 
Lodi, now Gowanda  G.N. Starr  see Cattaraugus Freeman
Cattaraugus Freeman 1833-1844
formerly Lodi Freeman and Messenger 
Lodi, now Gowanda  Eliakim Hough  see: The People Advocate and Lodi Banner
The People Advocate and Lodi Banner 1844-1850
formerly Cattaraugus Freeman 
Lodi, now Gowanda  Eliakim Hough  see: Cattaraugus Chronicle
Cattaraugus Chronicle 1850-1850
formerly The People Advocate and Lodi Banner 
Lodi, now Gowanda  Henry M Morgan  see: Independent Chronicle
Independent Chronicle 1850-1854
formerly Cattaraugus Chronicle 
Lodi, now Gowanda  Henry M Morgan  see: The Gowanda Chronicle
The Gowanda Chronicle 1854-1856 
formerly Independent Chronicle 
Lodi, now Gowanda  John M Henry  continued until April 30, 1856 when the office burned down
see: The Gowanda Phoenix
The Ellicottville Republican 1833-1834  Ellicottville  Delos E Sill  see: The Cattaraugus Republican
The Cattaraugus Republican 1834-1862  Ellicottville  1834-1855 by RH Shankland
1855-1862 by Fred A Saxton 
publication ceased in 1862
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The Cattaraugus Republican Circa 1901
Salamanca-Little Valley
Transcribed Single Issue 9/30/1901 Unknown if this is an offshoot of the Ellicotville Paper
The (2nd) Allegany Mercury 1835-1836  Olean  G. W. Cutler  see: The Olean Advocate
The Olean Advocate 1836-1838  Olean  Rufus Griswold, 1836-37
Carlos Woodcock, 1837-38 
see: The Olean Times
The Olean Times 1838-1843  Olean  Dudley Bryan, 1838
A.M. Badger, 1838-1841 
discontinued in 1841
The Hinsdale Democrat 1836-1838  Hinsdale  Joseph Lyman, 1836
Edw. Hughes & Co, 1836-38 
discontinued around 1838
The People's Gazette 1840-1842  Hinsdale  George C Smith  moved to Geneseo, Livingston County in 1842
The Cattaraugus Whig 1840-1854  Ellicottville  Delos E Sill  see: The Cattaraugus Freeman (2)
The Cattaraugus Freeman(2)  1854-1866  Ellicottville  Sill and Beecher  discontinued in 1866
The Randolph Herald 1842-1847  Randolph  Mason; Marsh; Fletcher & Russell; 1842-45
JJ Strong, 1845-47 
Strong joined the Mormons and took the paper to Nauvoo, Illinois in 1847
The Freeman and Messenger 1843  Hinsdale  L.E. Smith  see: The Expositor
The Expositor 1843-1846  Hinsdale  Edwin & Allen Fuller  discontinued in 1846
The Gowanda Whig 1850-1851  Gowanda  James T Henry  see: The Whig and Union
The Whig and Union 1851  moved to Ellicottville  James T Henry  see: The American Union
The American Union 1851- 1919  Ellicottville  Robert Shankland  went out of business in 1919
represented the interests of the Democratic Party
The Gowanda Phoenix
see: The Gowanda Chronicle 
after fire in 1856
until 1857 
Gowanda  Louis S Morgan  moved to Bradford, PA
The Cattaraugus Sachem 1851-1852  Randolph  unknown  the press was removed to Olean in 1852
The Randolph Whig 1852-1857  Randolph  CK Judson &
Benj. F Morris 
see: Randolph Reporter
The Randolph Reporter 1857-1858  Randloph  Benjamin Morris  moved to Gowanda
see: The Gowanda Reporter
The Gowanda Reporter 1858-??  Gowanda  N. W. Henry & 
Frank Stebbins 
still in business in 1860 
The Olean Journal 1853-1856  Olean  Charles Aldrich  see: Olean Advertiser
Olean Advertiser 1856-??  Olean  James T Henry  still in business in 1860 
Olean Times Herald 1860 as Olean Times
in present time as Olean Times Herald 
Olean  L.M. Gano, 1860 Fitzpatrick family 1911-1988


Current Publisher is Charles M Ward

Published daily for 5 NY and PA counties

Allegany Citizen 1896- 1970s Allegany   on microfilm at the Allegany Public Library and the Allegany Historical Society
Salamanca Republican Press 1926- 1981 
Available on microfilm through SARA   
Salamanca Press 1981 - now -formerly Salamanca Republican Press   currently published daily and Sundays  

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