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11th Squad

May 1918

(This diary appears to begin as they left a mustering camp at  Elmira, NY)

May 3- Entrained after 1 1/2 ??? hike at 8.30. Do not know where were going.

May 4- Branched off at Danville near Richmond at 10.30, Arrived Camp Stuart 1.30. Moved into barracks. Very nice with spring bed.  Took shower bath.

May 5- My day off. Sat down by the bay most of the day and watched the boats go by.

 May 6- Washed clothes and took bath in evening. Worked hard in the  kitchen all day.

 May 7- Pay day. New issue overcoats. Inspection  of old

 May 8 Worked hard today. Rest in evening, Retired early. Quiet nite.

 May 9- Drill in A.M. Issued ?? M. stuff.

 May 11- Drilled today. I (received set) of over sea cards.

 May 12 - Sunday - Hot day. Nothing to do but lay around. Took bath

 May 13 - Drilled all day. Reg. Parade at 3.55. Took bath (in) evening.

 May 14 - Drilled all A.M.  Physical exam. at 1:00pm Expect to leave tomorrow.

May 15 - Packed barracks bags and carried them to car 1/4 mile. Rolled packs. Departure postponed.

May 16 Drilled all day. Hot . Detail ??rt from Co. I to load boat.

May 17. Rolled packs and left Camp Stuart at 1:00pm. Hiked to (dock)  and embarked on President at 2.48

May 18  Started... (rest of page missing, entry continues on next  page) ..... meals per day while on ship - breakfast - 8:00am. Supper 12:00pm

 May 19 - Sunday  On guard today. Caught up with convoy at 10.30. Sea rather rough at 1.00 pm. 4 freighters, ? transport, 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer with us.  Some of the boys a little seasick, Felt rather funny myself.

 May 20 - Rain storms in morning, saw some flying fish. Abandon ship call at 7.30. sea is still rough.

 May 21 - On deck most of the day. Saw a whale. Abandon ship call at  7.00 every night.

 May 22 - Destroyer went back for man who fell overboard.  Retired  early.

 May 24 - Sea still rough. Read all day. Abandon Ship  (drill)  at 7.00 pm

 May 25 - Three drills of abandon ship in am. Convoy had target  practice.

 May 26 - Sunday - Abandon ship call about 4:30. Overturned life boat  thought to be sub. 5 inch gun fired several times.

 May 27 - Expect to pick up another convoy today. Sleep with our  clothes on nights.  Are in war zone now.

 May 28 - Physical exercise at 11.30 am   Sub attack at 5:00pm. Several depth bombs were shot. Lots of excitement.

 May 29 - A.S. at 2.15 A.M. went back to bed and slept until 7.30. A.S.  at 7:00pm. Expect to see land tonight or tomorrow.

 May 30. Decoration Day. we ?? at 10.30  Ate breakfast and went on deck. Saw two planes flying over us. Saw land 3.30 Went into port at  Breste, France at 4.30. Saw Vaterland .

 May 31 - Laid in harbor all day. Left dock at 8.30. Went to pier on  tug "San Luis".  Hiked 4 miles to Napoleon Barracks. Slept in tents.

June, 1918

June 1- Up at 6.30. Co. went on detail down on docks unloading baggage.  Got back to camp at 7.00. Doesn't get dark until 11 o'clock here.

June 2 Sunday - laid around in AM.   Done some hair cutting in PM.  Worked at docks until midnight.

June 3. Nothing to do today but hike, Hiked 8 miles in A.M., got back. Hiked 7 1/2 miles in pm. Haven't had a bath in a long time. Not since  we left U.S.

June 4- Bath in pm. Washed clothes, cut hair.  Took short hike in eve.

June 5 - Up at 6.30, Hiked 8 miles in AM on guard in PM and on all night.

June 6 - Up at 6:45. Packed may pack. Left camp 4.00 pm. Hiked to railroad 4 miles. 40 men in car 24 by 8 ft.  Rode all night. Not much sleep. Very crowded.

June 7 - Stopped at St Briene for 3/4 hour. had coffee at 1.30 am. Stopped at Rennes for 15 mins and at L'Aigle for more coffee at 4.30.  Everybody is sleepy.

June 8 - Arrived at Noyelles  at 1.00 pm, Had lunch and got barracks bags. Carried them 1/4 mile to a field.  Changed clothes and turned in extra clothing.  We are about 3 miles from Abbyville.  Packed up and hiked about 4 1/2 miles to camp. Had supper and went to bed.

June 9 - Sunday - Can hear guns in the distance. Up at 5.45, hardtack and coffee for breakfast. Hiked six miles to a town and billeted in a house. Name of town is Chachy.  Rain,, first we had since we landed.   Lots of Tommies here.

  June 10 - Issued steel helmets.  Washed clothing and cut hair.  Band played in evening.

June 11 - Issued new rifles, name of rifle is Lee Enfield rifle . Drilled in P.M.   Jack Dempsey left for trenches.

June 12 -  up 6.45, drilled in AM. Rotten meals. Breakfast 1 slice bread, 1 slice bacon and cup of coffee.  English rations. Drilled in P.M.  Retired early.

June 13 - Lecture on bayonet fighting in trenches.  Laid around in p.m.

June 14 - Up 5.45,  Hiked 2 1/2 miles after gas masks.  Got back at noon.  No drill in pm, had rabbit for supper.

June 15 - Hiked 2 miles to Nouvian to take a bath.  Got back in time for retreat.  Saw some Jerry planes today.   Saw squadron of allied planes, 15 in all.  Saw 18 in evening.

June 16 - Sunday - Laid around all day.  Retired early.  Air battle during night but didn't see it.

June 17 - Short Hike in A.M.,  No drill in pm, long hike tomorrow.

June 18 - Up 4.45 - Rolled packs..  Hiked 12 1/2 miles by noon.  Rest of was in P.M.  Reached St. Blimont 6.45  total 22 miles.   Very tired and big blister on right foot.  Slept fine.

June 19 - Rained during night. No drills in A.M.,  Bayonet school in P.M.

June 20 - Up at 6.45, Hiked to range about 3 miles. No drills in P.M.. Retired early.

June 21 -  Up at 5.45, Rolled packs and left. Hiked 8 miles and stopped for dinner. Hiked 7 miles in P.M. and reached "Ciel". 3:00pm   Billeted in barn.  Sore feet.  Roads are rough where we hiked.

June 22 - Up at 5.45,  Rolled up packs, hiked two miles.  got in trucks, 26 men to a truck. and rode 30 miles.  Drove through Abbeville.   Got off at billets in Beaudricourt.  16 miles from firing line.

June 23 - Sunday - Up 8.00  No reveille. Laid around all day.  Dips Daly came back from Saint Valery.

June 24 - up at 6.00. Ate breakfast and went to bombing school.  Gas mask school in the P.M.

June 25 - Pay Day - Up 6.00 Went to bombing school in Am.  Paid at 4.00 P.M.  Drew 74 1/2 Francs.

June 26 up 6.00 - Bayonet school in forenoon, rifle range in P.M.

June 27 - Up 6.00 - Drilled in A.M., rifle range in P.M. inspection at 2.00 pm.

June 28 - Up at 5.15,  Rolled packs hiked 7 miles to Barley for trench practice.. Went to sleep in trench and slept all afternoon.  Saw some enemy planes.  Anti-Aircraft shot at them.  Hiked back to Beaudricourt, got there 8.00 P.M.

June 29 - Up at 6.00.  Drilled at A.M. and P.M.  Bayonet, gas, musketing and physical exercise.

June 30 - Sunday - No reveille, Hoadley got drunk and an English MP. arrested him.  McDonald gave Hoadly a black eye and Hoadley gave Smithy a black eye.  Must roll call at 6.30 P.M., Call to Arms after Taps.

July 1918

July 1 - Up 6.00 Drilled all A.M. On detail packing overcoats, expect more tomorrow.  Y.M.C.A. canteen came in P.M.  Issued iron rations at supper.

July 2 - Up  5.30 - Early breakfast and rolled packs.  Left Beaudricourt at 11.00 am.  Hiked 4 1/2 miles to train.  Went through St. Pol. which is ruined.  Arrived at St. Omer at 9.30 - Stayed  until 1.00 A.M. and then hiked 6 miles in the dark until we got lost.  Slept a couple of hours until it got light.  Haven't had anything to eat since morning.

July 3 - Woke up at 4.00 A.M. Hiked 4 miles on board road through swamp. Stopped for breakfast and for a rest.  Big blister on my heel and I can hardly walk.  Started again at 10.15 and hiked a few miles to camp.

July 4 - Holiday  Inspected by Brigadier General Pierre in A.M.  Back at 10.45.  I didn't go because I had  sore foot.  In P.M. we had boxing, singing, racing, etc.  About 10 planes were seen over us and we had a call to arms was blown.   Some scattering for a few minutes. They proved to be allied planes chasing a "hun" plane.

July 5 - Up 5.30 Rolled packs and left camp at 8.00 A.M.  Arrived at Zermezeele at 1.30. 8 mile hike. Battalion made camp in pasture.  French troops went by, back from trenches.

July 6- Drilled all A.M.  Cut hair in P.M.  Leave tomorrow. Foot inspection at 4.00 P.M.  Mail came in but none for me.  Haven't received any mail since I have been here in France.

July 7 - Sunday - up 5.00 A.M.  Rolled packs and left Zermezeele at 7.15.  Arrived at Herberg, Belgium at 3.00 pm.  Patched tents under trees so that "Hun" planes can't see us.  We are in Belgium now, a few miles from the border.   I saved cigarettes and matches.

July 8 - Signed pay roll. Drilled in A.M.  Saw several "Jerry" planes.  Anti Aircraft guns fired at them. Can hear artillery fire all night long.  Drilled in P.M. until 5.00. Water wagons came. First water in two days.  Water scarce in this country. Dips Daly and I are sleeping together. Spent eve watching anti aircraft guns shoot.  Lots of observation balloons around here, about 12.

July 9 - Up 6.30 - Thunder storm during night. Shells flew over us during night to some town beyond us.  Drilled a little while in A.M.  no drill in P.M., more rain, retired early.

July 10 - Up 6.00 - Drilled until 10.00 am when it started to rain.  Rotten dinner. Heavy bombardment over us last night.  Too close to lines for comfort now.  Drilled 1 3/4 hours in P.M., rain, wind and hailstorm.  Dip and I laid in tent and held the poles so it wouldn't blow down.   Fellow in Co. L. accidentally shot in shoulder with .45 revolver.

July 11 - up at 6.30 - Rain last night. Corp. Seitler made Sergeant.  Milliman , Murray , Curran and others went to trenches.  Drilled all day.  Olean paper came in dated May 16th.  Rain in P.M.  Beans for supper.

July 12 - Up 6.30 - Rolled packs to go to range but it rained all A.M. and we didn't go. Rain in P.M.  Leon Thomas made Mess Sgt. in place of Roy Wilder .

July 13 - Up 6.30 - Drilled all A.M.  Fight between Farr and Isaacsons at noon. Cut Murray's hair at noon.  Drilled all A.M. until 5.00. Scott Bowman and Sweitzer were broke today.  Also Dempsey and Parker .

July 14 - Sunday - No reveille - Ate breakfast and washed clothes. Rain in P.M.  Heavy barrage along line today.

July 15 Up 6.30  Drilled in A.M.  Inspection of arms at 11.30.  Drill in P.M. and inspection of arms at retreat.  Grabb came back today. He was A.W.O.L. from Wadsworth and just got back.

July 16 - Rained hard at 4.00 A.M.  No drill in A.M.  Drilled in P.M. awful hot. Felt and Baker sworn in as our officers. Battalion drill at 8.45 with packs and gas masks.   Hiked 1/2 hours with masks on.  Almost suffocated. Heavy barrage started along front at noon.  Observation balloons shelled.

July 17 - Up 6.30  Rain all A.M. No drill Orders to move in P.M.  Rolled pack and left at 8.30 . Hot. Hiked 8 miles one man overcome by heat. About 2 kilo from Winnigate and 8 kilo from Stearnwarde. Stearnwarde shelled by German artillery. Can hear shells going through air.

July `18 - I saved overseas cups. Up 6.30 Detail to go after extra blankets. Washed mess kit in petrol. Drill in P.M.  Sgt. Dilters back from trenches. First casualty in 108th, lad from 'A' Co. by name of Davidson. Jerry planes flew ver us during night

July 19 - Up 6.30 - Drilled all A.M. and  P.M.  Rain in afternoon and eve.  Report that Sgt Murray was wounded in trenches.

July 20 - Up at 6.30 - Drilled under Lt. Felt in A.M.  Some "Hun" planes attacked by anti aircraft guns and machine guns.  Machine gun from our drill field fired at it. Started for range after dinner but it rained and we came back.  Started again at 3.30 and got we to the skin.  Sgt. Murray back, not wounded.

July 21 - Sunday - No reveille.  slept until 9.00 A.M.  Cut hair in P.M.  Heavy firing along lines in eve.  Can hear shells whistling every night.

July 22 Up 6.30  - Lt. Dittius and Capt. Zeigler leave today. They hate to leave Co. and we hate to see them go. Very good officers.  Drilled until 9.15 and then Co went to Winnigeele to take baths.  Water was so dirty that I came back and took bath in pond.  Washed clothes.  Went to range in P.M. with new Capt. Smith is our C.O.  Not very popular with the men.

July 23 - Pay Day - Up 6.30. Roll pack. Turned in extra blankets and overcoats.  Dave Mathews accidentally shot in shoulder with his revolver.  Started to rain about 9.00. Paid at 10.00 A.M. 86 francs.  Left camp at 11.15 A.M. and entrained at Winnizeile.  Drenched to the skin.  Detrained at St. Momelin at 8.00 P.M.   Hiked 3. 1/2 miles on board road. to Tilques where we billeted.
July 24 - Up 6.30 - cleaned equipment in A.M. Field inspection in P.M.  Rolled pack at 6.00 and left at 7.00 for rifle range.  3 mile hike.  Slept on ground with Mr. Hale.

July 26 - Up 6.30 - Stuck targets in A.M. and shot in P.M. - Rain. Rolled packs after we shot and went to bayonet course.  Major General O'Ryan came up and watched us. Was pleased with our bayonet work. Hiked back to billets at 4.30.

July 27 - Up 6.30 - No drill.  Had to wear gas masks 1/2 hour in A.M.  Drilled in P.M.  Went to St. Omer in eve to get bandoleers but couldn't get into armory.  Returned.

July 28 -  Sunday - No drill - Hiked about 7 miles for battalion maneuvers. Went to concert at English Y.M.C.A.. in evening with Clarence Smith . Got back after taps.  Received letter from Mother, Sister, and Sadie.

July 29 - Up 6.30 - Walked about 2 miles to drill 1/2 hour. Good Stuff.  More battalion maneuvering in P.M.  Back at 4.00. Ate Supper, took a warm bath, then rolled pack and left for rifle range at 7.00 Arrived at range about 8.20.  Charles Hurd and I went to Estaminert au Cusner and had a few bottles of pale ale. Rotten stuff.  20 cents a bottle or 1 franc.  Slept on ground all night.

July 30 - Up at first call.  Ate breakfast. and shot on range in A.M.    Shot in P.M.  Left range at 5.30 and reached billets about 7.00.  Ate heavy supper, stew, rice, beef, jam, cheese, bread, coffee and went to bed.

July 31 - up at 6.30   Turned in campaign hats and drew 50 more rounds of ammunition.  Rolled light pack and left for range.   Each man was given a small cheese sandwich apiece and a can of corn beef for four men.  Everybody sore about eats.  Charlie Hurd and I dropped out of hike and went to private house and had two fried eggs, 2 slices of bread, and a cup of coffee for 35 cents apiece.  Also a bottle of stout beer. Had beef stew for dinner on range but did not eat any.  Saw squadron of 18 airplanes while we were on range.  Left range at 6.15. Shot 50 rounds while on range.  Gun got so hot I couldn't touch it.   Back to billets at 8:16.  Ate supper, washed feet, and went to bed.  Hadn't got to sleep when enemy planes started bombing St. Omer 5 miles away.   Searchlights found Hun plane and shot at it.  Drove it away.

August 1918

August 1 -  Up at 5.30. Rolled packs and left Telques at 10.00 A.M.  Hiked over board road to St Momelin 3 miles. Entrained at 12.00.  Went through Zeggerscappel, Lederzeele, Boulezeele, Wormhout, Herzeele.  Detrained at Winnezeele.  Hiked 5 miles to camp about 1 kilo from Steenvorde.  Retired early, Hun planes over us at night.

August 2 - Up at 5.00 - Ate breakfast and rolled pack.  Hiked 8 miles toward trenches. Camp in field, rain. Got soaked to the skin.  Going to English army church.  Ed McCaffery , Davidson , Compton up. Guards to give alarm if any gas shells fall. About 5 miles from trenches.  Slept fairly good during night.  Big guns nearly woke me up several times.

August 3 - No reveille. Ate breakfast and went on detail to dig trench to lay cable in.  Worked hard all day.  Slice of bread, cheese and slice of corned beef.  Rotten feed. Had two razors and a lot of cigarettes stolen while I was away today.  McCaffery lost razor too.  Moved into old building this eve. Saw air battle, Hun lost out.

August 4 - Sunday - Dug trenches again today.  Had slice of bread, jam, hardtack, cheese, beans, and corned beef for dinner.  Lots of shell holes around here. Lots of Hun shells flew over us today.  I saved cigarettes at supper.  Walked to airdrome in eve to buy tobacco but canteen was closed. Had two glasses of beer and came back.  Retired early, slept good.

August 5 - Up at 6:30.  Ate breakfast.  Part of company went to dig trenches.  Rest of company took a warm shower bath.  First real bath in a long time. Good dinner. Cleaned gun after dinner and then went to machine gun school.  Received letter from mother.  Wrote letter home.  Had a fair supper. Retired early.

August 6 - Haven't had reveille since we came to this place.   No formations on account of Jerry's observation balloons.  Ate breakfast and went to machine gun school in the a.m.. Went to aerodrome in the P.M. to buy cigarettes.  American Y.M.C.A. truck arrived while we were there.  Will open tomorrow. Went to Y.M.C.A. in eve to entertainment.  Retired about 10.00.

August 7 - Up at 6.30 - Ate breakfast and went out on digging detail.  Got half way and had to go back and after my gas mask.  After I got my gas mask and was on my way back I met Eberle and Flowers with rations  (illegible)  3 hours before we found his Co.  Found them about 11.30.  Helped Lewis dig his share of trenches and then waited for Co from 106th Infantry to finish theirs.  Left about 6.15 and got back to camp about 7.30.  Just as hungary after supper as I was before.  Sgt Souter , Flower, Statler and I went down church army hut and played piano.  Got kicked out by big english captain.  Retired about 10.00.  Two big guns near us that the Jerrys tried to hit all night.  Shells bursting all around us.  Slept good.

August 8 - Up  at 6.30 - Ate breakfast. Had oatmeal, bacon, bread, butter, and coffee.  Most of company went on digging detail but I didn't go.  About four squads in charge of Sgt. Sweitzer  worked all morning picking up paper in cans, bottles etc. around the camp.   Had big dinner, beans, corned beef, and hardtack cooked, cheese, bread and butter and tea.  Nothing to do in P.M.  Turned in my revolver.  Shaved and went to Americans Y.M.C.A., bought two packages of cookies, 2 packages of Piedmonts, and two of Bull Durham.  Spent  last 3 francs I had.  Went to military funeral while I was there. Fellow killed from 106th Infantry.  Got back to camp about 4.00.   Jerry is shelling "Abeele" this P.M., a town about two kilometers or 1 mile from camp.  Signed paper today to show that I have my 3 liberty bonds paid for.  Wrote letter  to Florence and to Sport in the evening.  Retired 9.00 P.M.

August 9 - Up at 6.30 - Ate breakfast. Had bread, butter, bacon and coffee. Sick call in morning. Had diarrhea.  Spent morning cleaning gun, bayonet, mess kit, and clothes.  Inspection of same at 1.00 pm, everything ok.  Sgt. Murray told us what we should do when we get in trenches.  Expect to go in front line tomorrow night. Finished letter to sport after inspection and went out and stole a few potatoes.  Will fry them in eve.  Had stew, coffee, cheese, pickle, bread, and jam for supper.  Wrote field service card to Merle Brown . Ought to write him a letter, but can't get any envelopes.  Big gun shooting while I am writing this.  Jars house so bad that I have to stop when it shoots.  Fried potatoes after supper.  Talked with guard in kitchen until 11.00 P.M.  Went on guard from 12 to 4 in the morning.  Very little artillery fire during the night. Went to bed at 4.00 and up at 6.30.

August 10 - Up at 6.30 - Big breakfast. On water detail in A.M.  Also turned  in flannels and personal articles.  Rolled pack in A.M.. Big dinner. Left camp at 1.15.  Hiked 2 miles. Ate supper and drew rations for Sunday.  Fell in at 8.30 P.M. and started for trenches. Englishmen from ( Queen's own) Regiment mixed up with us.  Got to support trenches at 2.00  A.M.  "Stand to" at 4.00 A.M.  Jerry sent over big barrage.  Shells landing all around us.  Part of company in front line trenches.  One casualty,  Fred Hall shot in the side and right arm at 5.00 A.M.   English and Americans went over the top at 5.00 A.M. and took German trench.

August 11 - Slept all morning.  Ate dinner at 1.30. Cleaned gun. Jerry is sending over a few big shells.  Washed feet.  Ate remainder of the days rations at 6.30.  Fell in for working party at 8.00 P.M.  Carried duck boards until 11.00. Went back to dug-out and slept until 3.30 A.M.  Big barrage during night.  Fell in at 3.30 A.M. but went back in dug-outs on account of shells bursting around us.  At 4.00 made one trip carrying duck boards in immediate support trenches.

August 12  - Went back to dug-out and ate breakfast, small portion of cooked meat, 2 loaves of bread, cheese, can of corned beef, 1 can M+V rations, butter, 1 can of canned beets are rations for 7 men for 1 day.  Slept 2-3 hours. Shaved at 11.30.  Filled sandbags to set in front of door of our dug-out.  A few shells are bursting near us.  Wet on working party in P.M. to carry barbed wire into support trenches.  Part of company went out into no-man's-land to lay barbed wire entanglements during night.  No casualties.  Went on rations party at 10.00 P.M. Saw Sgt Thomas and  Bennie Perington who came up with pack mules.  Retired at midnight.

August 13 - Up at 3.30 to "Stand to".  Stiff barrage during night. Drew our rations for the day which were rice, bread, jam, boiled pork, roast beef, beans, corned beef.  Ate breakfast and went back to bed at 6.00 A.M. Mail.  Got letters from mother and one from Everett. Picture from Mable.  Slept until 12.30  Ate dinner.   Cigarette ration today. English get rum, but we don't.  Laid around in P.M., ate remains of days rations at 6.00 P.M.   Left dug-out at 9.00 P.M. to put up wire entanglements in no-man's-land.  Arrived there at 10.30 P.M.  Was 50 yards from German outpost. German sniper fired three shots about 50 yards in front.  He must have heard us.  Got through at 1.30 A.M.  Three casualties in Co I, Corp Carney and Priv Perington killed in front line and outpost.  Corp Braymer got shrapnel wound in leg in barrage this morning. Corp Lebaren wounded in wrist.

August 14 - Up at 3.30 to "Stand to".  Drew rations for day. Bread, Jam, butter, cheese, ham, beef, corned beef, coffee, rolls, pot of tea.  Ate breakfast and went to bed at 7.00 A.M.  Slept until 11.30.  Cleaned rifle. Went on working party at  2.00 P.M.  and quit at 6.00 P.M.  Rolled pack and ate supper.  Artillery staged barrage on German road at 10.00 P.M. German barrage killed several men and mules on our roads.  Move back to reserve trenches at 11.30. "Stand to" at 3.30 A. M.  Gas attack in evening. We wore gas masks one hour.

August 15 - Slept in morning.  Ate dinner and went on working party digging trench.  Through at 6.00 P.M.  Ate supper, shaved, cleaned gun. "Stand to" at 8.30.  Slept until 11.30 and then went on ration party.  Reitze and Storia brought rations in.  Back at midnight and slept till 3.30.   "Stand to" at 3.30

August 16 - Drew days rations and ate breakfast and went back to bed.  Woke up at 11.30.  Meat for days rations are not fit to eat. It stinks.  Lieut. Dickens each one pack of Bull Durham.  Very kind of him.  Not going to eat any dinner so I will have something for supper.  Received letters from Elmira.   Ate supper and rolled pack.  Found two cooties this P.M. on my undershirt.  Expect to have a lot of pets soon.  Went on working party to dig trenches.  Germans started shelling the hill we were on and we had to lay in the trench.   Went back to dug-out and moved up to support trenches.  Stoner , Estep , and myself are in the same dug-out.  Haven't had my shoes off for five days.

August 17 - "Stand to" at 3.30 A.M.  Ate breakfast and went back to bed.   Woke up at 12.30.  Ate piece of bread for dinner.  Slept part of P.M.  Helped make dugout.  Went on working part at 9.00 P.M., through at 11.30 P.M..

August 18 - "Stand to"  at 3.30 A.M..   Ate breakfast,  slept for part of A.M.,  ate small dinner.  Ate supper about 3.30 P.M.   Cleaned rifle and rolled pack.   Went  to old house to fill  canteen and shell hit about 50 ft. from us.  Piece of shrapnel or rock hit me in the back.  Expect to be relieved tonight.  Slept part of eve until 12.30 when we were relieved by Lancaster Fusiliers.  Hiked about 4 miles to aerodrome.  Arrived about 2.00 A.M..  Had oatmeal and coffee.

August 19 - Slept in shed until 7.30 A.M.  Washed, shaved, and took a bath.  Didn't have breakfast until 12.00 noon.  Rolled packs, ate dinner at 3.00 P.M.  Received magazines from Doc McClure . "Pots" ( Norman Reitz ) got a letter from Vince Bockoven .  Borrowed 1 franc and bought 2 packs of Fatimas at American Y.M.C.A.   Laid around all day expecting to move.  Unrolled packs and slept in shed again. Found dry blanket.

August 20 - Up at 7.30, ate breakfast and rolled packs again.  Hiked about 1 mile and put up shelter halves in field.  Ate big dinner.  Cleaned rifle.  On detail to dig latrine.  Laid around rest of day.  Wrote home.  Retired early.

August 21 - Up at 6.45 A.M. - Pay day.  Cleaned rifle and boiled clothes to kill the cooties until dinner.  After dinner, finished washing clothes.  Shaved, fell in for pay at 4.45 P.M.  Went to Y.M.C.A. at Aerodrome in eve.  Bought cigarettes, gum, salmon, herring, and a bar of chocolate. Got back at 10.00 P.M..   Went on gas guard at midnight.

August 22 - Kitchen and Gas Guard until 4.00 A.M.  Retired at 4.00 A.M. and slept until 7.00 A.M.  Ate breakfast and tried to sleep but flies bothered me.   Went to Y.M.C.A. and bought cookies and Fatimas.   Back on guard duty at noon until 4.00 PM. General Pierce and Colonel Jennings inspected company.  Went to Y.M.C.A. bought Tobacco. and matches. Retired at 9.30 P.M..

August 23 -  Up at 6.45 A.M.  Ate breakfast,  had rice, bacon, bread, butter, coffee.  Wrote letter to Doc McClure and mailed it with letter I wrote home on the 20th.  Washed towel and pair of socks.  Turned in one blanket and overcoat.  Expect to move sometime today.  Ate dinner composed  of mashed potatoes, mutton, cheese, bread, jam and coffee.  Wrote letter to Owen Mullholland . Laid around all P.M.  Supper. Rolled packs after supper, rolled Joe Yund's pack for him.  Left camp 7.35 P.M. and hiked 3 miles to billets.  Retired with stone floor for bed.

August 24 - Up 2.00 A.M.  Ate breakfast and got straw for bed.  Sergt's mess started today. Joe Yund is cook and I help him. Better eats for me.  Shaved in P.M.  Helped prepare supper.  Sat around until 10 P.M. waiting for rations and water.  Aeroplane flew over about midnight and dropped 5 bombs.  First bomb landed about 30 ft from me. Lad by name of Caruso was sitting side of me. He got hit in upper part of leg and he died on way to hospital.  Small piece hit me in left hand and another piece went through Bible in my upper right had pocket .  Another bomb went through roof of billet and killed  Hoadley and wounded Sgts.  Milliman McDonald and  Souter , Corp Wagner , Priv Rathburn, Withead, Dodson , Evers, Predo, Costner.   Sgt. McDonald was shell shocked.  I went to hospital and got shot of anti-toxin in chest.  Stayed all night in hospital.

August 25 - Laid around all day in hospital, retired early.

August 26 - Still in hospital.  Feel all right except I am rather nervous.  Expect to go back to company tomorrow.  Laid around all day and retired early.

August 27 - Up at 7.00 A.M. Doctor asked me how I felt this morning.  Thought I was going back to Co.   McDonald, Rathburn and I are going to D.D.C. or Divisional Detail Camp.  Left camp at 3.00 P.M. and arrived at camp at 6.00 P.M..  Camp is right near Watou where we were camped  sometime ago.  Ate mess and got some blankets.  I haven't even a towel with me.  Went to show in eve in old barn.   Retired at 10.00 P.M.

August 28 - Up at 7.00  A.M.   Ate breakfast. McDonald and I went to Woton.  Bought some post cards and sent them home.  Had eggs, potatoes, bread, butter, and milk at house.  Cost me 3 francs and one penny.  Got back to camp at 4.00 P.M.  Ate supper at 6.00 P.M. I had a headache and retired early.

August 29 - Laid around all A.M. Doctor examined us and sent McDonald and I back to Co. Left camp at 1.30 P.M. and caught ride in (Lorry). Reached Co. about 8.30 P.M.  Retired about 10.00 P.M.

August 30 - Up at 7.30 A.M. Ate breakfast. Shaved cleaned teeth and gun.  Good dinner today, mashed potatoes, gravy, roast mutton, bread, jam and coffee.  Laid around in P.M., mailed card home and letter to Owen.

August 31 - Up at 7.30 A.M.   First Sergt. bought a pair of clippers for me.  I am to be Company Barber.  Bought a pair of scissors from Flower.  Cut a few head of hair,  had to quit on account of scissors.  German retreat from Kimmel Hill back to Marchimer Ridge today.  Observation balloons are moving forward.  Artillery is at foot of Kimmel Hill.  Had entertainment in evening in honor of Chaplain who has church services tomorrow.  Rolled packs in P.M. intending to move. Unrolled packs about 8.30 P.M. and wet to bed.

September 1918

September 1 - Sunday - Slept over time this A.M. and almost missed my breakfast. Washed, cleaned teeth and hung out blanket to air. It is now 9.00 A.M. and I have just finished rolling my pack. We expect orders to move sometime today. Clipped a few heads of hair in A.M.  Had a rotten dinner. small piece of meat, slice of bread and jam, cup of coffee. Left billets at 3.00 P.M. and hiked 8 miles through L'Abeele and Steenvoorde to field near Winnezeele. Arrived about 7.00 P.M.  Pitched shelter tents and went to nearest Estaminet and had a glass of beer.  Missed supper. Retired at 9.30 P.M. Very cold night.

September 2 - Up at 8.00 A.M.  Ate breakfast, shaved, washed, cleaned teeth, gun, bayonet etc.  Inspection at 10.00 A.M. every thing O.K.  Laid around rest of A.M.  Good dinner. Bought handkerchief and for post cards of French ladies. Paid 2 francs for handkerchief. Sent handkerchief to sister and post cards to Florence, Hank, and Rosemond and Dad .  Laid around rest of the P.M.  Signed payroll, received letter from home. Didn't eat any supper. Had corned beef stew, hardtack, cheese and coffee.  Retired at 9.30 P.M.

September 3 -  Up at reveille - Went to Steenvoorde a 9.00 A.M. and took shower bath.  Issued iron-rations and Gillette razor in P.M.. No drill.  Bill Evans and I were on detail reading censored letters.  People are moving back into Steenvoorde.  Got packs and waiting  pass in eve and went to Winnezeele. Had some eggs and chips.

September 4 -  Up at 3.00 A.M.  Rolled  to leave. Left about 8.00 A.M. and hiked six miles in A.M.  Stopped one hour for dinner. Hiked two miles after dinner to Wyneburg where we entrained.  It is now 4.15 P.M. and we are sitting in box car which we are going to ride in, waiting for the train to start.  I don't know where we are going.  Train started at 4.30 P.M.   Went through Mendingham, Rousbrugger (Roesbrugge), Rexpöede, Bergher (Bergues), Loon-Plage, Craywick, Bourbourgh before dark.   Fellows threw cigarettes off train to Belgian soldiers in hospital at Bourbon - rgh.  Traveled all night.

September  5  First town we went through in A.M. was Frevent. Haltergues and we got off at Mondicourt pass.   We hiked about 4 miles to Orville and went in barracks.   Arrived at 12.00 noon.  It is now about 2.00 P.M. and we haven't had any thing to eat today.  Washed and shaved and ate dinner at 3.00 P.M.  Cut some hair until supper time which was 6.00 P.M.   Cleaned gun in evening and retired about 8.30 P.M.

September 6 - Up at 6.00 A.M. - Had oatmeal, hardtack, coffee, jam, and one pancake for breakfast.  We are to spend morning cleaning equipment.  Cut hair part of A.M.. Had open warfare maneuvering in P.M..  Had rotten supper.  Cut hair until dark.  Retired 8.30 P.M.

Sept 7 - Up at 6.00 A.M. - took bath in A.M. and cut Captains hair.  Lt. Colden's, Lt. Shelly's.  Cut hair all P.M.  Washed my belt after supper.  retired at 9.00 P.M.

Sept 8  -  Up at 6.00 A.M. - Cut hair all A.M. and part of P.M.  Rain in P.M.  Very cold in eve.  Letter from Florence. Retired 9.00 P.M.  Charles Hacket got hit with Lorrie. Hurt bad.

Sept 9 - Up at 6.00 A.M.  Machine gun school for 1 hour in A.M.  Cut air rest of A.M.  Drilled in P.M.   Rifle inspection retreat.  All OK.  Mail came in tonight but not for me.  Retired 8.30 P.M.

Sept - 10 - Up 6.00 A.M. - John Stoner and I policed billet.  Capt inspected our billets.  Rain in A.M.  Cut hair after dinner until drill. Drilled until 4.00 P.M.  Started to rain again. Band concert in eve.

Sept - 11 Up 6.00 A.M. - Drilled part of A.M. Rain. Rotten dinner. Wrote letter to Florence in A.M.  Drilled part of P.M.  Rain. Cut air after drill. Rifle inspection at retreat. All O.K.  Cut hair after supper until dark. Retired early.

Sept  12 - Up 6.00 A.M. - Took bath in A.M.  Issued a new coat.  Got my wound stripe this A.M.  Rain.  Drilled part of P.M.  Washed belt and canteen cover. Rifle inspection at retreat.  All O.K.  Retired 8.30 P.M.

Sept 13 - up 6.00 A.M. - Drilled part of A.M.  Rotten dinner. Drilled part of P.M. had 3 rifle inspections today. All O.K.  Field inspection tomorrow.  Cut hair in A.M. and eve. retired 8.30 P.M.

Sept 14 - Up 6.00 A.M. - Field inspection in A.M.  All O.K. Made out allotment of $15 to mother this A.M.  Fair dinner.  Allotment starts month of Sept.  Detail at rifle range in P.M.  Retired 9.00 P.M.

Sept 15 - Sunday - Very nice day. No reveille.  Divisional show playing in P.M.  Football game between Company M and K in P.M.

Sept 16 - Up 6.30 A.M. - Saw four tanks this A.M.  Shot on range this P.M.  Retired early.

Sept 17 - Up 6.30 A.M. Went through gas chamber to test masks in A.M.  Drilled in P.M.  Retired 9.00 P.M.

Sept 18 - Up 6.30 A.M.  - Drilled  in A.M. Rolled packs and left camp after dinner.  Hiked about 9 miles.  Slept in shelter tent.

Sept 19 - Up 5.00 A.M. - Started on Divisional maneuvering at 8.00.  Was part of connecting file.  Lost company in woods. Graham and I roamed around looking for Company.  Ate a lot of blackberries and a turnip.  Found company after we had walked 2 or 3 miles.  Ate dinner about 5.00 P.M.  Started back to billets 5.15 P.M. and arrived 8.15 P.M.  Had supper and went to bed.

Sept 20 -  Friday - PAY DAY  Drew 170 francs.   Up at 7.30 A.M.  Cut Capt Smith's hair and Lt. Kerr 's hair in A.M. and Part of P.M.  Paid at 3.30  Cleaned mess kit and canteen.  Bayonet inspection at retreat.   All O.K.  Went to English canteen in eve and bought chocolate and writing paper. Retired at 9.30 P.M. - Very Cold.

Sept 21 - Up 6.30  Rain - Was to Have field inspection this A.M. but had it in our billets on account of rain.  All O.K.  Cut hair in P.M. went to canteen in eve. and bought chocolate.  Had two eggs and bread in french house.  Retired at 10.00 P.M.  Received letter from home and from Joe.

Sept 22 - Sunday - No reveille - Cut hair in A.M. - Football game in P.M. between Co I and Co M.  Company M won 1 to 0.  Cut hair after game.  Went to canteen and bought can of Syrup in even.  Bought carton of Camels is P.M.   Retired 9.00 P.M.

Sept 23 - Up 6.30 A.M. - Rifle inspection at 8.30 A.M.  Rest of A.M. to clean equipment.  Drilled in P.M. Bought chicken in evening and  Bill Eahler fried it for me.  Will eat it tomorrow on the train. Retired about 10.30 P.M.   Wrote letter home in P.M.

Sept 24 - Up at 6.30 A.M. - Rolled packs and cleaned billet in A.M.  Left camp at 4.00 P.M. and entrained at Authieule at 4.00 P.M.. Box car was 20 ft by 8 f with 45 men in it.  Didn't sleep all night.  Charles Hurd and I climbed up on top of the car and rode up there for a couple of hours.  Germans have been driven out of here just lately. Towns are all destroyed.   Went through Doullens, Goulecourt, Canaples, before it got dark.   Rode about 50 miles.

Sept 25 Detrained at Tincourt at 10.00 A.M.  Hiked two miles and camped in a small woods. Lot of German ammunition around here.  Also have lot of mines laid by Germans, have to be very careful what we pick up.  Pitched tent, ate dinner, ate my chicken, shaved, washed and cleaned gun.  Went to salvage dump and saw Jerry machine guns that were captured.  Retired early.

Sept 26 - Up at 6.30 A.M. - Cleaned gun, boiled sweater given to me by Tommy.  Cut hair in P.M. were told this P.M. that we are to make big drive against Jerry.   Retired 9.30 P.M.

Sept 27 - Up at 6.30 A.M. - cleaned gun. Wrote letter and put my money in it.  Gave it to Norman to mail home if I don't come out of this alive.  Rolled packs and left at 11.30 A.M.  Hiked about 3 miles and stopped for dinner. Hiked in P.M. and ate supper and started for trenches.  Reached front lines about 12.00 A.M. Went out on patrol looking for 106th machine gun outpost, didn't find it. Went almost to Jerry trenches.

Sept 28 - Si Walsh and Jordan killed by shell fire.  Several wounded. Simson accidentally shot himself in leg. Joe Yund and I helped carry him out to dressing station.  Stayed out all day and went back in after dark.  Corp White , Grier, Clark and Stoner all from my squad were hurt during day.  White and Clark were killed. Lewis and Gayno shell-shocked.

Sept 29 - (Over the top) at 5.50 A.M.   Several men were gassed before we went over.   Advanced to top of ridge.  Capt. Smith killed. 1st Lt. McKory and 2nd Lt. Kerr killed later. No officers left. Piece of shrapnel hit helmet and went through canister of my gas mask.  Crawled to Rudiner and got extra mask.  Lost company in smoke screen.  When smoke screen lifted could look down in valley in Jerry's trenches.   Crawled in shell hole.  Sniper bullets hitting all around me.  One went through my mess kit.  Dug hole with jackknife to crawl in.  Man wounded near me. Took off his pack and gave him a drink.  put him in my hole and dug another.  At dusk, McCale and I took him to first aid station.  Shot a Huns but don't think I hit them.  Was put in sunken road as lookout, expecting counter-attack.

Sept 30 - We went back to old front line trenches.  Stayed there all night.

October 1918

Oct 1 - Left trenches at 3.00 P.M.  Hiked about 5 miles. Stopped  for mess. Hiked about 1 1/2 miles and stopped for night.  Norm and I slept together.

Oct 2 - Hiked to Buire - Pitched shelter tents with Norman Norman Reitz

Oct 3 - No reveille - mess at 8.00 A.M.  Cleaned gun, shaved in A.M.  Laid around in P.M. Band concert in evening.

Oct 4 - Breakfast at 8.00 A.M.  Cut hair in A.M. Laid around in P.M.  Band concert in P.M.

Oct 5 - Breakfast at 8.00 A.M. Washed clothes in A.M.  Went to rifle range in P.M.  Band concert in evening.

Oct 6 - Breakfast at 8.00 A.M.  Washed, shaved and went to church.   Went to Regimental Memorial Services in A.M.  Retired early.

Oct 7 - Left B wire and hiked 3 miles to woods where we made camp.

Oct 8 - Field inspection in P.M.  Rolled packs and left camp at 8.00 P.M.   Hiked until 4.00 A.M.

Oct 9 - Slept until  9.00 A.M. Ate breakfast rolled packs and laid around all A.M.   Hiked all P.M.   Made camp at 5.00 P.M.

Oct 10 - Jerrys drove back so fast through here that they didn't have time to destroy the towns.  Rolled packs and started again at at 4.15 P.M. Hiked about 3 miles and made camp for the night.

Oct 11 - Up at 5.30.  Rolled packs and ate breakfast. Left at 8.00 A.M.  Went through Maretz.  Jerry had been out if for 2 days. Civilians in Maretz. Made camp in woods.

Oct 12 - Rain  - Laid around all day . Went in support trenches after dark.

Oct 13.  Made dugout and laid around.  No rations.

Oct 14 - Cleaned rifle. Poor rations.

Oct 15 - Moved into St. Souplet.  Stayed in cellars.

Oct 16 - On guard two hours and off two hours. Not getting much sleep.

Oct 17 Over the Top - advanced 5 miles - took many prisoners. Got a German and got field glasses.  They were expensive.   Dug ourselves in for the night.

Oct 18 - Spent very miserable night. Rained most all  night and was very cold.  Over the Top again at daybreak. Advanced to our objective.  Was in 2nd wave.  Pixley got killed trying to capture machine gun nest.  Tucker and Buckley killed the day before.  Several casualties and narrow escapes.

Oct 19  Germans retreated so we had to advance. (I love this line)  Got an issue of rum.  Very strong stuff but it warmed us up.

Oct 20 - Sunday - Rain - Spent miserable night in shell hole on machine gun post. Mud up to ankles and very cold.  Darn mud all over. Expect relief tonight. Relieved by English at 9.00 P.M.   Hiked to St Souplet. Had hot meal and Red Cross gave us Hot Cocoa.   Sept good in building.  Took shoes off for first time in ten days.

Oct 21 - Hiked to Busigny and billeted on 2nd floor in Brewery.  Retired early. Slept good.

Oct 22 - Left about 8.00 A.M. for hike of 15 kilos to Nauroy.   Joe Yund and I caught a Lorrie and rode all the way. Arrived at noon.  Nothing to eat.   Went to where supply company is camped and Jack Dempsey gave us all we wanted to eat.  found place were 106th had rations stored.  They left some moldy bread, onions potatoes and grease when they left.  Had supper with Dempsey at 6.00 P.M.  Built fire in middle of room and had french fried potatoes, fried onions, and toast.   Didn't sleep much.

Oct 23 - Found the company and got breakfast.  Left the company caught Lorrie to Roisel.  Caught another Lorrie to Tincourt where we intend to entrain.  Got some hot cocoa from the Red Cross. Begged a big dinner at an English Camp.  Found a warm dugout and prepared to stay the night.  Found company about a mile away, got supper and retired early.

Oct 24 -  Had breakfast and then moved to where we are to entrain.   Dinner at 12.00  noon.  Entrained at 2.00 P.M.  and rode until 7.00 P.M. at Villers Brettonneux and hiked 5 kilometers to Aubigny.  (We) are 1 1/2 kilometers from Amiens.  Retired. Very tired.

Oct 25 - Five of us have fixed up a little place, lots of straw for a bed.  Have a fireplace and plenty of wood.  Quite comfortable.  I wrote a letter home this evening.  I received one from home.

Oct 26 - Birthday - 22 years old today.  Bought some evaporated milk at the Y.M.C.A. and some cookies.  Loafed all day.  Retired early.   17 men came today from replacement camp.

Oct 27 - Cut some wood,  shaved.  Sat around rest of day.  Paid today,  drew 85 francs.

Oct 28 - Went 1 kilometer to Fouillory for bath.  We bought some liver , two dozen eggs, milk and mustard.   Worked all P.M. on Rifle.   Had fried liver, scrambled eggs, coffee, cheese, bread and butter, and jam for supper.  Retired 10.00 P.M.   Drill tomorrow.

Oct -29 Up at 6.300 A.M.  Drilled from 7.00 until 11.45 A.M.  Had dinner and drilled from 1.30 to 9.30 P.M.  Percy Davis and I walked about 1 mile to a bakery.  Bought 7 loaves of bread at  15¢ a loaf.  Bought 1/2 pound butter at a farm house.  Cost 80¢.  Back just in time to get mustered in.   Three of us ate loaf of bread for supper. Retired at 10.00 P.M.

Oct 30 - up at 6.30 A.M.  Drilled in A.M.  Skipped detail in P.M. and went to Corbie.   Bought steak, bread, butter, and coffee.   Wrote letter to Browny in even.  Retired at 10.00 P.M.

Oct 31 - No first call and we missed our breakfast.  Drilled all A.M.  Drilled one hour in P.M. and them moved to different billets.  Cooked our supper. Retired 10.00 P.M.

November 1918

Nov. 1 - Got pass to Amiens but did not go. Shaved and cleaned up in A.M.  Went to Corbie in P.M.  Bought some eats and brought them back  for supper. Had beef steak, mashed potatoes, break, jam, tea.  Retired at 9.30.  -  Was made Corporal today.

Nov. 2 - Rain, supposed to be field inspection the A.M.  Colonel inspected our rifles.  Fair dinner.  Laid around all P.M.  Received letter from sister. Answered it in evening.

Nov. 3 - Sunday - Washed clothes and got a haircut in A.M.  Took a sponge bath in P.M.   Read in evening,  retired early.

Nov. 4 - Field inspection of 27th and 30th Divisions today.  Lasted all day. Read in evening.

Nov. 5 - Rained all day.  Cleaned gun in A.M.  Shaved and got some wood in P.M.  Read the Daily Mail in the evening.  Retired at 8.00 P.M.

Nov. 6 Rain - No drill. Inspection in A.M. of Rifles and billets.   All O.K..,  Boyle , Yund and I took a walk to Fouillery.  Got back at noon. Roof leaks. Davis and I fixed roof after dinner.  Wrote letter in evening.

Nov. 7 - Reveille at 6.30 A.M.   Inspection of rifles at 9.00 A.M.  Little oil in the barrel.  Lieut. spoke of it.   No drill today.  Day to be spent cleaning billets, guns, etc.  Expect inspection tomorrow. Cut some wood in P.M.   Got bundle of papers from home.  Read papers in evening. Retired at 9.00.  Wrote letter home before I retired.

Nov. 8  Very good news in the papers these days. - Up 6.30,  Hiked to Fouilley and took a shower bath in A.M.  Back about 11.00. A.M. Bought some cookies and chocolate at Y.M.C.A.   Went to rifle range in the P.M. for about 1 hour.  Shot 10 times and didn't hit target. Bought some more cookies and chocolate in P.M. Started to rain about 4.00 P.M.

Nov. 9 Inspection in A.M.  Cleanest company in battalion. Got some wood in P.M.  Very Cold night. wrote letter to Doc in evening.

Nov. 10 - Sunday - Divisional review in A.M. in honor of men killed in action.  Johnson , Jensen , O'Conner came back from the hospital in P.M.  Bought some cookies at Canteen.  Sherman and Yund got "vin-blinked"  in evening.

Nov. 11 - ARMISTICE SIGNED AT 8.00 A.M.. Hostilities ceased at 11.00 A.M .
Drilled in A.M. and 1 hour in P.M.  Inspection at retreat.  All O.K.  Received 2 letters from home and some papers. Read in evening.

Nov. 12 - Went to Corbie to take bath and get clothes sterilized in A.M.  Didn't drill in P.M.  Whoop Gaylor and Dips Daly came to see us in evening.

Nov. 13 - Up at 6.30 - Drilled in A.M. and 1 hr in P.M. Shaved, cleaned gun.  Detail Boyle came back to company today. Wrote letter home in evening.

Nov. 14 - drilled in A.M.  Band concert and battalion review in P.M.  Davis gave me shampoo in evening. Retired early.

Nov. 15 - Drilled in A.M. - P.M. off to clean equipment.  shave in evening and greased shoes.

Nov. 16 - Inspection in A.M.  Bath in P.M.  Paid in evening. drew 82 francs.

Nov. 17 - Sunday - Up at 9.00 A.M.   Issued sweaters and leather jackets in A.M.  Cut wood in P.M.  Read in evening.

Nov. 18 - Drilled in A.M.  Went to rifle range in P.M.  Non-Com school in P.M. Washed three handkerchiefs in evening.  Doc Lee came back today. Also Barton, Perrington , and George Turock

Nov. 19 - Drilled in A.M.  and P.M. Non-Com school after drill. Sewed some buttons on overcoat in evening.
led in A.M. and P.M. Got some wood after drill. Subject, Boone
Nov. 20 - Drilled in A.M. and P.M.  was issued new coat. Retired early.

Nov. 21 - Drilled in A.M. and P.M. Got some wood after drill. (Carl) Subject, Boone,  and Baker came back today.  Retired early.

Nov. 22 - Drilled in A.M. and P.M.  McDonald and Garrity came back today.  Got letter from home and one from Myrle Brown today.  Had bottle of beer in evening.   Retired early.

Nov. .  - 23 - Inspection in A.M. Everything O.K.   Nothing to do in P.M.  Melinder came back today.  Read in evening.  Expect to move monday.

Nov. 24 - Sunday  - No reveille. Got haircut in A.M. Laid around all day, read in evening.

Nov. 25 - Up at 6.30.  Rolled packs and cleaned out billets in A.M.  Had dinner at 10.45 A.M.  Left camp at 1.45 P.M. and hiked to Corbie.  Entrained at 3.00 P.M.  Rode all night.

Nov. 26 - Rode until 5.00 P.M. Detrained at Montfort, a few kilos from Le Mans.  Left our packs at station and hiked 6 miles to Champagné.  Arrived at 8.30 P.M.  We are billeted in a place that used to be an Estaminet.  Davis and I made our bed and retired.

Nov. 27 - up at 8.00 A.M.  Had a cup of coffee and slice of bread for breakfast.  Shaved in A.M.   Laid around in P.M.  Had some steak and potatoes at French Restaurant in evening.  Retired early.

Nov. 28 - Thanksgiving Day - No reveille.  Cut hair all morning. Had boiled beef, mashed potatoes, bread, jam, coffee for dinner. Sent to canteen for smokes.   Received letter from Sadie and card from Everett.  Also a judge from Doc McClure.   Wrote a letter home in P.M. Retired early.

Nov. 29 - Reveille in 7.00 A.M. Rain, no drill.  Cut hair in A.M. Received  (Allegany) Citizens (newspapers)  today.  Read in evening, and shaved.

Nov. 30 - Inspection in A.M.   All O.K.  Good dinner, cut hair in P.M.  I bought 1/2 loaf of bread.  Received Xmas card from M. Harms.  Stole some straw for bed in evening.   Read in evening. Retired at 9.00 P.M.

December 1918

Dec 1 - No reveille - Shaved in the morning, took a bath in the evening.   I got new underwear, socks, shirt, spiral leggings and overseas cap.  Read in evening.  Ringbauer, Rathburn, Guncheon, Hall, Graham, Cuddy, Torry, Polance, Healey, Gensimer, Miller , and Herzog came back from hospital about 9.00 P.M.  They were ready to sail for the States when they were ordered back to the company.

Dec 2 - Up at 6.30 A.M.  Drilled 3 1/2 hours in A.M. drilled 2 hours in P.M.  Non-coms school in evening.  Stedman and Compton came back during evening.  Retired at 9.30 P.M.

Dec 3 - Up t 6.30 A.M.  Raining slightly.  Drilled 1 hour in A.M., No drill in P.M. on account of rain.  Big supper.  Retired early.

Dec 4 - Up at 3.30 A.M.  Drilled in A.M. and 1 hr in P.M.   cleaned gun in P.M.  Rich, Milliman, Hacket, William, Smith, Bowen, Rugg, and Parish came back to the company in the evening.  Retired early.

Dec 5 - Up at 6.30 A.M.   Drilled in the morning and in the evening.    Cleaned gun.   Retired early.

Dec 6 - Up at 6.30 A.M.  Drilled in morning. Examined for cooties in A.M.  Passed as pure.   Took bath in P.M.  Wrote letter home in evening.  Sixty men coming to fill in the company tonight.

Dec 7 - Up at 6.30 Saturday morning inspection at 10.00 A.M.  All O.K.  Issued new in A.M. ( U.S. Model 1917 Remington ).   Worked all afternoon taking the grease off.   Played cards in the evening.

Dec 8 - Sunday -  Up at 7.30 A.M. - Played cards and read in A.M.  Washed some handkerchiefs in the evening.   Received a letter from my sister in the evening.

Dec 9 -  Up at 6.30 A.M.  Drilled in A.M. and P.M.   Played cards in evening.  Retired at 9.00 P.M.

Dec 10 - Up at 6.30 A.M.  No drill today on account of rain.   Issued new bayonets.  Mail came in but none for me.   Read in evening. Retired early.

Dec 11 - Up at 6.30 A.M.  No drill today on account of rain.  Wrote letter to Myrle Brown in evening. Read paper and retired.

Dec 12 - Up at 6.30 A.M.  Drill in A.M. and P.M..  Read in evening, retired early.

Dec 13 - Up at 6.30.  Drill in A.M.  Stayed in from drill in P.M. and got shoes fixed.   Issued 3 pair of new socks.  Read magazines in even.  Letter from mother and post-card from Claire WillardGuinon and Kay came back to the company today.

Dec 14 - Up at 6.30 - Inspection in A.M.  Read in P.M. Had a good supper. Read in the evening. Retired 9.00 P.M.

Dec 15 - Up at 7.30 - Sunday - Read in A.M.  Took bath in P.M.  Wrote letter home after supper.   Read magazine and retired.

Dec 16 - Up at 6.00 - Fell in at 7.45 and walked to rifle range.  Carried our dinner.  My score for the day was:

Slow Fire   Rapid Fire
300 yds 10 shots - 40   200 yds - 10 shots - 40
500 yds - 10 shots - 38    
600 yds - 10 shots - 22    
181 of possible 250

Got back to billets at supper time.  Issued new uniform in evening.  Davis went on furlough today.  Retired early.

Dec 17 - Up at 6.00 A.M.  Fell in at 7.45 and walked to rifle ange.  Carried dinner. Score for the day was.

Rapid Fire Record shots
(200 yds - 44) (started today on )
(500 yds - 42)
(Rapid fire Slow fire)
(200 yds - 45 200 yds - 48)
(300 yds - 41 300 yds - 42)
86 90 90
176 out of possible 200

Got back to billets at 4.00 P.M.  Retired early

Dec 18 - Up at 6.00 - Rain.  Went to range and came right back.  Read most of the day.  Shaved in A.M.  Read most of the day.  Shaved in A.M.  Got my barrack bag back again.  Mail came in but none for me.  Mailed cards home and one to sister.  Read in evening.   Retired early.

Dec. 19 - PAYDAY -  Up at 6.00 - had hurry call to latrine and did not answer reveille.  Went to range.  Shot 10 shots slow fire at 500 yds - score 30.  Very cold.  Rain.  Stayed at range about 2 hours and company went back to billets.  Cleaned rifle. Company was paid at 1.00 P.M.  Drew 10 1/2 francs.  Bought cookies and cigarettes at Y.M.C.A. Read book in P.M.  Read in evening.  Lot of the boys are Vin Blinked.

Dec 20 Up at 6.00 - Went to Rifle range.  Back at 10.00 A.M.  Rifle inspection in P.M. - Read in evening.  Retired 9.30.

Dec 21 - Up at 6.00 - Inspection at 10.00 A.M.  Billets were unsatisfactory,  cleaned billets and had another inspection at 1.00 P.M.    Got hair cut.  Jennings and Lewis came back from hospital today.  Read in evening.  Also played cards.  Retired 10.30.

Dec 22 - Sunday - Up at 8.00   Rain. Shaved in A.M.  Cut hair. Wrote letter to sister in P.M.  Wrote cards to sister and mother.  Read in evening.  Retired 10.00 P.M.

Dec 23 - Up at 6.30 - Divisional maneuvers today. Hiked about 5 kilometers. Stopped to eat dinner and then hiked back to billets.  Back at  3.30 P.M.  cleaned gun and washed.  Played cad in evening. Retired 9.30 P.M.

Dec 24 - Up at 6.30 - Drilled 2 1/2 hours in A.M. and 2 1/2 hrs in P.M.  This is the deadest Xmas Eve I ever saw.  Nothing to do at all. Received Xmas cad from Mr. and Mrs. U. Bockhoven today. Pots got his Xmas package today.  Went to kitchen in evening with ration guard and made some pancakes and coffee. Retired 11.00.  Afiet Edwards came back to the company this evening.

Dec 25 - CHRISTMAS - Up at 8.00, Shaved. Played cards. Mashed potatoes, steak, coffee, bread for dinner. Snowed in P.M.  Got cigarettes, gum and chocolate from Y.M.C.A. for Xmas present.  Went to kitchen in evening with guard and had some pancakes.  Retired 10.00.

Dec 26  Up at 6.30.   Drilled in A.M.   Field inspection in A.M., no drill in P.M.  Read a book. Retired early. Received Xmas box.

Dec 27 - Up at 6.30.  Non Coms school in P.M.  Read in eve.  Shaved and retired.

Dec 28 - Up at 6.30 - inspection in A.M.  Company was re-squaded in A.M.   Moved to different billets in P.M.  Read paper in evening.

Dec. 29 - Sunday - up at 8.00.  Cleaned gun in A.M.  Shaved after dinner. Played cards and read in P.M.  Retired early.

Dec 30 - Up at 6.30 - Rolled pack.  Major inspected us in A.M.  No drill in P.M.  Cleaned rifle and Jerry gat. Saved in evening. Wrote cards to sister, mother and Doc McClure.  Retired early.

Dec 31 - Up at 6.30 - Hiked about 5 kilometers with packs.  General O'Ryan inspected the regiment. Back to billets at 4.00 P.M.  Read in evening. Retired early.

January 1919

Note ( The next few days text was printed rather than his normal handwriting, also he starts to use roman numerals for the day in the date.)

Jan I, 1919 - New Year's Day -  Up at 8.00 - no drill today - sat around all day long - retired early.

Jan II - Up at 6.30 A.M. Drilled 4 hrs in A.M. and 3 hrs in P.M.  Shaved at noon. Cleaned gun in P.M. Retired early. Letter from Myrle Brown.

Jan III - Up at 6.30 A.M.  Drilled in A.M. and P.M.  Signed payroll at noon. Cleaned gun in P.M.  Shaved.  Cleaned shoes in eve. for inspection tomorrow. Retired early.

Jan IV - Up at 6.30 A.M. Rolled packs and went to drill field.  Started to have field inspection but rain stopped us.  No drill in P.M.  Retired early.

Jan V - Sunday - No reveille.  Up a t 9.00 A.M. Quinn brought my breakfast over for me.  Washed and shaved in A.M.  Turned in our Barracks bags, gherkin (misspelled,  he was referring to a jerkin) , and extra uniform in P.M.  Quinn and I made some pancakes at the kitchen in the evening.  Retired 9.30.

Jan VI - up at 6.30 - took a hike in A.M. Drilled in P.M.  Bought some cigarettes at Y.M.C.A. in eve.  Retired early.

Jan 7 - Up at 6.30 - Stayed in to get shoes fixed and haircut in A.M.   Drilled in P.M.  Was issued a tent pole.

Note :   Back to normal handwriting)>

Jan 8 - Up at 6.30 - - Maneuvers in A.M.  Drilled in P.M.  Wrote letter home in even.  Retired Early.

Jan 9 -  Up at 6.30 - Hiked in A.M.  Drilled in P.M.  Retired early.

Jan 10 - Up at 6.30  Emptied straw out of our bed sacks and turned them in.  Drilled in P.M.  Read in even.  Retired early. No drill in A.M. on account of rain.

Jan 11 - Field inspection in A.M. no drill in P.M. Read in eve.  Retired early.

Jan 12 - Sunday - Very nice day - Got up at 10.00 A.M.  Washed and shaved.  Read in P.M. and even.  Retired at 9.30.

Jan 13 - Up at 6.30 No drill in A.M. on account of rain. Drill in P.M. Retired early.

Jan 14 - Up at 6.30  Rolled travel packs in A.M. and went to drill field.  Unrolled packs and laid out equipment. Inspected by Brigadier General Pierce.  Passed in review before him and done the manual of arms.  Drilled in P.M.   Retired early.

Jan 15 - Up at 6.30 No drill in A.M. on account of rain.  Cootie inspection in P.M., also inspection of mess kits. Paid in eve. at 7.00 o'clock.   Drew 101 1/2 francs.  Retired early.   Two letters from home in evening.

Jan 16 - Up at 6.00.  Went to Belgian camp.  at 7.30 to be deloused.  Got new underwear and new socks. Went back to billets at 9.30 and found that I had left my money in an envelope in the building that we had undressed in.  Started back to get it and met Boone who had found it and was bringing it back.  Drilled in P.M.  Lot of the fellows got rummed up in the evening.

Jan 17 - Up at 6.30 - Rolled  packs and went to drill field  in A.M.   Practiced rolling the travel pack and laying out equipment to be inspected.  Drilled in P.M.,  retired early.

Jan 18 - Up at 6.30 - Rolled packs and went to drill field for inspection.  Major inspected us.  Played basketball in P.M. Went over to kitchen in evening with Quinn and Bunk and had some pancakes and coffee. Retired at 11.00 P.M.   Received card from sister and letter from Myrle Brown.

Jan 19 - Sunday - Up at 8.00 A.M.  Helped Quinn with his pack in A.M.  Went to depot with Quinn at 2.30 P.M.  He left for his home in Scotland.  Laid around rest of day and retired early.

Jan 20 - Up at 6.30 Drilled in A.M.  Passed in review before Brigadier General Pierce in P.M.   Shaved before supper.  Sat around fire in eve.  Retired  9.00 P.M.

Jan 21 up at 6.30 - Rain. No drill.  Retired 9.00 P.M.

Jan 22 - Up at 6.30 - Pass in review before Gen. Pershing.  very cold day.  Retired early.

Jan 23 - Up at 6.30 - Drilled in A.M. and P.M.  Read in evening.

Jan 24 - Up at 6.30 - Took bath in at 9.00 A.M. and drilled the rest of A.M.   Drilled in P.M.   Shaved in evening.

Jan 25 - Inspection in A.M.  Drilled in P.M.  Rolled packs and went to drill field.  Inspected by Major Turnbull.  No drill in P.M. Read in eve.  Retired early.

Jan 26 - Sunday - No reveille.  Read most of the day.

Jan 27 - Up at 6.30 - Drilled all day.  Played cards in eve.  Company was re-squaded today.

Jan 28 - Drilled all day.  Very cold.  Went to bed early to keep warm.

Jan 29 - Up at 6.30 - rolled packs and had embarkation inspection in A.M.  Drilled in P.M.  Stole a stove in eve. at the Belgian camp.  Signed payroll in eve.

Jan 30 - Up at 6.30 - Took bath in A.M. at Belgian camp. Also policed the street in front of the billet.  Drilled in P.M.  Read a book in evening.

Jan 31 - Up at 6.30 - Rolled packs and went to drill field to be inspected in A.M. bu the inspector did not come.  Ditto in P.M.   Fell in a 4.45 P.M. without packs and was inspected to see if we were clean.  Shaved in eve.  Retired at 9.00 P.M.

February 1919

Feb. I - Up at  6.30  Inspection in A.M. Afternoon off.   Sat around the stove all evening.

Feb. 2 - Sunday - No reveille, had my  breakfast brought over.  Got up at 12.30.  Read in P.M. and evening.

Feb. 3 - Drilled in A.M.  Cootie inspection in P.M.  Found some eggs on me.

Feb. 4 - Drilled in A.M.  Cootie inspection in P.M.  Spent part of P.M. reading my shift. Company drilled .  Read in eve.

Feb. 5 - No reveille.  Breakfast at 6.30 - Took bath at Belgian camp at 7.30.  No drill in P.M. on account of rain.  Letter from home in P.M.

Feb. 6 - Up at 6.30 - Drilled in A.M. and P.M.  Read in eve.  Paid at 1.00 P.M.  Drew 101 1/2 francs.

Feb. 7 Up at 6.30 - No drill in A.M. on account of rain. Cootie inspection.  Very cold. Sat by the stove all eve.

Feb. 8 - Up at 6.30 - rolled travel packs and went to drill field for inspection.  No drill in P.M. Read in eve.

Feb. 9 - Sunday - No reveille - Up at 11.30 A.M.  Sat by stove all day. had a couple bottles of beer in eve. Retired  9.30.

Feb. 10 - Up at 6.30 Cootie inspection at 8.00 A.M.  Rolled travel packs in A.M. Drilled in A.M. and P.M. Very nice day - Retired at 9.30.

Feb. 11 - Up at 6.30 - Cleaned the street of the town until 9.30 A.M.  Went to Belgian camp for Bath at 9.30.  Drilled in P.M.  Warm day.

Feb. 12 - p at 6.30 Drilled in A.M. and P.M.  Read a magazine in the evening.

Feb. 13 - Up at 6.30 - Rolled packs and went to drill field.  Drilled in A.M.  Cootie inspection at 1.00 P.M.  The rest of the afternoon to be spent cleaning equipment.  Retired early.

Feb. 14 - Up at 6.30  Rain - No drill on account of rain. Washed pack carrier and cartridge belt in P.M.  Shaved and rolled pack for tomorrow's inspection.  Read  in eve.

Feb. 15 - Up at 6.30 - Fell in at 9.45 with packs for inspection.  Played ball in P.M.

Feb. 16 - Sunday - No reveille. up at 9.30  Went to Ball game in P.M. Read in evening.

Feb. 17 - Cleaned up town in A.M.  Also had cootie inspection.  Drilled in P.M.

Feb. 18 - Up at 6.30 - Third battalion represented he 27th and 30th divisions in review before American and English officers.  British medals were given at this review. Drilled in P.M.

Feb. 19 - Up at 6.30 - Took a bath in A.M.  Drilled in P.M.   Read a book in evening.

Feb. 20 - Up at 6.30 - Cootie inspection in A.M..  No drill in P.M. on account of rain.  Had hot chocolate and cookies at Y.M.C.A. in eve.  Expect to leave here next Sunday.

Feb. 21 - Up at 6.30 - Rolled travel packs and went to drill field in A.M. Drilled in A.M. Retired early.

Feb. 22  WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY - No reveille.  Up at 9.30 A.M. Rolled packs in A.M.  Shave in P.M. we leave Champagné tomorrow morning.   Retired early.

Feb. 23 Up at 6.30 - Ate breakfast and then put our packs on train.  Fell in at 8.00 P.M. and hiked 14 kilometers to Connerré.  Entrained at 9.00 P.M.   Rode all night.  The Red Cross gave us each 2 packs of cigarettes, Bull Durham, I package of cookies, package of gum, 1 piece of candy.

Feb. 24 - Reached Brest at 9.00 A.M.  Ate dinner at docks. Hiked to camp.  Reached camp at 5.00 P.M.  We are in tents once more.  Ate supper and went to K. of C. Hut to see the movies.

Feb. 25 - Up at 6.00 A.M. 0 Cootie inspection in A.M. Rifle inspection at 4.00 P.M.  Rain in P.M. Retired early.

Feb. 26  Up at 6.00 - Rained all night. Another cootie inspection in A.M.  Expect to go on the boat within 48 hours.  We sail on the Mauritania.   Stayed in tent in P.M.  Rained all day.  Retired early.

Feb. 27 - Up at 6.00 A.M.  Rain in A.M.  Inspection of equipment at 1.30 P.M.  We have orders to have packs rolled before 8.00 A.M. tomorrow morning.  Rolled pack in eve.  Saw Nate Edwards in eve.  The Company was on detail until 11.00 P.M. carrying clothing.

Feb. 28 - Up at 5.00 A.M. Finished rolling my pack.  Left camp at 9.00 A.M.    Arrived at docks about 2.00 P.M. and rode out to the Mauritania on small tug.  The Mauritania is the fastest boat afloat.  There are civilian passengers on the boat with us.   The boat started moving at 5.00 P.M.  Retired early.

March 1919

March 1 - Up at 7.00 - Had  stew, one biscuit and coffee for breakfast.   Stayed on the deck all day.  Cootie inspection in P.M.   Very little sea sickness so far.  Retired early.

March 2 - Up at 7.00 - Went on deck after breakfast.  Bought a box of chocolate at the canteen.  Boat drill at 4.40 P.M.   Haven't been sea sick as yet.  Read in P.M.  Retired early.

March 3 - Up at 6.30 - Went on deck after breakfast.  Boat drill at 10.30 A.M.   The water is quite rough this P.M.  I feel a little dizzy. Didn't eat my dinner.  Laid in my bunk all afternoon.   Retired early.

March 4th  Up at 6.10 A.M.  Stayed on deck all morning.  Boat drill at 10.30 A.M.  The water is quite smooth today.  Expect to see land in P.M.   Retired early.

March 5 - Up at 5.00 A.M.  Boat drill at 10.30 A.M.  Saw light house at 11.00 A.M.  sighted land at 12 o'clock.    Boats came out to meet us and escorted us into the harbor.  Docked at 5.00 P.M.  Left boat at 6.00 P.M.  Crossed river on ferry boat.  Red Cross fed us some sauerkraut, wieners, potatoes, peaches, buns and coffee.  First good food in a long time.  Y.M.C.A., Salvation Army and K. of C. gave us candy and cigarettes. Boarded train after eating and rode to Camp Merrit.  Arrived at camp about 11.30 P.M.  Ate supper and then went  through the delouser.  Got new blankets and clothing.

March 7 - Went to bed at 5.00 A.M. Slept until seven. Moved to different barracks at 11.30 A.M.  Wrote letter home in P.M.  Retired early. Wrote letter to sister.

March 8 - Up at 6.30 Nothing to do in A.M. went to barber shop and got cleaned up in P.M.  Had some ice-cream and cake,  the first in two months.  Went to movies at K. of C. in eve.  Played a few games of pool.  Retired at 11.00 P.M.

March -9- Up at 6.30 - Sunday - Rain - Cleaned gun in A.M.  Read in afternoon.  Mailed magazine home in evening. Retired at 10.00 P.M.

March -10-  Up at 6.30  - Drilled in morning and afternoon. Was issued new blouse in P.M.  took a walk around camp in evening.

March -11- Up at 6.30 - Drilled in A.M. and P.M.  Went to show in evening.

March 12 - Up at 6.30  - No drill in morning. Had our pictures taken.  No drill in afternoon.  Received a letter from sister. Bought a pair of shoes in evening.  Retired at 11.00 P.M.

March 13 - Up at 6.30 - Drilled in A.M.  Expect to go home tomorrow.  Drilled in P.M.  Took bath in eve.  Clarence Smith came to see us in afternoon and stayed all night.

March 14 - Up at 6.30 - drilled in A.M.  Left camp at 1.00 A.M. to go home. Took a taxi to Jersey City. Went to Show in afternoon.  Took train to Olean at 7.45 - Rode all night.

March 15 - Arrived in Olean at 6.30  Rode to Allegany on street car.  Miller block was on fire when I arrived. Took Sport home. with me and showed my my souvenirs.   Slept in P.M.  Went to Palace Theater with Sport and Doc in evening.  Reach home at 2.00 A.M.

March 16 - Sunday - Up at 10.00 A.M.   Shaved and wend down to sisters house.  Stayed there for about one hour.  Sport, Bockhoven, and I walked down to bungalow in P.M. Ate supper at 7.00 P.M. and went up town.  Dse zmrtlr Ntoen in eve.  The bunch went to Olean with me. Brownie took us to depot in a car. I to train at 9.30.   Rode all night.  At 8.30 I ate breakfast and took train back to camp.  Reached camp at 11.00 A.M. slept in afternoon.  Retired early in eve.

March 18 - Up at 6.30 No drill on account of rain.  Got 24 hour pass to New York City.  Norman Davis and I went together.  Got a room at Hotel Gerard. Went to Hippodrome in eve.  Retired at 12.00.

March 19 - Up at 8.30- Ate breakfast and started back to camp.  Reached camp at 1.30 A.M.  No drill in P.M.   Went to show.  Stop, Look and Listen at Liberty Theater in evening.

March 20 - Up at 6.30 - Took hike in A.M.  I skipped drill in P.M.  Went to show.  "Nothing but the Truth" at Liberty Theater in evening.

March 21 - Up at 6.30 - Hiked in A.M.  No drill in P.M.  Received tickets for Grandstand in P.M.  Read in eve.

March 22  - Up at 6.30  Ringbauer and I on detail in A.M. taking athletic equipment back to Y.M.C.A..   Nothing to do in P.M.

March 23 - Up at 6.30 - Sunday - Drilled in A.M.  Reformed company in afternoon.  Retired early.

March 24 - Up at 3.30  - Rolled packs and fell in at 5.00 A.M.  Hiked 4 miles to Ferry.  Went across Hudson River in Ferry and rode to armory on the Elevated Railway.   Saw several boxing bouts in the evening.   Retired at 11.00

March 25 - Up at 4.30  - Left armory at 7.00 A.M.  Rode uptown in subway.  Parade started at 117th and 6th Ave and went all the way up 6th Avenue.  Largest crowd I ever saw.  Saw some very pretty arches.  Parade started at 11 A.M. and ended about 1.30 P.M.   Rode back to armory in subway.   Had dinner in armory. Retired early.  (Click here to view Parade Program Cover)

March 26 - Left armory at 9.30 A.M. arrived at Camp Upton at 4.30 P.M.  Retired early.

March 27 -  Up at 7.30 - Washed clothes in the A.M.  Company fell in at 11.00 o'clock and went to lecture.  Turned in rifle, bayonet, canteen in A.M.   Physical examination in evening.  Passed O.K.  Went to show in the evening.  Retired 11.00 P.M.

March 28 -  Up at 2.20 - Turned in Shelter Half, extra shoes, and O.D. Shirt in A.M.  Very cold today.  It is snowing at present.  Retired early.

March 30  - Up at 7.30 Quite cold. Laid around all day.  Read in evening.

March 31 - Up at 7.30 - Loafed all day.  Retired 10.00 P.M.

April 1919

April 1, ; Up at 5.30 A.M.  Received pay and Honorable Discharge at 7.00.  Drew $103.70.  Bought ticket to Olean in A.M.  Went to New York after dinner. Had a feed in eve and went back to Jersey City.   Train left at 12.40 - Slept all night.

April 2 - Reached Olean at noon. Had Parade . Went home after Parade. Went to banquet in evening at Fire House.

 The following names appear on a page in the back of the diary.

Linford Long
Lockport NY

Charles Hackett
136 Walnut Street
Batavia, NY

Harold Farr
1260 Ontario St.
Buffalo NY

The following list is on a subsequent page.

Towns Days
Breste 6
Navian 1
Chanchey  7
St lemont 4
Ciel 1
Beadricourt 10
Buyshure 3
Zermezeele 2
Herburg (Belgium) 10
Winnezeele 1
Trenches (Mt Kemmel) 8
Aerodrome (Abeele) 10
Reserve Trenches (Poperinghe) 10
Winnezeele 1
Orville  16 (Somme Sector)
Tincourt 1
Trenches 4
Nouroy 1
Brancourt 1
Maretz  1
Trenches (St. Souplet 11
Busighney 1
Nauroy 1
Aubigny 31
Champagny 123
Breste 5

Poem found on last two pages, I am pretty sure it was not authored by my father as I never knew him to wax poetic.

Only a Volunteer

Why didn't I wait to be drafted
and be led to the train by a band
or put in a claim for exemption
Why did I hold up my hand
Why didn't I wait for the banquet
Why didn't I wait to be cheered
For the draftmen get all the credit
While I merely volunteered

Nobody gave me a banquet
Nobody said a kind word
The grind of the wheels of the engine
Was the only good-bye that I heard
Then off to the camp we were hustled,
To be trained for the next half year
And then in the struggle for, forgotten
Only a poor volunteer

And maybe some day in the future
And my little boy sits on my knee
With his head cuddled close to my shoulder
and those big eyes look up at me
He asks what I did in the the conflict
And I answer with a cheer
I didn't do much in the conflict
I was only a volunteer.