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TOWN OF Mansfield

Town Hall & Historical Society

Town of Mansfield - 1830

The Town of Mansfield, was formed from Little Valley on Feb. 23, 1830. It is an interior town, lying NW of the center of Cattaraugus County. The surface is hilly, the highest elevation being in the SE, about 300 feet above the NY & Erie RR. The south branch of Cattaraugus Creek, flows west through the north part, and several small streams flow south into the Allegany River.

Eddyville is in the north, and in 1860 consisted of 2 churches, a sawill and 11 dwellings. The first settler was Amos Morgan, who located in the south part in 1817. Other early settlers included: Nathaniel Fish, Sewell Gunn, and Mr. Bennett, who located in the south part in1817, and Samuel Hollister who came from Great Valley in 1822. The first child born was Mahala Fish on Dec. 9, 1820; and the first marriage was that of Prince Fish and Lois Grover on Jan 1, 1824.

The first school was taught by Lefo Chase, in 1821. George and Munson Clark erected the first sawmill, in 1837, on the south branch of Cattaraugus Creek. Eddyville was the location of the first store, kept by Thomas H McKay, in 1848. In 1818, the first inn was opened, by Nathaniel Fish on old Johnson Rd, in the SE part of town.

Town Officials
Town Historian Town Clerk
Vacant Betty J. Horning
Mon 9:30 am - 3:30 pm, Thu 5 - 8 pm,Sat 9 am - 1:00 pm
7388 California Hill Rd.
Little Valley, NY 14755
(716) 257-9288 (B) - (716) 397-2023 (C)
From Cattaraugus County Directory Dated April 1, 2022

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Mansfield Cemeteries
NAME LOCATION Google Map (opens in new window)
Bowen Cemetery aka Orlando or Kent Rd
Kent Road in Mansfield Google Map
Wilson Cemetery Jersey Rd Mansfield
West Hill Cemetery West Hill Rd - aka Union Burying Grounds

Maples Cemetery Erdman Rd
Google Map
Eddy (Eddyville) Cemetery Toad Hollow Road (CR 14),   north of Cross Road. Google Map
Dublin Cemetery Dublin Road - aka Afton Burial Society Cemetery
Google Map
Vet Stone

VETERANS Memorialized in the Town of Mansfield

BAASE, Ralph Carl 1919- 1982 WWII Link Maples
BEECHER, Alonzo Civil War Link Maples
BOWEN, Mosses E. Civil War Link Bowen
BOWEN, Victor M. WW I Link Maples
BRYANT, David Eugene WWII Link Maples
COLE, Arthur WWI Link Maples
COX, Mervin Civil War Link Bowen
DEMMING, Chester M. Civil War Link Maples
DENNING, Stuart SD. "Stu" Vietnam Link Maples
DUNKLEMAN, Raymond WWII WWII Link Maples
FORD, Lucius Martin Civil War Link Maples
GREEN, Fred R. WWI Link Maples
HILLER, Walter R. WW I Link Maples
HOLLISTER, Josiah R. War 1812 Link Bowen
HOLLISTER, Samuel War 1812 Link Maples
JOHNSON, Albion P. Civil War Link Bowen
MEACHUM, Elmer Charles "Vet" Link Maples
OAKES, Edward L WW II Link Maples
OAKES, Ronald E. Korea Link Maples
PASCHEN, Larry W. U.S. Army Link Maples
RATZEL, Gerald WWII Korea & Vietnam Link Maples
ROGERS, Jason Civil War Link Maples
STONE, Alexander Jr War 1812 Link Bowen