Old Photos of Great Valley New York

Provided by Steve Kleisath

Views of Great Valley
Great Valley Great Valley

Four Views of Chase Mill Pond 
Chase Mill Pond Chase Mill Pond
Chase Mill Pond Chase Mill Pond
The Chase Mill Pond was I believe about 100 yards up 98 from the 219 intersection on the west side of the road.
The Chase Mill burnt in about 1950.  Jimmy Chase was was killed in the fire.  -Steve Kleisath

Great Valley Band
Band Portrait

Band Marching

Great Valley Hotel Great Valley Hotel
The Great Valley Inn still sits on the NE corner of routes 219 and 98 and based on the dates on them
I believe that most of the pictures were from the 1880's.
My Great Great Grandfather Abel Hicks ran the Inn
about the time of the pictures. - Steve Kleisath

J M Howe Photo
J. M. Howe  circa 1885
John Malacthon Howe (my Great Grandfather) 
The picture was taken right after he returned from service in the Civil War.
His home prior to moving to Great Valley after the war
was the Town on Lyndon. - Steve Kleisath


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