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TOWN OF Town of Freedom


Town of Freedom - 1820

The Town of Freedom, was formed from Ischua, on April 13, 1820. A part of Yorkshire was taken off in 1844. It is the N.E corner town of the county. Its surface is a rolling or moderately hilly upland. Clear Creek and the south branch of Cattaraugus Creek are the principal streams. Beaver Lake is in the south part, Fish Lake, in the east, and Scum and Laws Lakes are small ponds in the center. There are several quarries of good building stone found in different parts of town.
Sandusky, in the north, is on Clear Creek. In 1860, it contained 2 churches, a gristmill, and 2 sawmills. Its population was 175.

Elton near the s.w. corner, contained a church and 14 dwellings.

The first settlements were made in 1811, by Stanley Warren, Ezekial Reynolds, from New Hampshire, and Earl Lawyer, Rufus Metcalf and Enoch Howlett from Vermont.

The first child born was Rufus Metcalf, Jr on December 24, 1812; the first death was Peter Davis, December 17, 1816.

The first couples to be married were Elihu Daggart and Sally McKee, and Sylvester Davis and Miss Daggart in 1817.

The first school was taught by Jemina Clark in 1816. In 1824, the first inn was opened, by Enoch Howlett. He also opened the first store, in 1824 and the first sawmill in 1821, on Clear Creek. The first gristmill was erected on Clear Creek, in 1822 by Dr. Elihu Crittenden.

Early Settlers

Early Settlers
Photo of E. Strong

Ezra Brewster Strong b. 1798 in Thetford VT and his wife, Eleanor Lane  moved to Elton about 1832 - the daughter of Mathias Lane. She is buried in Siloam cemetery.

Photo courtesty Lindsey Beckwith

Town Officials
Town Historian Town Clerk
Lorna J. Spencer
1931 Cheeseman Hill Rd
Delevan, NY 14042
353-4604 (H)
Mindy Holland
Mon 9 AM to 1 PM, Thu 5 PM to 8 PM,
Fri 9 AM to 1 PM, Sat 9 AM to 11 AM

1583 Green Road
Freedom, New York, 14065
492-0961 ext. 1 (B) 353-6584 (H)
From Cattaraugus County Directory, dated April 1, 2023

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The church in Elton contains many old records of the community and a lot of them are in my great, great grandfather's own hand (Osee James Strong b. Oct 1854, d. April 1937). - Lindsey Beckwith

Elton Church
Elton Church

Photo provided by Lindsey Beckwith

A Picture of a Tombstone

Freedom Cemeteries

Sandusky Cemetery Eagle Street Sandusky, NY 14133 Gerald Hughes, Hughes Road, Arcade, NY 14009
Freedom Cemetery Freedom Rd. Freedom, NY Note:  This cemetery contains two sections.  A Welch Yard, and an English Yard. 
Welch Yard - Marcia Davis, 632 Moore Road, Freedom, NY, 14065
English Yard - Doris Carolus 406 Freedom Road, Freedom, NY 14065
Salem Cemetery Rte 98, Freedom, NY 14009 Donalene Jones Ring, Historian, Salem Cemetery Soc. PO Box 192, Sandusky, NY 14133-0192
Maple Grove Cemetery Maple Grove Rd. Freedom, NY
Town of Freedom, P. O. Box 89, Sandusky, NY 14133-0089
Siloam Cemetery Maple Grove Rd, Freedom/Delevan, NY Millard Brown, 9362 Laidlaw Rd, Franklinville, 14737
Elton Cemetery Marble Springs Rd.,  Elton, NY Town of Freedom, P. O. Box 89, Sandusky, NY 14133-0089