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TOWN OF Farmersville


The Town of Farmersville was formed from Ischua,on March 29, 1821. It is located on the eastern border of Cattaraugus County, near the northeast corner. Its surface is a hilly upland, forming the watershed between the streams flowing northwest into Lake Erie, and those flowing east into Genesee River and south into Allegany River.The highest point, near the center, is 2160 feet on Bush Hill. Mud Lake, in the northern part, covers an area of about 30 acres. Harwood Lake at Farmersville Center covers 36 acres. The principal stream is Ischua Creek, running south through the western part of the town.

Farmersville Station has a post office.

The first settlement was made in 1817, by Peter and Cornelius Ten Broeck and Richard Tozer, all of Otsego County. The first religious services was held at the barn of Levi Peet, by the Rev. Eliab Going, in 1821. Other early settlers were Levi Peet and Peleg Robbins, also from Otsego County on Lot 36 and Lot 3, in 1817.

The first child born was Addison, son of Richard and Polly Tozer, in 1817. The first marriage was between Peter Ten Broeck and Polly Freeman. The first death was of Mrs. Magdalene Adams, on November 7, 1820. In 1817, the first inn was kept by Richard Tozer, and the first store was opened by Jacob Comstock, in 1828. A sawmill was built by James Worden, in 1824, on the outlet of Mud Lake.

Town Officials
Town Historian Town Clerk
Erin Lord
Bridget Holmes
8963 Lake Avenue
Franklinville, NY 14737
Hours: M, T, TH, F 8 AM-Noon
Wed. 6-8 PM

676-3030 (B)
From Cattaraugus County Directory, dated April 1, 2022

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A Picture of a Tombstone

Farmersville Cemeteries

An update to the original Farmersville Sesquicentennial-1971 was published in 1996 for the 175th anniversary and is available from either the Historian or Town Clerk for $ 5.00 plus $ 1.75 postage and handling.

Thanks to Town Historian, Alice Wright for additional information and corrections on this page!