Ross Cemetery

In the town of Otto, on the north side of Forty Road. This cemetery is land locked, and probably no one ever goes there but State Conservation men and hunters who stumble onto it during various hunting seasons. Mother Nature has taken very good care of this site, which is remarkably well preserved. You will need a guide into this site. It is a long ways north and west of the intersection of the Forty Road and the Wickham Road, on State land. It is surrounded by a fence, and four big maple trees. The stones are intact and upright and readable. It is very remote, pollution and delinquents haven't gotten to it, and that's why it's in such good condition. There are 15 stones (representing more people) all members of the Ross family, and include the names: Green and Capron in addition to Ross...all inside the fence. One stone, outside the fence, is for "Patsy Dog" who died in 1908.

- "A Guide to Burial Sites, Cemeteries & Random Stones in Cattaraugus County, New York" by Marlynn McNallie Olson