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  1. Click on the Surname Menu
  2. Click on the letter representing the first letter of their last name
  3. The name are alphabetical exept for one. For some reason, known only to the pubisher, Dora Mabar is listed at the end of the "K" surnames.
  4. Scroll down to your families surname. 
  5. If you find your ancestor, scroll back up and locate the page number.
  6. You can click on the word ( image)  to check for any misspellings or other information. 
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NOTE: The 1893-94 City Directory was printed with an abreviation style contemporary to that era.  There is a key in the front of the book that explains some of them, here is a transcript of the key as it appears in the book.

Ave, Avenue;  bds, boards; cor, corner; mfr, manufacturer;  N.O. North Olean; S.O. South Olean;  E.O., East Olean;  W.O., West Olean; Bv, Boardmanville;   opp., opposite;  The word Street is implied
Note that the word street is implied.  That means if they say "Seventh" it means "Seventh Street".   Another appreviation we don't see much today is "do" which means "ditto", the same as the " we use today.     It is used through out the directory to denote people living at the same address.  

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