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Municipal Government

Mayor, Charles E. Turner.
Police Justice, W. D. Parker.
Justices of the Peace, Henry McKinley, Albertus Norton, G.Pelton and Peter B. Tarr
Assessors, H. S. Hurlbut, S D. Brown and John Fink
Comniissioners of Excise, John Brendell, Charles Frey and Frank A. Burg.
Overseer of Poor, George M. Mayer.
Constables, Stephen A. Mott, John Corkins, John D. Harris, William Whelpley.
Supervisor (Second and Third wards), Dr. J. V D Coon.
Supervisor (First and Fifth wards), M. B. Jewell.
Supervisor (Fourth and Sixth wards), Wm. M. Irish
Aldermen (First ,Ward), George J Ball and A. A Swarts
Aldermen (Second ward), W. J. Quigley and F. W. Kruse.
Aldermen (Third ward), Fred Tarbell and C P. Luther.
Aldermen (Fourth ward), Hiram Dean and A. I Williams
Aldermen (Fifth ward), Thomas Dolan and Charles Scheiterle.
Aldermen (Sixth ward), W A Ward and Thomas Jordan.

Clerk, Charles L. Purrington.
Superintendent of Streets, M Keenan.
Attorney, M B Jewell.
Treasurer, A T. Eaton
Fire Warden, Stephen A. Mott.
Sealer of Weights and Measures, F. C  Albrecht
Board of Health, F. L Bartlett, William M. Irish, John B.endell, N.V.V. Franchot, Dr. T B Loughlin and Levi Barrett
Policemen, Charles Shaffer, Chief ; Daniel Allen, John Allen, L.N. Lang, and Frank Platt.

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              TOWN OFFICERS.
Supervisor, H K White
Town Clerk, D. W. Seeley
Collector, M. F. Mack
Justices of the Peace, M J Derrig, J. W. Sloane, G.P. Card, and C. M Malbey
Overseer of Poor, William Parker
Excise Commissioners, C. M. Coyle, John Linsey, and George Cook.
Assessors, O W Godfrey, H Parish and John Parker.
Highway Commissioners, J. S. Bishop, Zeno Beseeker and William Farr
Constables. David Barry.   Daniel Fitzpatrick, John     Burdick andCharles Surline.
                 GENERAL INFORMATION.

                  FIRE  DEPARTMENT

FIRE DEPARTMENT Joseph I Lang. chief engineer; A Frey, first assistant; P.  J. Toohey, second assistant; E. C Schamel, secretary;A. T. Eaton, treasurer
FIRE BOARD-Joseph I Lang, chairman; A. Frey, P J. Toohey,H. C. Scharnel, A. T. Eaton, Fred R Oakley. W, L. Murphy, J. M.Allen, D. McN4illen, P. Brown, F. L. Vanderhoof and W. Cole
FOUNTAIN HOSE Co. No. 1-Quarters 89 First street. OrganizedAugust 3, i86o Fred Oakley, foreman; W. L Myrick, secretary.
CHAMBERLIN HOOK & LADDER CO., No. I - Quarters City Building,Union and State streets. re-organization of Pioneer Hook & Ladder Co. February, 1883- F L, Vanderhoof, foreman; H C Schamel, secretary
CITIZENS Hose Co., No 2-- Quarters City Building OrganizedJune 24, 1879- W L. Murphy. foreman; Charles Bedford, secretary
LUTHER HOSE Co, NO 4-Quarters 220 Union street. Organized December 9, 1881. J. M Allen, foreman; Michael Lynch, secretary.

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BARSE HOSE CO, No. 5-Quarters 220 State street  Organized September 28, 1883. D McMillen, Forman; Geo. Sutter, secretary.
TURNER HOSE CO., No. 6-Quarters 80 Wayne Street. Organized January 14, 1889. P Brown, foreman, C.H. Hartman, secretary.
OLEAN FIRE POLICE - Quarters 87 First street, Organized and incorporated April 14, 1887.  W. Cole foreman; A Merchant, secretary


Dr J. L. Eddy, Olean; Dr. Ransom Terrey, Ischua; Dr. J Cutler, Bolivar

Library building, 85 Union street.  Open every afternoon and evening, except Sundays and legal holidays, for 1 to 6 and 7 to 9 PM Charles Gillingham, president; Miss Emma Homer, secretary; Miss Ella Hazlett, librarian;  W. H. Mandeville, treasurer

Armory corner North and Barry streets.  C. G. Thyng, captain; M Whitney, first lieutenant; F.H> Franchot, second lieutenant; Dr. S.J. Mudge, first lieutenant assistan surgeon; R. D. Billington quartermaster; Charles Martin, first segeant; George M Mayers, sergeant; J.C. Cook, third sergeant; P.J. Duffy, fourth sergeant; C.L. Bedford fifth sergeant; L.H. Pitts, clerk; I.W. Councilman, armorer.
Drill every Monday Evening

Hon. F. W. Druse, president, J. E. K. Morris, M.D., H.L. Gerstenberger, Charles Gillingham, F.H. Bartlett, M.D., A. I. Williams, W. A. Oosterhoudt; A. P. Arnold, clerk; Fox Holden, A.M. LLB superintendant of schools


BOARD OF WATER COMMISIONERS - F. L. Stedman, president; H. D. Bennie, treasurer; J. B. Smith; J.C. LeFever, superindent

BOARD OF BUILDING COMMISIONERS- J.F. Johnson, President; H.L. Gerstenberger, secretary; P.C. Foley, treasurer

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      Olean Lodges and Societies.
Olean Tent,  No. 133, K. O. T. M -Meets alternate Tuesdays, at A,O.H hall, 165 Union street, third floor. W. A. Ward, commander;I J. Quigley, secretary

Union Hive, Knights of Maccabees -Meets every Monday evening, in A.O.H. hall, third floor, 165 Union street. Mrs. D. W. Sheehan,commander; Mrs M Grace Sherlock, secretary.

Olean Lodge, No. 272, Knights of Pythias-Meets every Wednesday evening in K. of P. hall, 165 Union street, third floor Joseph 1. Lang,C. C.; E Bullmer, record keeper.

Equitable Aid Union, No 66   6- Meets every Thursday evening in K. of H. hall, i64@ Union street. Thomas Griffin, president; Miss Minnie Curran, secretary.

Equitable Aid Union, NO 229-MeetS every Friday evening in K.of H hall, 1641/2 Union street    Mrs Randolph, president; Mrs. H. E. Dickinson, secretary.

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 3-Meets every Monday evening in Foley's hall, corner of State and First streets J. M. Dougherty, president; J. T, Hannon; secretary

Olean Council, No, 244, Royal Templars of Temperance-Meets every Wednesday evening at I.O.O.F. hall, third floor 18l Unions treet. Horace McNeille, select councilor; Charles Rafferty, recorder.

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association-Meets second Thursday of each month in 1. 0. 0 F. hall, third floor 181 Union street. M. J.Whelan, president; J. J. Wool, recording secretary,

Allegheny Encampment, No. 102, Independent Order Odd Fellows-Meets second and fourth Thursday evening of each month, in I.O.O.F. hall, 179 and 181 Union street, third floor. A. M. Hutchinson, t. P.;William Charles, scribe.

Olean lodge. NO 471, Independent Order Odd Fellows-Meets every Monday evening at I.O.O.F hall, third floor 181 Union street J A Brendell, noble grand; M. P Derby, recording secretary
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Riverside Tent, No. 10, Knights of Maccabees-Meets every Friday evening in 1.O.O.F. hall M. B. Hall, commander; Ralph C. Wright, recorder

Hercules Tent, No. 109, Knights of Maccabees-Meets every Friday evening at Foley hall, corner State and First streets. Thomas Ellis, commander, F E Albrecht, record keeper.

Acme Tent, No 156, Knights of Maccabees-Meets every Wednesday evening in Fitzgerald hall, North Olean. W. S. Turner, commander; Daniel Sherman, secretary.

Bethel Hive, No. 82, Ladies of the Maccabees-Meets every Thursday afternoon in Foley hall, corner State and First streets. Mrs W. A.Chamberlin, P C.; Mrs. C. Palmer, secretary.

Fidelity Lodge, No 16, Daughters of Liberty- Meets every Tuesday evening at A.O.H, hall. third floor, 165 Union street. Mrs. Arnott, commander; Mrs. Grace Sherlock, secretary.

Crescent Lodge, No. 60, Ancient Order United orkmen - Meets every Monday evening in A. 0. U W. hall, entrance 1521/2 Union street,third floor. N. N. Webster, master workman; T. G. Bensley, recorder.

 L. Y. Miller Camp Sons of Veterans, No 186-Meets every Tuesday evening in Foley hall    W D Parker, captain; Charles Rafferty,secretary

Junior Order of American Mechanics, Eureka Lodge, No 7 - Meets every Wednesday evening in Foley hall, corner State and First streets. Fred Mason, S. C ; A. A Hayward, secretary.

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by Wards and Additions
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward
Fourth Ward
Fifth Ward
Sixth Ward
East Olean
North Olean
West Olean
South Olean


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