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Street Directory.


Adams Avenue - From 28 Green northeast to State.
Barry - From Allegany river north to W.N.Y. & P.R.R.
Brickell Avenue - from 20 Wayne north to Coleman.
Buffalo - From corner of Washington and Seventh northwest to north road to Allegany.
Clinton - From 28 Green north to Jay.
East Avenue - From 2 State north to W.N.Y. & P.R.R.
Eighth - From 180 State north to Washington and from 13 Buffalo north to Town Line Alley.
Eleventh 0- From 160 Irving north to Sullivan.
Fifth - From 12 Washington north to Reed.
First - From 62 Henley north to intersection with Union.
Fourth - From Allegany river north to Reed, and from Wayne north to Town Line Alley.
Fulton - From Adams Avenue and Henley north to State
Gillingham Avenue - First street below Eleventh , from Henley north to State.
King - From 3 Sate south half a block.
Nineth - From 125 Irving north to Washington, and from 58 Buffalo north to Town Line Alley.
Pierce Avenue - West Olean, from Allegany river north to State.
Railroad Avenue - From north end Barry northwest to Union.
Second - From 25 Irving north to State and from 27 Laurens north to Whitney Avenue.
Seventh - From 134 Green noth to Town Line Alley.
Sixth - From 134 Green noth to Town Line Alley.
Tenth - From rear 178 Henley north to Washington.
Third - From 88 Green north to Wayne
Thirteenth - From 236 State north to Buffalo.
Twelfth - From 266 State north to Washington.

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Union-From Allegany river bridge north to N Y.,L.E. & W.R.R., North Olean.


Coleman-From 337 Union west to Fourth
Green-From 39 Union east to Olean creek, west to Ninth.Hamilton-From 166 Union east to Barry.
Henley-From 68 Union east to Olean creek, and west to Fifteenth.
Irving-From 57 Union west to Fifteenth
Jay-From 138 Barry east to East Avenue.
Laurens-From 151 Union west to Fourth.
North-From 110 Union east to Barry.
Putnam-Not yet opened.
Reed-From 174 Third west to Thirteenth
South-From 85 Union east to Barry.
State-From 93 Union east to town line, and west to town line.
Tompkins-From 128 Barry cast to East Avenue.
Town Line Alley-From Fourth east to Buffalo.
Washington-From 126 Fourth west to Thirteenth.
Water-Not yet opened.
Wayne-From 300 Union west to Eighth
Whitney Avenue-From 233 Union northwest to Third.

Main-From creek bridge north
First Avenue -East of and parallel with Main.
Second Avenue -East of and parallel with First Avenue.
Third Avenue--East of and parallel with Second Avenue
Fourth Avenue-East of and parallel with Third Avenue.
Fifth Avenue-East of and parallel with Fourth Avenue.
Front-From bridge on Main east following bank of creek.
Center-Next north of Front From Main east.
Genesee-Next north of Center From Main east.


Union-From N. Y, L. E. & W. R. R. south.
Walnut-East of Union.
Chestnut-East of Walnut.
Ash-East of Chestnut.
River-From junction of Green and Chestnut, northeast along creek.
Washington-North of and parallel with N. Y., L. E. & W. R. R.

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Pine -South of and parallel with N. Y., L E & W R. R.
Oak-South of Pine.Elm-
South of Oak.
Water-South of Elm.
Green-South of Water.


State- From creek bridge east.
Garden Avenue-North of State, from Pond to King.
Griffin-North of State, from King to Duke.
Railroad Avenue-Along W. N. Y. & P R. R.
Prince-North of Railroad Avenue, from Alder to King.
Brook-North of Railroad Avenue, from King to Cherry.
Bishop - North of Garden Avenue, from Orchard Avenue to King.
Plum-North of Railroad Avenue, from Line to Cherry.
Goodrich-North of Brook, from Line to Cherry.
Crown-North of Prince and Brook, from Owen to Gulf.
Spring-North of Railroad Avenue and Prince, from Creek to Owen.
Bell-North of Crown, from Owen to King
Pond First street across State street bridge running along creek north
Orchard Avenue-Next east of Pond, from State to RailroadAvenue.
Alder-Nearly a continuation of Orchard Avenue, from Railroad Avenue north'
Chestnut -Next east of Orchard Avenue, from State to Bishop.
Queen -Next east of north end of Orchard Avenue and nearly a continuation of Chestnut from Bisliop north to Railroad Avenue.
Owen-From Railroad Avenue north, being, a continuation of,Queen
King-Next east of Chestnut, from State north
Duke-Next east of king, from State to Railroad Avenue.
Bush -Next east of King, from Railroad Avenue to Brook.
Line-Next east of Bush, from Railroad Avenue to Goodrich.
Clark -Second street from Duke, from State north to Goodrich.
Cherry-Next east of Clark, from State north to Goodrich.