Postcard Images of
Olean Buildings

The Olean House
Olean House Olean House Ball Room & Coffee House Olean House Interior
Before Cars
Early 1900's Ball room Dining

Banks & Schools
Exhange Bank Inside Exchange Bank School 10 School 3
Exhange Bank Exhange Bank (interior)
School #10
School # 3

Hospitals & Clinics
Orig. General Hospital Inside Exchange Bank Mountain Clinic
St Francis Hospital
Orig General Hospital General Hospital
Mountain Clinic
St. Francis Hospital

Other Notable Buildings
Masonic Temple K of C Higgins Residence
Masonic Temple Knights of Columbus
Gov. Higgins Residence

Fairview Country Club City Club
Bon Air Hotel
Fairview Hamilton Country Club
City Club
Hotel Bon Air-Rock City

Carnegie Library Library tn_Havens_theatre.jpg
Carnegie Library
Olean Public Library
Havens TheatreNEW

Postcards from the collections of  Jon Ewing and Mary McIntyre 
used by permission


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