Fire & Sudden Death - Dec. 29, 1897; The Obituary of Delos Carnahan

The house of Delos Carnahan of Wolf Run, Town of Elko, was destroyed by fire between four and five oclock Monday morning.
They were able to save the household goods but the house was utterly destroyed.
After all was done that could be Mr. Carnahan went to his son's house about 20 rods away; and in a few minutes after talking to the folks fell to the floor and immediately expired.

The funeral was held (Wednesday) with burial in the Wolf Run Cemetary with the Rev. M.F. Trippe officiating.

Mr. Carnahan was born in Alleghany County, NY Dec. 29, 1823, and came to Wolf Run about 25 years later.
He was survived by his wife, his help mate of 53 years and by six sons and three daughters.
The sons are Adelbert, Myron, George, Charlie, Elmer, and William.
The daughters are Mrs. Jabe Brown, Mrs. Frank Hall, and Mrs. Silas H. Nellis.

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