We are interested in the Markhams listed as buried in Willoughby Cemetery. Perhaps we can provide some information about this family. David Markham was born in PA about 1811 and died about 1857 in Great Valley, NY. He married Betsey (Phillips?) about 1832. Their children were: Jennifer (b. 1833), John (b. 1838), Isaac P. (b. 1841), Harrison (b. 1843), Henry (b. July 1847), Polly (b. 1850), and Niles P. (b. 1854). David's father, David Markham, was born in E. Haddam, CT, on June 5, 1772. The elder David died in Great Valley after 1860. This elder David, along with his brothers, Jeptha and Seth, and his father James Markham were among the first settlers in Cattaraugus County in 1809. James was the first settler to die in Cattaraugus County. [see L. H. Everts, "History of Cattaraugus Co., NY", 1879, p. 497, and Rawsan, "French's Gazetteer of New York State - Cattaraugus Coutny", pub. 1860, p. 192] Seth settled in Lyndon. Jeptha continued west to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. If you know of any additional information about this family, we would be very interested. Likewise, if you know of anyone else researching this family, we would like to share information with them. Curtis Hartwig Nancy Markham Hartwig 23 Bel Air Drive Binghamton, NY 13901-5538 email: Nancy Markham Hartwig

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