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Salmon M. Day

Salmon and Abigail Day settled in Riceville, Ashford Township, Cattaraugus County, New York between Sept., 1829 and July, 1830 and according to the History of Cattaraugus Co., New York, (Pub. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts, 1879), "settled 100 acres on lot 36" (Township 6, Range 6). Salmon M. Day was the son of Ephraim and Sarah (Ackley) Day and had been born on about 10 May 1785 (as calculated from his gravestone) in Winhall, Bennington County, VT.

Salmon was a descendant of Robert Day who was born on 31 July 1604 in Kilburn, Yorkshire, England and who came to this country in Apr., 1634 on the ship "Elizabeth". Robert was made a freeman in 1635. In about 1637 he became an original settler of Hartford, Conn. Robert Day's grandson, John Day, moved his family to Colchester, CT. between June, 1701 and Sept., 1702 and remained in that town.

Salmon Day's father, Ephraim Day was the son of Abraham and Irena (Foote) Day and was born on 10 July 1741 in Colchester, New London Co., CT. He married Sarah Ackley in Colchester in about 1762. Sarah was the daughter of James and Sarah (Gates) Ackley (m. 28 Oct. 1742) and was born on 15 Sept. 1743 in Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT. They initially lived in Colchester, CT. Their first child was born in that town. Ephraim and Sarah appear to have removed to Stafford, CT. shortly after 1764. Ephraim served during the Revolutionary War from Stafford, CT. as a sergeant for 2 days during the Lexington Alarm of 19 Apr. 1775. Ephraim and Sarah Day removed to Winhall, Bennington Co. Vermont, probably between 1782 and 1784. The Vermont-Historical Gazetteer Vol. 1 (by Abby Maria Hemenway) lists among the first inhabitants of Winhall, from Conn., Asa Beebe, Asa Beebe, Jr., Ephraim Day, Ephraim Day, Jr., Oliver Day and Russell Day. "The above were farmers, and labored under many difficulties subject to a new settlement." All of these individuals were Ephraim Day's relatives.

As learned from the Vermont-Historical Gazetteer, Ephraim Day was a farmer who struggled to start anew in Winhall. He was also a Deacon in the church. The first born in the town of Winhall was listed as "Salmon Day ..." in the Gazetteer. Sarah (Ackley) Day probably died in Winhall between 1820 and 1825. Following her death, Ephraim removed to the town of Parma, Monroe County, New York with his son Flavius Job Day and his family. Also removing to that area were Ephraim's daughter Sarah ("Sally") Day, who was married to Asa Beebe, Jr. Ephraim Day died there on 23 Aug. 1825 and was buried in West Greece Cemetery in Parma which is on the southwest corner of Route 104 (Ridge Road West) and Manitou Road. Today the cemetery is called The Hoosic Hill Pioneer Cemetery. Ephraim's headstone lists him as Dea. Ephraim Day.

Salmon M. Day married in about 1809 in Winhall, VT., Abigail ________ (b. 1784 in Mass.). They initially settled next door to Ephraim and Sarah Day in Winhall, and all of their children were born in that town. Upon his arrival in Riceville, N.Y., he erected a home made of logs on Riceville Road, just south of Gooseneck Road. There, Salmon made his living as a farmer. Salmon and Abigail Day remained in Ashford, N.Y. She died in Riceville in the homestead on 17 Aug. 1852. Shortly after her death, by 1855, their youngest daughter and her husband, Abigail (Day) and Philip Wiltse, moved back into the family home and took over the farm. Salmon retired but remained in the home. He died there on 7 May 1857. Both Salmon and Abigail Day are buried in the Riceville Cemetery.

Known Children:

1. Dudley, b. abt. 1810 in Winhall, Vt.; d. abt. 1862 in Riceville, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y.; m. bef. 1834 in Riceville, N.Y., Sally W. Bigelow (b. 25 June 1816 in VT.; d. 21 Dec. 1889 in Riceville, N.Y.; dau. of Job and Hannah [Walker] Bigelow who came from Vermont and settled on lot 47 in Ashford in 1825). Dudley and Sally (Bigelow) Day settled on lot 35 in Riceville, which was about 1/4 of a mile down Riceville Road from his father's home, on the south-westerly side of the road. Dudley was a farmer, and his real estate was valued at $2000. in 1860. They are buried in Riceville Cemetery. Dudley and Sally had 8 children: Warren (b. abt. 1834; m. 1860, Helen Andrews); Clariman (b. abt. 1836; m. abt. 1855, Jonathan Mathewson); Job A. (b. 1838; d. 11 Mar. 1862 at a hospital in Le Roy, N.Y. while serving as a private in Co. K of the 105th N.Y. Regt. during the Civil War); Ellen T. (b. abt. 1840; m. 1860, Benton Joslin); Marcus D. (b. 1844; m. abt. 1869, Mary ________ . He served as a private in Co. K of the 105th N.Y. Regt. during the Civil War. They settled in Machias, N.Y.); Henry E. (b. Apr., 1847; d. 23 July 1863 while serving as a private in Co. A of the 100th N.Y. Regt. during the Civil War); Arnold (b. 1849); Sophronia (b. 1853).

2. Marcial, b. 12 July 1813 in Winhall, VT.; d. 6 Apr. 1845 in Riceville, N.Y.; bur. in Riceville Cemetery; m. abt. 1842, Lovinnia [Rice - dau. of Abel and Polly Rice?] (b. 10 July 1820 in Oswego Co., N.Y.; d. 31 Mar. 1890 in Riceville, N.Y.; bur. in Riceville Cemetery; m. 2] abt. 1848, Orange Hammond [b. abt. 1826 in Essex Co., N.Y.]). Marcial and Lovinnia Day had one daughter: Emaretta (b. 1843).

3. Sophia, b. in Winhall, VT.; m. Henry W. Bigelow (b. 22 Aug. 1812 in VT.; d. 11 Feb. 1873; son of Job and Hannah [Walker] Bigelow). They removed to Chicago, Ill.

* 4. Salmon, b. 1823 in Winhall, VT.; d. 22 Sept. 1870 in Machias, N.Y., ae. 47; m. abt. 1854, Mary Rollins (b. 1832 in Cattaraugus County, N.Y.; d. 4 June 1871, ae. 39). After their marriage, Salmon became a boarder in the Abel and Polly Rice homestead while working as a farm laborer. Mary Day boarded as a laborer in the home of Copland and Sarah Remington. By 1860, Salmon and Mary Day had bought a farm farther down Riceville Road from his father's farm. It was located just over the border in the township of Machias, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., on lot 57. His real estate was valued at $500. in 1860. Mary Day's death occurred as the result of being dragged by a team of horses that she was attempting to hitch up. Salmon's brother, Hartson, was appointed as the petitioner for the estate of Salmon Day on 30 June 1871. The final settlement of the estate of Salmon Day occurred on 29 Nov. 1880 in Franklinville. Salmon and Mary Day were buried in the Riceville Cemetery. They had three children: LeRoy Sanford (b. 22 Oct. 1857 in Riceville, N.Y.; d. 29 Aug. 1929 in Detroit, Mich.; m. 5 Jan. 1888 in Springville, Erie Co., N.Y., Ida Rachel Weast [b. 8 Nov. 1869 in Machias, N.Y.; d. 12 Mar. 1921 in Riceville, N.Y.; dau. of Amos Botsford and Sophia {Steffenhagen} Weast]. Roy and Ida lived on Demmen Road and remained in Ashford until Ida's death, when Roy removed to Detroit, Mich. to be with one of his children. He was a dairy farmer. Roy and Ida [Weast] Day are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Machias, N.Y.); * Flora A. (b. 23 Apr. 1860 in Machias, N.Y.; d. 5 July 1936 in the Gowanda State Homeopathic Hospital of general arteriosclerosis and brocho-pneumonia; m. 11 Oct. 1879 in Ellicottville, N.Y., Peter M. Drown [b. 22 Jan. 1854 in Ellicottville, N.Y.; d. 2:00 p.m. on 14 Dec. 1919 in Ellicottville of valvular heart disease; son of Elbridge M.and Frances M. {Burlingame} Drown]. Both were buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery in Ellicottville, N.Y.); Georgia (b. abt. Dec., 1869 in Machias, N.Y.; d. by 1871).

5. Hartson, b. 22 Oct. 1825 in Winhall, VT.; d. bet. 1880 and 1900 in Riceville, N.Y.; m. abt. 1850 in Riceville, Laura Ann Rice (b. 27 Apr. 1824 in Oswego Co., N.Y.; d. 23 Nov. 1884 in Riceville, N.Y.; dau. of Abel and Polly Rice of Vermont who settled on lot 50 in Riceville). Hartson was a farmer whose farm was on Riceville Road on lot 36, next to his father's farm, on the corner of Lindsley Road. Hartson also worked his brother Salmon's estate after he died, and by 1874, with his brother-in-law Clark Rice was a proprietor of a saw and shingle mill in Riceville. In 1879, Hartson was the superintendent of the Sunday-school of the Methodist Episcopal Church of East Ashford. Hartson and Laura Ann (Rice) Day are buried in the Thomas' Corners Cemetery. They had 3 children: Clark D. (b. 7 May 1852 in Riceville, N.Y.; d. 1912 in Machias, N.Y.; m. 1 Sept. 1874, Eva P. Remington [b. 1854 in Ashford, N.Y.; d. 1918; dau. of Bela C. Remington]. Clark taught school 33 terms. He was also a farmer and took over his father's saw mill by 1900. Served as a school commissioner in 1890, and served as the Justice of the Peace for the town of Ashford for 8 years); Alice A. (b. abt. 1856); Harriet J. (b. abt. 1859).

9. Abigail, b. 23 Sept. 1828 in Winhall, Vt.; d. 28 Jan. 1902; m. abt.1846, Philip P. Wiltse (b. abt. 1820 in Montgomery Co., N.Y.; d. bef. 1900 in Riceville, N.Y.). Philip was a farmer. They moved into Salmon Day, Sr.'s home after the death of his wife, Abigail, and worked the farm. They had 2 children: Elizabeth Abigail (b. 20 Mar. 1847 in Ashford, N.Y.; m. Henry Hadley); Myron (adopted, b. 1855 in Erie Co., N.Y.).

Inventory of the Estate of Salmon Day, Jr.


1 span of horses + Harnesses $214.75

4 cows 153.00

3 calves 12.00

1 yearling 15.00

7 sheep 35.42

4 stone jars 1.00

3 3/4 doz. milk pans 9.38

sugar, milk pail + pan 2.60

1 churn 1.50

2 flat irons + 1 spinning wheel 2.95

1 keg vinegar + earthenware 3.95

2 lamps 1.05

1 wash tub + board + candlemolds .69

1 dressing pan + steelyards .43


1 lantern oil can + log chain 2.76

2 bags 1 neck yoke + 1 pair boots 2.46

1 clock 1 buffalo yoke + crosscut saw 11.06

1 seive 1 bedsted + pie tins 2.20

1 shoe brush fork 1 stove 1 barlen 1 half 3.25

1 butter bowl 1 spitovn + carpeting 1.25

whiffltree nails 3 pails 1 jar 1 milkcan 2.57

1 plow 5.00

1 fanning mill 8.00

1 pair lal sleighs 8.00

1 lumber waggon 50.00

1 3 spring waggon 110.00

1 harrow 8 geese sass bucket + holder 13.10

1 sugar pan 6.00

1 table + chairs + plates 7.50

1 bedstead 1 castor tea cup saucer + plates 3.30

knives + forks crockery + glass ware 6.46

bowles sap spouls + buckets 1.50

1 mirror window curtains + hatter 5.18

1 umbrella + cubboard 1.38

1 swine 14.00

1 organ 115.00

1 long sleigh 8.00

turkeys 3.00



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