Mother Ashcraft: Betsy A. Thompson
(September 16, 1787 - February 9, 1878)

Obituary (From the Herald of Gospel Liberty.)

ASHCRAFT--Mother Ashcraft departed this life February 9, 1878, at Machias, Cattaraugus County, N.Y., at the advanced age of 90 years, 4 months, and 23 days. 

She was born in Stratford,Connecticut, Sept. 16, 1787, and moved to Vermont when a child; was married March 22, 1810; moved to Alexander, Genessee County, the following July, with an oxteam; was on the road twenty-one days; moved to Machias in March, 1817, with an ox team also. 

She was the mother of ten children, six sons and four daughters.

She was converted in 1818, and united with the First Christian Church in Machias fifty years ago last July. She was one of the five members that constituted the church at its organization. 

She was present at the last anniversary meeting in July. Her testimony at that will long be remembered by those that were present. Feeble in body, tottering on the verge of the grave, yet strong in the Lord! She said, "It was the last time she should meet with the brothers and sisters, that she was almost home; and oh! how glad she was of it!" She was ready when the summons came, and peacefully passed away. 

May her children that are left behind, and the church of which she was so long a member, prove faithful, that they may meet her in the realms of glory. 

Mrs. J. G. Delmarter.

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Lines in Memory of Our Mother

Dear mother, thou art gone;
Dead! Dead! Oh, can it be?
Yet gone where death can never come;
Oh, may we come to thee!

When thou dids’t fall asleep,
They last words were to say,
As if, O Children, do not weep,
"There’s nothing in the way."

With Christian fortitude
They sufferings were endured;
Each Christian hope by pain renewed,
Each wound by suffering cured.

When we were gathered round,
To take the last fond view,
My aching heart could only ask,
O, God, can this be true?

We do not weep like those
Whom Jesus doth not save,
Those dying hope no farther goes
Than to the lonely grave.

Her trust was in her God;
She said, "Thy will be done."
When he appears she shall come forth
Bright as the morning sun.

When the great trump shall sound,
Oh, what a glorious sight!
Jesus with all his saints around
In robes of spotless white.

Jennie Husted.