Glassy Mt Rifle Range

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Group Picture Resting on way to Range Rifle Range

The 27th Division constructed two rifle ranges at Glassy Mt., one for each of its infantry brigades.  Each range consisted of 100 targets with 100, 200, and 300 yard firing trenches. This is the 54th Brigade range at Glassy Mt   Troops would be sent up in battalions and occupy their respective ranges for 7 to 10 days before rotating out back to Camp Wadsworth.  Most of the division's infantry regiments had at least two tours on the range before going overseas.  Troops would reach the range by train (1 travel day) or hike (3 travel days).  Glassy Mt. is approximately 32 miles from Camp Wadsworth.  Troops marching to the range would bivouac for the night at two different campsites  - Jonathan Brooke Spartanburg, SC.

Chemung, NY Area Prior to Camp Wadsworth

Guarding a Bridge

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Wilfred Allen & Norm Reitz Huntley and Allen Norm (Pots) Reitz
Norm Reitz Wilfred (Friday) Allen Witherell-Swietzer-Carlson

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