Olean Evening Hearld, Olean New York, Thursday Evening, April 14, 1921 Page. 3 

Pay Solumn Tribute to Three

Olean War Heros, Who Laid

Down Their Lives for Democracy

A final solemn tribute was paid today to the memory of three of Olean's war heroes, Sergeant Ernest Colbert, First Class Private Harry J. Carney and Private Ole B. Olson, members of Co. I, 108th Infantry,who laid down their lives on their country's altar. Many flags in the city waved at half mast, the last fitting respects of their multitudes of friends.

The funeral of Private Harry J. Carney was held at nine o'clock this morning from St. John church, the Rev. J. F. Gardner officiating at the solemn requiem high mass. Interment was made in St. Bonaventure's cemetery.

Former comrades of the deceased accompanied the body to the grave in charge of Captain James F. Oakleaf. Those acting as pall bearers were: Carl Subject, Arthur McDonald, Eugene Wilson, H. Staysa, William Evans, Sam Herzog. Color bearers and guard were Donald Mess, John Foley, J. Derx. Firing squad: Cyrll Ringbauer, L. J.Parker, L. Millman, I. Schiff, Charles Hurd, Edward Williams, F. D. and L. R. Kozlow.

Services for the remains of Private Ole B. Olson were held at almost the same time from St. Stephen's church, the Rev. C. C. Bentley officiating. At the very impressive ceremonies, the body of Private Olson was interred in the Mt. View cemetery. His

former comrades, John Baer, William Ehler, Lloyd Walters, J. Spade, R Sherman, and Ray Healy, also acted as bearers with color bearers and guard of Ralph Mullen, David Matthews, R. Wagner, and firing squad of R. Carpenter, D. J. Baker, D. A. Baker, W. Graham, Harold Hubbard, L. Edwards, C. Kennedy, in charge of Lieutenant Clement J. Felt.

The funeral services for Sergeant Colbert were held this afternoon from the Colbert residence in South Tenth street and from the First Baptist church at 2:30 o'clock, the Rev. P. H. Lynch holding a solemn service over the body. A military guard also accompanied the remains of Sergeant Colebert to Mt. View cemetery. the detail of Lieutenant Leo J. Seltler, the bearers were, Eugene Wilson, Edward Carlson, Lloyd Milliman, Max Norton, Cal Subject and Arthur McDonald; firing squad, I. Schiff, R. Sherman, Donald Mess, Charles Hurd, John Sloat, Cyril Ringbauer, William Evans, and John Baer; color bearers, Ralph Mullen; R. Wagner, David Matthews.

At the graves of all three soldiers a salute was fired by the firing squad and taps sounded by the company bugler, Leroy Boone.

The remains of Sergeant Colebert and Private Olson will be laid side by side, the young men having been life long friends and "buddies" in the service.

Clipping provided by Barbara Robertson, transcribed by Richard Allen