Cattaraugus County Gazetteer Biographies

These Gazetteers are a great source of biographical information. The information in these Gazetteers was obtained via contemporaneous interviews. While often cited by genealogists as a "source" it is important to realize that the information provided the interviews may contain "family lore" that, while generally accepted, may deviate from fact.

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Many thanks Laura Greene and her team of transcribers for all the work they put into making this available to us.

Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial - Adams (1893)

Book IconThe Historical Gazetteer editied by William Adams was published for Cattaraugus County in 1893 by Lyman & Horton .  In addition to historical, political, and geographical data, the gazetteer also contained biographies of many of the residents in the towns and villages of the time.  

History of Cattaraugus County by Everts (1879)

Book Icon History of Cattaraugus County edited Franklin Ellis and by published by Everts contains biographies of prominent men and pioneers of the county including some pictures.  Laura Greene and her helpers are transcribing it town by town.