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About the Hall Cemetery

The HALL CEMETERY is a roadside location featuring a grove of trees on the north side of West River Road/CR60 in the Town of Allegany, Cattaraugus Co NY - south across the Allegheny River from the village of Allegany and St. Bonaventure University.

In A GUIDE TO BURIAL SITES, CEMETERIES AND RANDOM STONES IN CATTARAUGUS COUNTY, NEW YORK by Marlynn McNallie Olson, the author comments: "According to a 1968 Layout Map (redrawn in 1968) of the stones and burials, 26 persons are buried here. All that remained in 1992 was one large stone (Lucy Maria Hall, 1819-1873), and 1 unmarked foot stone.

This is NOT a definitive work, but rather a collection of facts from many sources, a few assumptions, and and some reasonable conclusions. It is the result of the best efforts of several people and should be considered a "work in progress" and subject to change. Feel free to contact me with any comments, information or questions or corrections.

Hall Cemetery Listing

No. Name as Drawn ActualName Born Died Father Mother Spouse
1 Mandy Rounds Amanda J Rounds Abt 1856 bef. 1870 Cryil Rounds Pricilla Pixley
2 Mrs Picsley Mrs Pixley?

3 Jonnie Garr

4 Lucy Bennet LucyM Bennett Abt 1847
David S. Hall Luncinda A. __ Bennett
5 Marcus Hall MarcusD. L Hall Abt 1854
David S. Hall Luncinda A
6 Libbie Draton ElizabethRounds 1838 Aft 1880 Cryil Rounds Pricilla Pixley
7 Uncle Aron Aaron Hall July21 1833
Philo Shelton Hall Orilla Kingsley Elizabeth Rounds
8 Uncle Hiram Hiram Hall Abt.1844
Philo Shelton Hall Orilla Kingsley
9 Grandfather Filo PhiloShelton Hall May 18 1801 May12 1878 David Hall Ann Jackson
10 Uncle James James Hall Abt 1837
Philo Shelton Hall OrillaKingsley
11 Grama Hall Orilla Kingsley 1801 Feb08 1878 Elias Kingsley Judith Reed
12 Gramma Eunice Hall Eunice?

Luther W Hall
13 Aunt Lucy Lucy Maria? Nov 23 1819 Oct 11 1873

Alvah H Hall
14 W Stebbins Child

15 Little Brother

16 Willie Smith

17 and Sister

18 a) Charlie Cappel Solomon Cappel

b) Aunt Ede EdithHall Oct 27 1829

19 Elicei Capple

20 Three Same Babies

Edith Hall
21 of Aunt Ede.

Edith Hall

23 Wealthy Rounds WealthyRye Rounds

Orton Rounds MaryHall Edwin Maynard
24 Orilla Hall's UncleMartin* Martin Hall 1838 Feb 04 1919 Philo Shelton Hall Orilla Kingsley Mary E ?
25 George Hall**
Jan 08 1842 Mar 20 1880

* Martin Hall was interred at Mt View Cemetery Olean NY
** George Hall was interred in the Protestant Cemetery Allegany NY

Irene Hall's Original Drawing

Plot Drawing

Some Photo's of the Hall Cemetery

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View Looking North
fallen stone photo
Lucy Mariah Hall

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