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last name first name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Carnahan Dora Frederick b. 1858 d. 1900Mother of Vada, Floyd and Glenn
Carnahan Georgeb. Sep. 10,1857 d. Aug. 30, 1927Parents: Herman and Nancy Carnahan
Carnahan Glenn William b. 1891 d. 1902Killed by the train at age 11
Carnahan Herman Delos "Delos" b. Dec. 29, 1823 d. Dec. 29, 1897 Children: Adelbert , Myron  ,George, Elmer, Elnora E. Hall,William
Carnahan Myrtle Frederick b. abt 1859
d. Mar. 19, 1924Spouse of Willie Carnahan
Carnahan Nancy Isabelle Peterson b. Mar. 12, 1824 d. 1905Sp. Delos; Daughter of Peter & Dorcas (Hurd) Peterson
Johnston Mrs Permelia "Grandma"b. 1830 d. 1903 "From Margret Newman" on stone
Nellis Silas b. Feb. 12, 1863 d. Feb. 22,1901Sp. Lois Carnahan; daughters Afie and Depha
Newman Williamb. unknown d. unknownBuried with baby
Pierce Maxineb. unknown d. unknownGranddaughter of Able and Alice Wilcox
Wilcox Abel Aldellow b. 1882 d. 1925Children: Ruth, Eleanor, Ransom, Margaret and Abel.
Wilcox Alice Carnahanb. 1893 d. 1929 Parents: Myron Whitmore Carnahan   Estelle Carnahan
Zibble Maryb. 1830 d. 1907Mother of Laura, Milo, Louisa, Ida 
Zibble Williamb. 1833 d. 1913Husband of Mary Zibble