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Please note:  This index was made many years ago for the Cattaraugus County Museum at Little Valley, NY and has been digitized by a team of Cattaraugus County researchers.  There will be errors, given the difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting of the original census records.  Please check the names carefully, as your family's name may have simply been misspelled or misread.

Laura Greene,  Project Coordinator

Transcribed by A. Vincent

NAME:Page # of Microfilm
Akin, Elijah620
Akin, James M.609
Aldrich, Frederick607
Annis, John615
Arnold, Andrew612

Barton, Albert621
Barton, Leonard624
Battin, Catharine M.623
Bliss, Asher613
Bliss, Asher613
Bradley, Arthur621
Braly, Sama’l M.616
Brannon, James623
Brown, Anna621
Brown, John612
Burch, Sylvester610

Campbell, Harry W.623
Cargill, Ann608
Colwell, Fransis616
Covadel, John617
Covill, Harrison617
Cowan, Robert E.619
Cox, Joseph612
Crofoot, Hiram611
Crofoot, Hiram621
Crofoot, Valera T.615
Crooks, John608

Day, Hariet A.607
Doyle, James611
Durning, Margaret611
Durning, Peter615

English, John W.620

Fargo, Daniel624
Fargo, Jabez P.619
Fargo, Samuel623
Fenton, John A.608
Fenton, John F.622
Ferran, Patrick621
Flagg, Asa624
Flagg, David623
Flagg, Elzi624
Flagg, Sarah619
Fosket, Depew624
Foster, Jeremiah B.624
Foster, Jeremiah624
Frew, Josiah620
Fuller, Charles624

Genung, Jonas609
Genung, Nathan E.609
Graves, Henry612
Green, Justina E.609
Gribben, John611

Hall, Comfort S.615
Hall, Joseph620
Haly, Eleazler613
Haly, James A.614
Holiday, Lemira S.608
Holland, Eunice613
Holmes, Corydon624
Hotchkis, Horace620
Hotchkis, Ira608
Hotchkis, Isaac612
Hotchkis, Merrit, Jr.617
Hotchkis, Orlin619

Johnston, Robert R.620

Kane, Anthony623
Kane, Robert623
Kenniston, Cordelia614
Kenniston, Dudley616
Kent, Brazillo620
Killbourn, Aurella619

Laughlin, Barnard609
Laughlin, John616

Mack, Gewell619
Marsh, Benjamine B.608
Mason, Benjamin611
McCann, Arthur621
McCann, John621
McCouvell, Arthur611
McCovey, Sarah A.611
McDonald, Charles617
McDonald, Jane623
McGinnis, John615
McGinnity, Dennis616
McLaughlin, Alice616
McLaughlin, Peter608
McPoland, John615
McVay, James613
Mendal, Asa619
Moore, Emeline615
Moore, Sarah615
Morrill, Lucy607
Morrison, Amanda S.624
Morrison, Austin J.620
Morrison, John615
Morrison, Joseph B.608
Morrison, Phebe608
Murphy, Barnard616
Murphy, John C.616
Murphy, John H.607
Murphy, Peter611

Nichols, Caleb615
Norman, Henry613
Norton, Alonzo619

Outred, Diana613

Palmer, Ephraim607
Phillips, Manerva M.615
Pierce, Nathaniel H.607

Reeves, Geo. W.612
Reeves, Warren H.611
Reeves, Warren H.621
Reeves, Warren L.621
Reid, Susan617
Rent, Walter H.609
Rice, Wheeler607
Robbins, Deloss M.612
Robbins, William612

See, Catherin623
Shirley, Hiram619
Smith, James613
Stone, Richard S.611
Stryker, Jasper B.608
Stryker, John J.608
Stryker, John M.625

Thayer, Nehemiah611
Tucker, David607
Tucker, Robert A.617
Turner, William614

Valkenburgh, John619
VanValkenburgh, Lucy619

Warren, Marion M.609
Weed, Henry S.620
Wheeler, Allen624
Wheeler, Simeon609
Wheeler, William A.617
Whelpley, Daniel W.608
Whelpley, Hiram K.611
Whelpley, Silas616
Whorton, Asa W.612
Wilcox, Rodney H.609
Willcox, Napoleon607
Willcox, Patience607
Woods, John611
Woolman, Abner623
Worth, William613
Wright, Myron615
Wright, Rosina614
Wright, Zabin623
Wyman, John F.609

Young, Edwin619
Young, George609

Zeigler, George61