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Please note:  This index was made many years ago for the Cattaraugus County Museum at Little Valley, NY and has been digitized by a team of Cattaraugus County researchers.  There will be errors, given the difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting of the original census records.  Please check the names carefully, as your family's name may have simply been misspelled or misread.

Laura Greene,  Project Coordinator

Transcribed by Patricia Quinlan Covley

The Town of HUMPHREY can be found on the 2nd (Volume 2) of 3 microfilms of the 1865 NY State Census for Cattaraugus County made by the LDS church

NAME: Page # of Microfilm
Abbott, Eleanor235
Anderson, Patrick231
Armstrong, Wilson227

Bacon, Ghial227
Bacon, Lydia 223
Bacon, Melissa232
Bailler, Frank 212
Barber, Christina225
Barker, Marshal 232
Barker, Phebe 232
Baxter, William212
Benjamin, Emma 228
Berry, Milo218
Bozard, Andrew J. 220
Bozard, Cyrus P.232
Bozard, Henry M. 232
Bozard, Richard 221
Brannan, Thomas 221
Bresie, Lavinia C. 228
Burns, Ann216
Burns, Thomas223
Butler, Harriet220

Canada, Myron 229
Chapman, Rhoda217
Chase, Elisabeth236
Chase, Hiram225
Chase, Nathaniel 211
Childs, Cephas227
Clark, John229
Cleveland, Alonzo219
Cleveland, Brainard214
Coffy, Mary211
Coffy, Michael213
Cole, Benj.235
Cole, Marvin S.213
Cole, Stephen S.235
Colvin, Merritt227
Conlun, Ann221
Conlun, James 223
Conoly, Elisabeth224
Cooper, Mary J. 220
Crary, Archibald C. 211
Crary, Augustus 211
Crary, Benjamin 211

DeGolia, Gev. C. 233
Deir, Wm.217
Deveney, James 217
Devine, John221
Devine, Patrick221
Devitt, Ester219
Dollard, Patrick R.224
Dowde, John 216
Drake, Justin M. 216
Drew, Benjamin 227
Driscoll, Florence231

Fellows, George228
Fenton, James 227
Finch, Joseph215
Fitzgerrald, John 222
Fitzgerrold, John 236
Flanagan, Pierce 212
Flinn, James 222
Fowler, Peter J. 229
Freeland, Charles212
French, Alfred 215
French, Celia 233
Fuller, Chase 233
Fuller, Lafayette F.233
Fuller, Rebecca 232

Gaffney, John224
Ganung, James221
Golden, Anthony213
Guthrie, Almond 232
Guthrie, Edwin225
Guthrie, John C. 225

Hacket, Francis A. 232
Hadaway, John226
Haggerty, Wm.225
Haley, James 217
Hall, Wilber F.227
Hart, Mathias231
Hicks, Levi220
Hicks, Sylvia E. 236
Hill, Julia A. 223
Hinman, Byron223
Hitchcock, Freeman228
Hitchcock, Horace231
Hitchcock, James 231
Hitchcock, Pluma A. 228
Hogg, Alexander236
Hood, Randall 229

Johnson, Sarah213

Kearney, James 236
Kenyon, Clarrisa 227
Kilcoin, Thomas 220
Kimball, Eli229
King, Mary213
Kinny, Thomas215

Lawless, Thomas 219
Learn, George 220
Learn, Mary220
Learn, Nathan 216
Leonard, Mary211
Leonard, Watson 219
Lewis, Margaret 231
Lindsay, Wm.J. 225
Liordan, James219
Lockie, Andrew 235
Ludeman, Frederick212
Lyons, Peter215

Malona, James232
Manning, Benjamin 215
Manning, Mary224
Marble, Nathan F.224
Marrin, Thomas 235
Marsh, Ezra 235
Martin, Thomas 223
Matteson, Betsey229
Matteson, George229
McCanna, Frank 221
McCarty, John212
McGee, Thomas 217
McGovern, John 233
McGuire, John 224
McGurk, Edward 224
McIntosh, Sylvestus 220
McKoon, Newton C.236
McWilliams, Rufus228
Miller, James 225
Miller, John 233
Moffat, John220
Moffat, Stephen 216
Moffit, Huldah235
Moffit, Sylvester H.233
Moore, Felix 219
Morris, Wm. S. 232
Morrison, Andrew 217
Mosman, Mathias 221
Munn, Warner 212
Murphy, Patrick236

Nelson, Emma 211
Newell, Harrison221
Newell, Hervey 211
Newell, Sidney218

O’Brien, Daniel 216
O’Brien, Mary A. 236
O’Brien, Patrick224

Packer, Charles M.212
Phenix, Calvin211
Phillips, Bridet225
Phillips, Patrick219
Pierce, Harvey H. 220
Pierce, Hiram220
Pierce, Lovina 220
Pierce, Lyartus B.220
Putnam, John 220

Quinby, Harriet219
Quinby, Mary J. 217
Quinlan, Daniel217
Quinlan, Francis219
Quinlan, John 217
Quinn, Michael219
Quirk, Patrick219

Redman, Garrett224
Reed, Henry223
Reed, John M. 233
Reed, Virgil 211
Reynolds, Edwin M.212
Reynolds, George216
Reynolds, Jeptha216
Reynolds, Martin M.223
Riby, Patrick 213
Richmond, Dorcas230
Rowe, John 231
Rump, John J.236
Ryon, Patrick231

Salisburg, Foster B. 235
Shanley, Simon212
Shepherd, Thomas 232
Sherwood, Thomas 214
Sill, Mark 217
Skeels, Silas235
Slemmons, John 225
Slocum, William227
Smith, Parker235
Southern, Martin217
Southwick, Barnet235
Southwick, David 213
Stack, Morris232
Starr, Noah 211
Stone, Alice 211
Stone, Russel 229
Storrs, Nirum233
Stout, Stephen 227
Sweet, Gilbert 221
Sweet, Rufus 221

Thomas, Charles212
Torrens, Hugh 236
Torrens, Nancy 211
Tracy, Alpheus L.228
Tracy, Eri 229

Vantile, Nathaniel 225

Washburn, Mary214
Washburn, Wm. 215
Watkins, John H. 223
Wethy, Lester235
Wethy, Maryette U.226
Wheeler, David 213
Wheeler, David A. 222
Wheeler, John 234
Wheeler, Joseph215
Wheeler, Milantha D.234
Wheeler, Naomi236
Wheeler, Seth213
Whitcomb, Josiah 215
Whitford, Cornelius 233
Whitlock, Amanda218
Whitlock, Benajah 215
Whitlock, Josiah 215
Whitlock, Julia A. 235
Whitlock, Thomas 228
Wickes, Charles D. 211
Wilber, Barber230
Wilber, Calvin M. 228
Wilber, Jerome B.228
Wilber, Kenyon 228
Wilber, Milo228
Wilber, Philo C. 228
Wilber, Ransom 228
Wilber, Sally D. 230
Wilcox, Augustus 232
Wilkinson, Charles232
Williams, Homer228
Wixson, Laurens 227
Woodruff, Charles224
Woodruff, Louisa213
Worden, George228
Worden, George B. 229