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Please note:  This index was made many years ago for the Cattaraugus County Museum at Little Valley, NY and has been digitized by a team of Cattaraugus County researchers.  There will be errors, given the difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting of the original census records.  Please check the names carefully, as your family's name may have simply been misspelled or misread.

Laura Greene,  Project Coordinator

Transcribed by Laura Greene

The Town of COLD SPRING can be found on the 1st (Volume 1) of 3 microfilms of the 1865 NY State Census for Cattaraugus County made by the LDS church

NAME:Page # of Microfilm
Arance, Baley P.300

Brown, Charley W.293
Buck, William A.294
Brace, Eliza295
Burr, Stephen299
Bert, Rebecca300
Buck, Jonathan Jr301
Bixby, Lefhi301
Brick, Silas301
Bowers, Ew.302
Burget, Margret302
Barrett, Samuel H.302
Brown, William M.302
Blood, Daniel F.302
Brown, Kate E.304
Brownal, James 0.305
Barchfel, Harritt305
Brown, James F.307
Booth, Alenzo310
Burdick, H.W.310
Burdick, L.H.310
Brown, Charles310
Backos, James312

Covert, Anthena294
Culver, Edward294
Culver, Sarah295
Clark, William E.297
Coy, Andrew297
Carningham, Herman297
Coe, Geary F.298
Curtis, William299
Curtis, Susan300
Curtis, Stephen H.305
Castler, Alenzo A.305
Clancy, Thomas306
Coe, Orsen B.306
Cooper, Stephen306
Chapman, Amus B.306
Carr, Lorenzo307
Cone, Ezra309
Clark, Henry310
Clark, Hubbard L.311
Croock, Nathan311
Coe, James311

Danders, Francis E.302
Darling, Isiah W.302
Darling, Byron302
Dalrymple, Madison305
Dixon, James G.307
Davis, Alenzo308
Drew, Joseph311
Drew, Walter311

Earle, William295
Egelsten, Margret305
Earle, Louis V.306
Eastman, Welmon307

Fox, Peter297
Fuller, Howard299
Fuller, Alfred V.305
Furman, Harison305
Flanders, William C.307
Fay, Aroy309

Galbreth, Henry294
Grout, Daniel D.298
Gates, Louisa C.301
Graves, Nelson311
Gates, Jonathan312

Hovey, Laffett293
Hovey, Frank C.293
Hall, Levret293
Hovey, Ziba293
Helms, Milton293
Hotchkish, Harmen294
Hackett, Lucy295
Haire, Thomas295
Hopkins Nancy L.301
Hall, Joel301
Holdridge, Prise S.301
Hill., George303
Harkness, Silas308
Harkness, Andrew305
Haywood, Otis307
Hall, Amous308
Harding, Curtis F.309
Jeffords, Freedom298
Jeffords, Liberty300
Jeffords, Simon300
Jones, James309

Kennan, John293
Kelog, Jonathan301
Kinny, May A .302
Keggers, Joseph304
Kilburn., Alvin306

Lions, Ethel L.298
Lelon, Livant300
Leamens, Horace309
Langham, William310
Langham, William310
Lee, Jason,311
Louis, John H.311

Macmalen, Alden293
McDonald, Marten295
Marsh, George297
Morse, Charles299
May, Selvester A.299
Morison, Harison299
Merrel, Wesley E.302
Martin, Srlenon302
Morison, Miles303
Myers, Clark A.303
Mark, Tate305
McCarty, Patrick306
Meriman, Murdy306
Marsh, Joseph W.309
Miner, Eliah310
Merret, Curtis311

Niles , Rubin295
Noland, Edward306

Owens, Hezekiah299

Price, Joseph295
Price, James W.295
Price, Dorr295
Price, Ebeneeser C295
Price, May299
Philip, Robert299
Payne, Amus G.302
Parkes, Mary307
Prine, Jacob M.310
Payne, Stephen310
Payne, Foster310

Randolph, Abriam293
Rathburn, Amelia293
Roadhouse, Joseph295
Randolph, William C.303
Roads, Elly303
Rigges, Orlando309
Ross, Zenus311
Rolf, Elizebeth312

Spaulding, Daniel293
Stephens, Daniel S293.
Sumeriski, Isace294
Shumusk, David K.297
Stewart, Elisha299
Simons, Charles301
Stone, Mary301
Stewart, Lemuel301
Snyder, Harett302
Scott, Seymer302
Stephens, Edward A.303
Shattuck, William303
Stedman, Gorden304
Sulivan, John306
Stephens, William C.306
Stephens, Arena306
Sage, Amus307
Seager, Stephen307
Smith, Thomas311

Turner, Thomas294
Titus, Benjamin298
Terry, William301

Vicrey, Orange303
Vickrey, John304

Warner, Clarry293
Williams, George A.297
Woodruf, J. Madison298
Wells, Moses B.298
Wimer, Harry G.298
Wooderd, James301
Wilcox, David302
Welmon, George W.307
Wait James309
Wait, Luther307
Whitmore, Denison309
Wairhouse, James309
Wood, Daniel B.310
Wright, Ezra310
Washburn, Giles311

Youngs, William H.303
York, S.O.305