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Please note:  This index was made many years ago for the Cattaraugus County Museum at Little Valley, NY and has been digitized by a team of Cattaraugus County researchers.  There will be errors, given the difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting of the original census records.  Please check the names carefully, as your family's name may have simply been misspelled or misread.

Laura Greene,  Project Coordinator

Transcribed by Richard C. Loshbough

H =      Household
F =      Family
Pg# =   Page Number assigned by LDS when original census records were microfilmed.

Akin, Elijah2727258
Arnold, Daniel1518250

Baker, Isaac3232259
Barton, James1113249
Barton, Joseph1112249
Barton, Leonard1414257
Barton, Simeon1114249
Belton, Charles P.2735251
Black, Antoine88256
Black, William4150253
Brailey, Samuel2026250
Braley, David1519250
Brannon, James2525258
Brown, Amos33248
Brown, Benjamin1925250
Brown, John1616257
Brown, Naomy3543253
Brown, Susan4049253
Brown, William44248
Bumpass, Silas3030259
Bumpus, Jason3333259
Burbank, George1313257

Cargill, Amos M.3333259
Celsey, David1717258
Champlin, Benjamin1414257
Chandler, Cathrine2430251
Chandler, William1925250
Chapman, Elijah2329251
Churchill, Milton3644252
Clide, George4660254
Cobb, Isaac 2nd3131259
Cobb, William3240252
Cooper, Stephen2632251
Corndle, John2531251
Covell, Harrison4252253
Covil, Silvester3341252
Cowan, R. E.3644252
Crick, Robert2323258
Crooks, John11256
Crowfoot, Candis4040260

Dail, James3645252
Day, Charles4558254
Day, Melisse3030259
Doughty, George88256
Dunkin, John1313257

Edmans, Charles1919258
English, John1924250

Fenton, Erasmus4141260
Fenton, John L.3746253
Flagg, David1111257
Flagg, Eli88256
Flagg, John1515257

Geer, Harrison77256
Genung, Jonas22256
Genung, Nathan33256
Glaser, Hellen4662255
Grant, Daniel B.55248
Gray, Nathan88256
Green, Dewit2127251
Green, Jestina33256
Green, Joseph3737260
Green, S.2228251

Haley, E.2937250
Hall, Joseph4659254
Hall, William Rev.66248
Heminway, Chapin44248
Hiller, Jediah2626258
Homes, Corydon1212257
Hotchkiss, Ira1923250
Hotchkiss, Isaac1620250
Hotchkiss, Merit1011249
Hotchkiss, Orlen1721250

Johnston, Robert B.89248

Kelsey, Caltha3644252
Kelsey, Delta E.3636260
Kelsey, Elby3434259
Keneston, Samuel2836251
Kent, Brazilla11248
Kieth, Amasa3535259

Luddn, Mary1414257

Marsh, Gideon55256
Mason, Benjamin1818258
McDonal, Alexander1010257
McDonal, John88256
McDonnel, Abigail88257
McFadden, Joseph J.22248
McGinnity, Henry2424258
McKey, William88256
Megines, John3442252
Melooey, Patrick4557254
Mendell, Polly2430251
Merriman, Marlia2329251
Miles, Cordalia910249
Moore, Elisha D.3232259
Moore, James3847253
Moore, Sarah3948253
Morgan, Ann2424258
Morrison, Benjamin2734251
Morrison, Harrison4254254
Morrison, Hiram4242260
Morrison, Montgomery 2633251
Murphy, Barney4355254
Murphy, John4557254
Murphy, Peter2424258

Needham, Austin4253253
Neptune, Mary910249
Nortman, Henry3139252
Norton, Alonzo1316249

Outred, David4545261
Owens, Alvin3038251

Palmer, Ephraim3939260
Permater, Emely3939260
Philips, Daniel1417249
Philips, Marcelus4151253
Philips, Samuel3543252
Philips, Sarah J.3644252
Poland, John3232259
Putman, Mortimer3232259

Reeves, Benjamin3333259
Reeves, Warren H.4040260
Robbins, Deloss2121258
Russ, George2727259

Sample, John1215249
Skin, James3636260
Smith, James4456254
Stockwell, Thomas C.2828259
Stodard, Washington2020258
Stone, Richard L.4661255
Striker, John C.3333259
Stuart, John4664255

Thomas, John C.3232259
Tucker, David3030259
Turk, Elisabeth4557254
Turner, William4660254

Valkenburgh, John2531251
Vandelarr, Marlin4662255

Walker, Silas1822250
Waters, Henry S.78248
Wheeler, Simeon2929259
Whelpley, Daniel3232259
Whelpley, Hiram1818258
Whetson, Samuel22248
White, Clark R.4444261
White, William4663254
Whitehouse, Horace2828259
Willcox, Napolian R.3939260
Willcox, Patience3636260
Willcox, Stephen K.3838260
Wilman, Arial55256
Wise, Eunice R.910248
Wood, Samuel2020258
Woods, John3645253
Woods, Michal2424258
Wright, Rosina99256
Write (Wright), Howard88256

Young, George44256
Young, Martin4665255

Zeigler, George4049253
Zeigler, John4343261
Zeluff, Merit77248