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Please note:  This index was made many years ago for the Cattaraugus County Museum at Little Valley, NY and has been digitized by a team of Cattaraugus County researchers.  There will be errors, given the difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting of the original census records.  Please check the names carefully, as your family's name may have simply been misspelled or misread.

Laura Greene,  Project Coordinator

Transcribed by Martie Wilson

H =      Household
F =      Family
Pg# =   Page Number assigned by LDS when original census records were microfilmed.
NameHouse #Family #Pg. #
Abott, Stephen4343132
Adsett, Uriah162162146
Anthony, Henry133133143

Babcock, Elisha J.5050133
Bacon, David3131131
Baker, Isaac N.204204152
Balster, Henry H.5858134
Baltum, Andrew8383137
Barber, Caleb124124142
Barnard, A.L.140140144
Bates, Elkanah106106140
Beach, Isaac7070136
Beard, Francis H.1414129
Beebe, Lyman6060135
Belamy, Himan205205152
Benett, Polly160160146
Berry, Patrick7373136
Beseeker, Charles169169147
Beseeker, George168168147
Blossom, Allen6262135
Boon, Norman9090138
Bradley, Lua E.22128
Bristol, Amos102102139
Bristol, J.B.101101139
Bristol, Michael8989138
Brown, James110110`140
Brown, James C.116116141
Brown, Michael8282137
Brown, Mosley119119141
Brown, Robert168168147
Bull, Hellen120120142
Burlingame, Philo178178148
Burt, Charles112112141
Bush, Henery203203152

Cambell, Alve147147145
Carmen, Jacob158158146
Carmen, Peter S.197197151
Carney, John8080137
Carpenter, Frederick3232131
Carpenter, Joel113113141
Carpenter, Seymour6868136
Carthrell, D.C.153153145
Carthrell, Lambert W.55128
Caswell, Anthony4444133
Chadwick, Harey N.1212129
Chadwick, Rinsam184184149
Chalou, Brigget4141132
Chamberlain, Hazen1818129
Chamberlin, Candis6969136
Chamberlin, Cornelis176176148
Chamberlin, Henry88128
Chamberlin, Ina179179148
Chamberlin, William188188150
Cheryman, George4848133
Cheryman, John4545133
Cheryman, William4646133
Clark, Cordelia183183149
Cline, Frederick135135143
Cline, Semour134134143
Cole, Milo J.111111140
Conklin, Suzan7575137
Conrad, Cathrin2828131
Conrad, Daniel156156146
Conrad, Nicholas104104140
Conrad, Samuel2222129
Conrad, William H.157157146
Cooper, David174174148
Corthrell, Lucinda204204152
Countrite, George9797139
Curtin, Joseph152152145

Davis, John A.7070136
Davis, Jonathan6969136
Densmore, Eleazer99128
Densmore, William1515129
Derby, Peter1212129
Drake, Oliver S.6464135
Drake, Sever6565135
Dudley, Samuel107107140
Dunche, Elsha6767135
Dunley, Catharine7474136
Dunn, Luke8484138

Ellithrop, Lyman203203152
Emmonds, Polly3232131

Fall, Robert8181137
Farwell, Abraham2525130
Farwell, Abraham M.2323130
Farwell, James2424130
Farwell, John D.2727130
Farwell, John H.8888138
Farwell, Thomas J.2828130
Ferris, Runels161161146
Fitch, Orson145145150
Flyte, Abraham164164147
Folswer, Munget7373136
Frank, T.F.180180149
Franty, Edward167167147

Gehn, Ina111111141
Gleason, Ira F.198198151
Godfrey, Joel A.141141144
Gould, Jesse W.175175148
Granger, Liester104104140
Gray, James B.154154145
Green, Frances8585138
Greer, Aaron100100139
Griffith, Griffith C.1010128
Guild, Alonza55128
Guild, Rhoda3535131

Hacket, Alford4949133
Hacket, David8989138
Hacket, Eunis6969136
Hacket, Hannah S.4141132
Hacket, Seth5959134
Hale, Loring8787138
Hamilton, A.D.5959134
Hatch, Charles C.5454134
Hatch, Thomas J.5353134
Hawley, Benjamin1717129
Henley, Daniel115115141
Hewitt, Clarance141141144
Hibner, Joseph3333131
Hibner, William3636132
Hobart, H.S.4242132
Holister, George190190150
Holyday, Elijah118118141

Jewell, Moses131131143

Kenfield, Salmon132132143
Kidder, John182182149
Kleeler, Henry145145144
Knapp, Albert3030131
Knapp, Joseph2929131
Knight, Joseph L.44128

Lafever, Samuel9898139
Learn, Evan172172148
Learn, George171171148
Learn, Jacob170170147
Learn, Peter189189150
Leonard, Alexis P.129129143
Lewis, Henry B.142142144
Linderman, Henry B.163163146
Linderman, Nicholas125125142
Lockwood, John3838132
Low, Juman7070136
Luther, William9393139
Lyden, Polly180180149
Lyon, George137137143

Magee, William6363135
Magnaun, Cathrine7676137
Mallory, Simon C.139139144
Maracun, John159159146
Maroney, Martin7777137
McCrane, Barney114114141
McCune, James7979137
McKay, Lucy A.129129142
McNething, Joseph7878137
McWilliams, John146146144
Meed, Peter121121142
Mephail, Alexander5151133
Miller, Abraham196196151
Miller, David193193151
Miller, James160160146
Miner, George H.3434131
Monagen, Henry7171136
Moore, Collins W.22128
Moore, Frederick7070136
Morgan, Nelson 2nd194194151
Morris, Nely148148145
Morris, stephen151151145
Morris, Thomas144144144
Moynahan, Daniel191191151
Munger, Eunis9595139
Munger, Henry3737132
Munger, William W.5252134

Newman, Mansel9494139
Nuten, Emomely103103140

O’Brine, Martin8686138
O’Day, Patrick4343133
Oliver, Margaret3939132
Onen, Macus123123142
Osgood, Benjamin177177148
Osterstock, Emery166166147
Osterstock, John169169147
Otto, Siles P.9696139

Patrick, Anthony7373136
Perry, James P.2020129
Perry, Jonathan2121129
Pettit, Stephen188188150
Pirce, Cyrus141141144
Pirce, John128128143
Presha, Haret N.188188150
Presha, James109109140

Raub, Charles200200151
Raub, David202202152
Raub, Jeremy199199151
Raub, John201201152
Raub, Joseph173173148
Renels, William183183149
Rine, James7474136
Rine, Mieal7272136
Robison, Naomie4545133
Robison, William H.117117141
Ronklin, Thomas7676137
Round, Lucy127127143
Rumrell, Lewis165165147

Scott, Sary136136143
Seary, H.L.187187150
Sexton, H.C.180180149
Shafer, Adem192192150
Sheldon, Gardner103103140
Sherelock, John9292138
Sherwood, Noah1616129
Sill, Nelson138138144
Slocum, Lyman1313129
Smith, Abner W.163163146
Smith, Abner,77128
Smith, Alonza F.186186150
Smith, William22128
Sprage, Edwin6767136
Sprage, Eli A.6666135
Starkweather, William55128
Stevens, Harry122122142
Stockman, Cathrin103103140
Strait, Lafayett126126142
Sulivan, Timothy7575137
Swan, Isaac127127142
Swartz, Mary173173148
Swift, Canfield9999139

Tabor, Calvin3939132
Taft, Semour155155146
Terra, Marunce151151145
Terry, Elisha1717129
Terry, Truman136136143
Thompson, Cythia4141132
Thompson, Nathunl130130143
Thornton, Sylvanus33128
Thrall, Brigham P.6060135
Thrall, Daniel6161135
Torpy, Michel7777137
Townsend, Benjamine11128
Towsley, Charles2626130
Trowbridge, Marshel150150145

Upson, Erastus5858134

Vandevener, Charles5757134
Vandevener, Isaac5656134
Vanhouten, James120120142
Vincent, M.8989138
Vincient, Elijah C.4040132
Vincient, Robert T.4141132

Wagner, Charles9191138
Wagner, John1919129
Wheelour, George143143144
White, Peter, Jr.105105140
Whitelock, Thomas149149145
Wilber, Abner4747133
Wilber, Chaney2828130
Willey, Eli152152145
Willson, Nemiah121121142
Wilson, Kniffin5555134
Winthworth, Phileta3434131
Wintons, Alfonzo125125142
Witcom, Thomas1111128

Yares, Avery66128
Young, Jacob181181149
Young, John195195151