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Please note:  This index was made many years ago for the Cattaraugus County Museum at Little Valley, NY and has been digitized by a team of Cattaraugus County researchers.  There will be errors, given the difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting of the original census records.  Please check the names carefully, as your family's name may have simply been misspelled or misread.

Laura Greene,  Project Coordinator

Transcribed by Lisa Huckins

H =      Household
F =      Family
Pg# =   Page Number assigned by LDS when original census records were microfilmed.

Adams, George 3637118
Arnold, Leander 7982116

Bacon, Chauncey 3132124
Bacon, Johiel8689117
Bacon, Simeon3031124
Baxter, William4243118
Benjamin, Horace 23112
Berry, Alonza4748119
Berry, Milo3031115
Bliven, Daniel Jr.1415113
Bliven, Daniel 1314113
Boss, Viola6567121
Brown, Aurella 3132115
Brown, Matthew4546119
Bulard, Elijah 22112
Buzzard, Richard4647126

Cady, Calvin 5355120
Campbell, James A.3839118
Carney, James 66110
Chapman, Ichabod 6365121
Chapman, William4445119
Chappel, Russel 7678116
Chase, David5456120
Chase, Moses 1516113
Childs, Cephus 56112
Cleavan, Alonza 4448119
Cleaven, Aaron6567121
Clemons, John1112112
Coe, Mary S. 1213113
Cole, Benjamin6470121
Cole, Stephen S. 3031115
Colins, Thomas1516111
Conado, Myron5657127
Conklen, Oel D.6466121
Crary, Archibald 3738118
Crary, Benjamin3435115
Curran, Thomas78112

Dowd, John 66110
Drake, Miner 1617122

Fay, Benjamin M. 4748130
Fisher, Matthias 4243125
Foley, Lemuel 55110
Foot, Caroline L. 910112
French, Henry 6668121

Gilbert, Polly Ann1314113
Griffith, Amasa 99111
Guthrie, Almond 8285116
Guthrie, John B.8386116

Haddeway, John67112
Haggety, William 45112
Hall, Freeman4142125
Hall, Parker5556127
Hall, Warren3637124
Hall, Wilber F. 5253126
Hayes, Thomas7779116
Hicks, John 1112111
Hicks, Levi5960127
Hill, Stephen 2526123
Hitchcock, George 3738124
Hitchcock, James 3233124
Hogg, Alexander1718113
Holister, Lucy 1920114
How, Osken6062120

Jenung, James2829123

Kean, William 6264120
King, Michael 11110
Kinney, Ann 66110
Kinyon, James7375121
Kinyon, Madison 8083116
Kinyon, Samuel3435124

Lane, Helon D.1415113
Leach, Hiram 6466121
Learn, Joseph 77110
Learn, Nathan 6162127
Leonard, Edwin G.2425114
Lewis, William1516113
Lockey, Andrew 7577116
Louwell, Julia3031124
Low, Marvin 7880116
Lynes, Peter1415111

Markham, David H.1112
Marsh, Ezra 5759120
Mathewson, George5254119
McDeritt, Thomas4344119
McMurphy, James 4950119
McOntosh, Johnathan1920122
McWilliam, Thomas5455126
McWithy, Lester4647119
Meacham, John8487116
Miller, James 1213113
Miller, John 7072121
Moffatt, Marcus 2122122
Moffatt, Stephen2122122
Moffatt, Sylvester F. 6061127
Morgan, Catharine 8184116
Morison, Andrew6163120
Morres, William S. 7779116

Nelson, Emma J. 3738118
Newell, Sidney8588117
Nortup, John J. 910112

O’Bryne, Daniel (O’Bryan)18 19122

Philleps, Robert34112
Pierce, Hiram 1010111
Pierce, John O.5051126
Pierce, Lyartus B. 88111
Pierce, Urial J. 4950126
Pitcher, George W. 1314113
Poskhus, Elisha4142125
Puddy, Elijah 7881116

Quile, Francis2728115

Record, Nelson 3233115
Reed, Daniel R. 89112
Reed, Henry2324123
Reed, Virgel 3940118
Reynolds, Edwin M.2526114
Reynolds, Jeptha 1920122
Reynolds, Jeptha 2021122
Reynolds, Samuel1920114
Riley, Patrick2324114
Riley, Michael 2223114
Rose, John1718122
Roy, Alexander 1617113
Rugby, Burlingame 2627122

Salisbury, Foster B. 7173121
Scoot, John 1314113
Shepard, Thomas B.1011112
Shipman, Joseph6769121
Skeels, Daniel 22110
Skeels, George M.2627115
Skeels, Silas5051119
Smith, Ezra 7274121
Smith, Parker 6971121
Southern, George 1819114
Southwick, Barnet5152119
Southwick, David 33110
Spencer, Daniel2930123
Starr, Noah4142118
Stephens, James 3839118
Stone, Russel5758127
Storrs, Hiram 7475116
Storrs, William8184116
Stout, Stephen28???123
Sweet, Rufus S.4849126

Talbert, Mary3233115
Tanner, Sarah 8588117
Thomas, Charles4445119
Tracy, Ere3839125
Turn, Hugh 3536118

Walden, Freeman 6668121
Walrath, Walter3334115
Warren, Benedict 5253119
West, Asahel G. 2829115
West, Stephen2122114
Wetherby, Charles 1213111
Wheeler, David A. 2425123
Wheeler, David5557120
Wheeler, Joseph5658120
Whitcom, Mary2021122
Whitlock, Benajah 44110
Whitlock, Lydia8588117
Whitlock, William3334124
Wicks, Charles D.4041118
Wilber, Amos E. 5859127
Wilber, Barber4041125
Wilber, Darius3738124
Wilber, George 3536124
Wilber, Jerome4445125
Wilber, Kenyon4546126
Wilber, Milo5152126
Wilber, Philo 5354126
Wilber, Robert3637124
Wilber, Sally D.3940125
Willets, Samuel R.7577116
Williams, John2627123
Winsor, Watterman 1314111
Woodruff, Charles C.2021114
Worden, George 4344125
Wright, Abraham 5860120
Wright, Frederick 4344119
Wright, John G.5961120