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Please note:  This index was made many years ago for the Cattaraugus County Museum at Little Valley, NY and has been digitized by a team of Cattaraugus County researchers.  There will be errors, given the difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting of the original census records.  Please check the names carefully, as your family's name may have simply been misspelled or misread.

Laura Greene,  Project Coordinator

Transcribed by Charles R. Hoagland

H =      Household
F =      Family
Pg# =   Page Number assigned by LDS when original census records were microfilmed.

NameH FPg#
Agan, J.16817479
Agan, T. 412428108
Albert, G. 18321682
Aldridge, L.21424786
Allen, C. 222264
Anglum, J.13814376
Ashcraft, R.32034598
Atwater, C.390405105
Atwater, D. D. 303065
Atwater, H.385400105

Baker, A. 101062
Bandfield, G. D. 18321682
Banks, T. G. 341367100
Barnes, J. 535367
Bellows, P. 405421107
Benham, R.23927288
Bennett, H. 391406105
Bennett, W. Jr. 17218180
Bennett, William 24617989
Bermingham, W. 11411774
Berry, H. C. 30534095
Bishop, C.345371101
Bishop, R.350375101
Blackwell, G.11812174
Blasedel, S.416432108
Blatchley, J.29723195
Blossom, A. 17318280
Blossom, O. 17418380
Bluet, William 406422107
Bolan, J. 16316979
Bonsue, John352379102
Bouton, J. 367383103
Bouton, L.365381102
Bowen, C. R. 1162
Bradley, F. 22425786
Braton, E. A.25929190
Brick, A.11411774
Bristol, J. M.16917780
Brocker, A.17818881
Bronson, I. 30333895
Brosnohan, T. 12412975
Brown, G.474767
Brown, H.12412775
Brown, J. M.20323784
Brown, J. W.12312675
Brown, M. A. 19723183
Brown, M. N.22916286
Bullard, G.282864
Burns, John12813375
Burt, J. 16517179
Burton, A.20724084
Burton, V.418433109
Bush, L. 121263
Bush, R. 407423107

Calahan, J. 889071
Calilder, M.400415106
Cane, J.16216779
Cane, M.15315778
Cane, T. 383966
Canty, P 404066
Carfee, T. 676869
Carl, H.868871
Carl, P.363766
Carmer, E. 101063
Carmer, S. 32735398
Carr, B.686969
Carthell, L. 29623095
Carty, T.11812174
Cary, Dan11812174
Cary, M.949672
Cary, M.18922282
Casey, D. 13614176
Caton, John13413976
Caton, P.525267
Cavin, R.10210573
Chapin, D. F. 30734296
Chapin, N. 131363
Cimbol, E.25628890
Ciper, D.394409106
Clancy, P.11912074
Clark, A.33035699
Clark, H.368384103
Clark, S.22325686
Clark, S. G.343369100
Cleveland, E.19623083
Colbey, A. W.33436099
Cole, C. J.20123584
Cole, M.400415106
Colens, M. 848570
Collins, J. 1516078
Conrad, H. C.17718681
Conrad, M.403419107
Consdine, J. 11511874
Cook, H.141463
Cook, M27821293
Cooker, B. 272764
Cooley, E.24928289
Cooper, A. 31134696
Corkin, M. 868871
Corthal, William H. 367383103
Corthell, M.20423884
Crane, D. 16016479
Cuilnan, E.13113676
Cuilnan, J.14515077
Cullinan, D.697069
Culver, William 27420792

Daly, A. 828370
Daly, A. A. 29022494
Daly, J. 10510873
Daly, M. 323365
Daly, M. 10610973
Daly, T.11111473
Darrow, D. D.585968
Dawns, G.13714276
Denaba, J.656668
Denum, D.24027388
Dewire, T.464667
Dillon, T.16016478
Doraty, M. 29823395
Downs, John818270
Draper 31134696
Duffee, J.12513075
Duhen, P. 707169
Dunagan, J.444466
Dunavan, J.14014577
Dunovan, J.777870

Earl, E. 22525886
Edwards, Milton 369385103
Evens, R.19322683
Everts, C. 338364100
Everts, D. 31232887
Everts, G. 404420107

Farwell, S. T. 282865
Faul, T.545467
Fay, E. 32735398
Fay, J.395410106
Fay, L. 371387103
Fera, J. 29623095
Fish, E. K.22025385
Fitch, O. 191964
Fitscharl, P.494967
Fitspatrick, B. 464667
Fitspatrick, J.808170
Flanagan, J.12312675
Flatherty, D. 676869
Fletcher, S. 313165
Fletcher, W. 20223684
Flyte, J.342368100
Foley, J. 969872
Ford, M.515167
Ford, S. F. 21024384
Forman, S. 30934496
Fox, A.17618581
Frank, C. 16817680
Frantz, L. 25328590
Fuller, J. 17918981

Galvin, M.606168
Galvin, M.11712074
Galvin, P. 626368
Gangloff, J. J. 31134696
Gardiner, William354381102
Garvy, J.19222583
Garvy, M.383966
Genung, H. 31834497
Giddings, S. A. 347373101
Gillett, C.27120492
Godfrey, L.335361100
Going, E.32436099
Goodrich, Z. 32435098
Goodwin, A.25128489
Goodwin, G.25528790
Gorman, A.757669
Gorman, P636468
Gould, A. 376392104
Gould, G. H.27821092
Gould, H. 377393104
Gould, L.32635298
Gould, W. C. 336362100
Gould, William373389103
Grant, J. 31134696
Grant, John 838470
Grant, L.16529791
Grant, M. 27020392
Graves, E.5562
Gray, A. 575868
Gray, G. 262664
Green, M.28321793
Greene, H. 27520892
Griffin, J.15615978
Griffin, M.16417079
Griffin, P.939571
Griffin, P.15015478
Grimes, F.24427788
Groff, J.17919181
Gross, H. 31734397
Grunerd, R.32935599
Guile, F. 415431108

Hale, D. 31634297
Hall, M. P. 366382102
Hamilton, C. M. 18822182
Hammond, E. 31534197
Haney, M.31434097
Harington, D.767769
Harington, D.10911269
Hartnal, J. 686969
Harvey, G. 384399105
Hasley, J. 19622983
Hasset, John 424266
Haw, William23026387
Hawley, A. 27020392
Hawley, William 16429691
Heddin, A. L. 19022382
Hicks, S.17118080
Higgins, D. 15916278
Hill, A. 28622093
Hill, H. 22325686
Hill, R.21224485
Hinman, E. J.29022494
Hix, L.29222694
Hogan, J.323265
Hogan, M.11211573
Hogan, M.16216679
Holbrook, H.101063
Howen, T.398413106
Hubbel, B. B. 24728089
Huet, H. 22716086
Huete, C. 31134696
Huganir, P. (Hugimer) 25929190
Hungerford, O. 22525886

Ilean, W.484867
Ingersol, William 393408106

Johnson, F. 389404105
Johnson, P. 28121593
Jones, C. A. 25028389
Judd, D. 28722193

Kaff, P.464667
Karn, S. A.18722082
Keller, C. 17818781
Keller, E.17819081
Kemery, Perry349374101
Kent, A. 24828189
Kent, B. 24928289
Kimbol, E.25829090
King, M.14314877
Knapp, A.23326687
Knapp, C.20924384
Knapp, J. B. 29022494
Knowls, A. 26229391
Knowls, M.340366100

LaChance, L. 343565
Lafever, L. 23426787
Lafever, R. K.23126487
Lahil, J.798170
Lanaus, P.10410773
Lane, E. 12713275
Laton, D.15313876
Laton, J. 15215678
Learn, T.370386103
Leland, W. O.28221693
Lewis, H. 383398105
Lewis, J. 20624084
Lewis, O. 596068
Libert, M. 380395104
Lockwood, E. T.418434109
Lockwood, J. C.4462
Lockwood, P.30834396
Lockwood, S.3362
Lockwood, T.33235899
Loop, R.21424685
Lucus, J. 32134798
Ludington, S.22625986
Lyda, M.10811173
Lyda, P. 11011373
Lyman, T. A. E.24227588
Lyman, W. 232364

M. L. 344370100
Macarty, J. 15816178
Mack, D. 14715277
Mack, J. 666769
Mack, P.12212575
Mahana, J. 18912282
Mahona, John 878971
Mahonay, P. 16116579
Malacin, P. 11611974
Malona, C. 464667
Malona, J.10210673
Malona, James 11912274
Malona, P. 11311674
Malone, A. 11411774
Malone, M.12012374
Manning, M. 31332997
Marona, P. 16316879
Marora, A. 10711073
Marsh, A. 396411106
May, A. 31234796
May, L.25228490
May, Thompson 24627989
McGraw, M.13013575
McKee, C. 29522994
McMann, J.17017880
McMann, J.411427108
McMann, P. 13213776
McRee, E.409425107
Milicin, M.9810072
Miller, Peter 242464
Minahan, J. 464667
Mohan, M. 16717379
More, R.15916378
Morehouse, S.340366100
Morgan, W. M.17518481
Morris, A.26229491
Morris, H. E.28021493
Morty, O. 12913475
Moyer, J. 26329591
Mulahen, T.646568
Mulcahy, J. 787970
Munday, J. 24227588
Muning, J. G.22816186
Murphy, D.878970
Murphy, P. 32835498
Murphy, R. 10110372
Murray, D. 29322794
Murray, M.909271

Nale, J.402418107
Noble, J.25128490
Nolan, D. 272764
Nonan, J. 11511874
Norton, B.31934497
Norton, J. B.28421893
Norton, N. I.24327688
Nourse, N. 24127488
Nugent, M. 14214777

O'Brine, T. 373866
O'Connel, P.616268
O'Connel, William401417107
O'Conner, M. 9910172
O'Day, M.10010272
O'Hern 12412975
Osborn, Aaron 18019281
Osman, A.18521882
Osterstuck, G.25428690
Osterstuck, William25728990
Ostrander, J. A.7762

Palmer, A.356386102
Palmer, J. M.16820191
Parker, D.372388103
Parker, L. 364380102
Parker, William 374390104
Parsons, E. 31034596
Pat 31134696
Peake, O. 378394104
Peck, S. J.24027388
Perkins, O. 30133695
Phelps, A. H.19122483
Phelps, C.23026387
Picher, William 410416108
Pierse, S.2262
Pipher, H. 27420792
Pipher, John 346372101
Pipher, P. 405421107
Pipher, S. 363379102
Pipher, S. 380395104
Poff, F. 31134696
Porter, J. H. 27320692
Potter, A. 26029290
Potter, H. A.29122594
Power, John 15115578
Power, M.959772
Power, P. 18119481
Powers, John505067
Preston, E. 348374101
Preston, H. 27420792
Preston, O. 368384103
Preston, S. 351376101
Preston, William 28822294

Quackenbush, C.20523984
Quackenbush, D.23526887
Quackenbush, J. 19823283
Quackenbush, William20824184
Quin, F.13914476
Quinn, P.399414106

Reed, C. E.19422783
Renwick, J.31034596
Reynolds, D.400416106
Reynolds, E. 202064
Reynolds, J. H. 28922394
Richmond, J.171763
Riley, M.434366
Riley, P. 565668
Roan, M.337363100
Rockwood, A. B. 26920291
Rogren, John379395104
Rohan, J.949672
Rohan, M.16817479
Rollin, R. B.417433108
Roub, P. 24527889
Rowel, F. D.25228490
Rowin, A. 14114677
Russel, A. 412428108
Russel, G. 565768
Ryan, M.14915378
Ryan, M.919371
Ryan, P. 747569
Ryon, L. 141463

Salsbury, A. 19422783
Salsbury, A. 21925285
Salsbury, M. 10522883
Salsbury, W.22225585
Savage, P.868770
Scanlin, C.565668
Scanlin, J. 12112474
Scanlin, L.14414977
Schafer, A. 352378102
Scofield, H. H. 181863
Scofield, H.16629891
Scott, H.333465
Scott, L. 32234898
Scott, M.413429108
Sever, E.31034596
Sexton, J. 15415878
Shay, John858670
Shay, M.13514076
Shay, T. 878971
Shene, T.899171
Sherlock, D. 21524885
Sherman, H. G.339365100
Sherwin, S. 386401105
Shine, M. 555567
Sidler, John352377101
Sill, H. E.16629991
Slattery, P. 454566
Smith, C.121263
Smith, E.30433995
Smith, H.23226587
Smith, H.353380102
Smith, J. 747569
Smith, M. W. 32635398
Snuder, J. 18221582
Snyder, M. 415431108
Snyder, S.181864
Spelliry, J.979972
Spicer, E. D.212164
Stevenson, M. L.1162
Storrs, Alex27921193
Streter, S. 19823283
Sulavan, C. 30233795
Sulavan, G. 737469
Sulavan, John 12613175
Sulavan, W.727369
Suller, William32535198
Swartz, P.392407106
Sweeny, P. 717269
Sweeton, E.33536199

Talty, James 14815377
Thary, William393866
Thomas, A.6662
Thomas, O.21825185
Thomas, S. 8862
Thompson, C.397412106
Thompson, John 353665
Tindale, E. G. 30834396
Tobin, Mary 30033595
Todd, W. G.22125485
Todd, W. J.21725085
Towsley, William400415106
Tracy, John409429108
Troay, T.818270
Tuehi, J. 11912274
Tupty, M. 32935599
Tylor, I.21624985

Updike, A. S. 22425786

Valentine, W. R. 388403105
Vanpatton, N.25929190
Vecharld, E. 16216779
Vinton, William 29422894

Wagoner, C.22916287
Washborn, A. 19923383
Washborn, M.32535198
Washborn, P. 33135799
Washburn, I.17117980
Washburn, R. S. 33335999
Wasson, E. M. 30634196
Wasson, Jr.17518481
Wasson, T. T.27420792
Wasson, T. 375391104
Webb, E. 20023483
Webster, D. 32034598
Webster, G. 382397104
Webster, H. 32735398
Webster, P.381396104
Webster, W. R.387402105
Welch, J.929471
Wesler, William17919181
Wetheral, E. 32234898
Wetherby, E.373389103
Whitcom, C. 6662
White, J. C.27921393
White, J. C. Jr. 342368100
White, William D. 9962
Whitney, A.16720091
Wilover, E. 408424107
Wilover, J.23626987
Wilson, B.18421782
Wing, D. M. 161663
Wing, W. W.17618581
Withey, E.23727088
Witter, J.21825185
Witter, P. 414430108
Wood, Ansel111163
Wood, E. 29723295
Wood, F. M.355382102
Wood, J.21324585
Wood, M.418434109
Wood, S. N.27220592
Wood, W.415431108
Woodard, A.23827188
Woodard, Jacob18621982
Wright, H.32935598
Wright, J. E. 28521993
Wright, P. 28622093

Yates, E. W.151563
Yates, F.415431108
Yates, L.292965
Yates, L.16820191
Yates, M. A.252564